Sunday, January 16, 2011

Iraq is about oil. Always has been. No WMD's, never were. We aren't going home anytime soon. There will always be US troops in IRAQ since we have two huge bases there and the largest protected embassy complex in the world there.You are right though. Iraq is, was, and will be about oil. We only "police" or "help" out militarily in places that we have fiscal investments. We pulled out of Sierra Leone because they had nothing and De Beers was still getting its fair share of blood diamonds. We went into Kuwait because Iraq would have cause problems with the oil supply.

Gotta *love* capitalism!ANd the saddest part? Because the soldiers died in a training session they will not receive the full honors that they deserve and would receive if they had died in combat. My brother was in a transport plane in Vietnam that was landing in a US Base airport. The plane was shot down by North Vietnamese "civilians". The US Army classified this as a non combat death, though he was in uniform and carry his rifle along with the others on the plane.Obama killed them for not bringing the troops home Bush killed them for sending them there.

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