Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Martha Stewart was never convicted of trading on inside information, but was sentenced for lying about it anyway. The Bush administration allowed wholesale graft, corruption and insider trading but refused to prosecute anyone else for doing it. Now we are to blame the Feds for not doing enough? Just wait until the Obama administration gets through with these big fat Wall St. rats.illegal me why people not vote for me president, then i move in white house free house with limousine, private school my children, write bigger check for me, i make more kids, i will have extra ladies, I will enjoy American life here
collecting welfare today waiting for dream act/ citizen
i work for cash pay no tax/ i pose as a contractor taking american jobs for cheaper labor
I drive no licence and insurance save money
vote for me people I am illegal too like obama not born here
people stupid in USA anyway
illegals get more
vote for Dream act and shut up

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