Sunday, December 26, 2010

and send our government to hell!

American soldiers have NO business being in Iraq, Afghanistan, or anywhere else on earth, unless they are dealing with a legitimate threat to American soil. In Iraq, they are protecting the oil corporation investments for the rich and powerful. In Afghanistan,...well...isn't it strange that soon after we get a foothold there, the discovery of potentially trillions of dollars of minerals is announced.

Of course, we will HELP those poor people develop them, through our savage corporations. The people of Afghanistan will have riches, poisoned rivers and air, and a hard lesson in AMERICAN greed and corruption. They, too, will grow to hate us, the American people, for the problems WE have caused.

But, what does it matter,...our rich and powerful will still bask in the glories of their fairy tales and assume the position of saints on top of the garbage heap.

All the gains in both foreign lands aren't worth the life of even one American son or daughter!

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