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Wikipedia - Unbiased Encyclopedia or a 'Jewish Tool'

James Wales Is The Founder

The 'Wikipedians' or Moderators

What Is Wikipedia?
Wikipedia is an internet encyclopedia, that anyone can edit and add information. Wikipedia claims it's articles are based on a  totally neutral point of view. It's size is formidable, at 2.5 billion views a month.
Once you get below the surface, you find moderators that follow an agenda, which clearly takes a Pro-Jewish point of view.

History Of Wikipedia
Larry Sanger, and Jim Wales, founded Wikipedia in Jan. of 2001. It was an offshoot of Nupedia, an more formal encyclopedia.
Wales is presently in charge. Sanger left in 2002, and is a professor/lecturer at Ohio State. 
Names like Jeremy Rosenfeld, Benjamin Kovitz, Seth Cohen, dot the landscape of technical staff. 
Moderators openly admit to a pro-Jewish bias.

James Wales History
Wales who was born in Huntsville, Alabama, went to the exclusive Randolph prep school, and onto the University of Alabama. Wales graduates, and becomes a Futures Trader in Chicago. Next he opens Bomis, an 'Adult Content' website, which is followed by Nupedia, which morphs into Wikipedia.
Wales is the darling of the Jewish crowd at Harvard, being a fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, at the Harvard Law School.
Video of Wales

Who Is Bomis.Com?
Basically 'Bomis' is an adult site, started by Wales, but Wikipedia calls it erotica. Typical picture , and a typical site (caution - extremely pornographic)

Wikipedia System Of Control
Wikipedians (Jewish volunteers) will concentrate on a certain subject, and actively moderate any new replies. Once an individual edits an article, his ISP number is recorded, and he is assigned a sayanim that will monitor all his future writings.
Individual contributors are assigned a tracking page, and an open record of all writings. Through out the cycle the contributor this will be monitored by Hillel, ADL, SPLC, type control agents.

Examples Of Censorship
In 1967, with Lyndon Johnson's blessing, Israel attacked Egypt in a surprise assault. In an attempt to create a 'False Flag' pointing at Egypt, the Zionists attacked the USS Liberty, killing 44 and wounding 177. The attack failed when three attacking torpedo boats were on their final run, they collided, and their shots missed the ship. The Liberty got an SOS off to the USS Saratoga, and Israel was forced to abort the attack.
Wikipedia's Stance
Their interpretation is the attack was an innocent mistake, the torpedo boats were actually rescue vehicles, which the USS fired on, and innocent Israelis had to defend themselves.
Dr. Fredrick Toben
Dr. Toben is German historian and scholar, that grew up in Australia, and runs the Adelaide Institue. He is noted for his investigation of the 'Jewish Holocaust'. Wikipedia contributors wrote a slanderous page on him, and when he went to refute it, the sayanims deleted all his comments.
Wikipedia's Stance
Toben is a monster, who associates with criminals, and himself was a convict
In 1941, Germany gave Jewish artists their own experimental town as prototype refuge, to protect Jews. Subsequently the Jews have altered history, and refer to it as a death camp.
When a 1943 documentary film was edited into Wikipedia's Theresienstadt page, the Hillel Wikipedians immediately deleted, saying it was propaganda and holocaust denial
Wikipedia's Stance
Theresienstadt was Nazi hellhole, where Jews were starved to death, and then sent on to Auschwitz.

Where Does Wikipedia Get It's Funds?
According to it's founder, James Wales, it lives on grants and small individual contributions.

What's The Real Story?
From all the available information, it appears Wikipedia was started by a two Jewish kids, one a programmer, and the other an 'Adult Site' operator. It's dynamic success (800,000 pages) stems from 10,000 + individual contributors, which are monitored by core sayanims.
Wikipedia's claim: ~ 'We are an internet encyclopedia with a neutral stance' ~ is absurd.
This project is an attempt to control student research on the Internet. Any subject Googled will show Wikipedia as one of the first entries. Type in the word  Bolshevik, and the first entry is Wikipedia. Explore their version, and you won't be the slightest mention that the movement was a Jewish instigated bloodbath, that was responsible for 20,000,000 deaths.

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