Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lovely. USA to the rescue. Again. Once the Libyans are rescued from themselves, they'll be free to hate us for butting in their business too. America-The world's SWAT team. Geez.Who is going to rise to power after we get Kadhafi? We are opening the door for civil war and chaos just like we did in Iraq. Lobbyists for the oil companies and defense contractors are loving this for sure.A silly little attempt at physological warfare here? They must think they can lead Gadahfi around like they do the sheeple in this country.Don't blame Washington; after all, it can only do what the Knesset tells it to do.Libya State Television is showing Videos of Blown up Buildings live Today with Firemen and Ambulances pulling out dead Kids after US missiles rained down. You will not see this on CNN or FOX news as they are Cheerleaders for Military Intervention and Invasion of Libya. Nothing Good will come out of any involvement of any kind in Libya and the US should get out now, but they will not as our Government are a bunch of Warmongers.

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