Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jewish Community Outraged At Baker Report

Olmert Reassures Worried American Jews


Jewish Officials Unhappy But Quiet
Jewish and pro-Israel groups, who were outraged at the Baker-Hamilton Iraq Study Group, have begun to mute their criticisms. The Bush administration has assured them he will not adopt the report’s proposed linkage between Iraq and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Jewish Senators Make Their Voice Heard
Various senators have convinced leaders of the organized Jewish community to refrain from actively opposing the report.
We Won't Stand For Drastic Change
“All we want to hear,” said an official at one major Jewish agency, “is that Bush has no plans to shift his Middle East policy, and endanger Israel.”
McCain Cow Tows To AIPAC
Israeli sycophants are waiting in the wings, so rest assured Bush won't hesitate to sacrifice hundreds of young American boys, rather than jeopardize his brother Jeb's political future. 

Don't Interfere With Israeli Politics
The report calls for an Israeli-Arab conflict solution, based on U.N. resolutions 242 and 338 and on Israeli withdrawal from the Golan Heights. The report recommends that Bush engage with Syria and Iran.

Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
In a December 7 conference call, AIPAC leaders made it plain they won't accept troop withdrawals that eventually will jeopardize Israel. Aipac executive director Howard Kohr, stressed the importance of ensuring that the recommendations seen as linking Israel and Iraq are not adopted.

 Israel Policy Forum
Jewish community should not lose sight of the need to support peace efforts in the Middle East. “I’m against any linkage,
A Rabbi With A Brain
“Anything we do about this report should be sensitive to the entire report and to its recommendations, which are basically good,” said Rabbi Steven Gutow, he  added that the Jewish community should “be wise in the way it responds.”

Olmert Told His Advisors To Be Quiet
In private conversations, Israeli officials expressed outrage over the report. Baker's group talked wit eight Arab ambassadors, but avoided consulting Israel before issuing the report.
Olmert reassured the Knesset that the US administration would not change its attitude toward Syria or Iran.

Who Cares What These Clowns Say
Israel wants this, AIPAC wants this, ADL demands this, and the JWL is outraged about this, blah blah blah.  Let the Grossmans, and the Foxmans, take their hatchlings out of US universities and ship them to Iraq. They can form a elite brigade, call it 'Hounds of Hillel', and Spielberg can make a movie. Then Bush can hand out ten Medals of Honor, under the new 'Jewish War Veterans' bill.
As far as Bush kneeling before these second generation Ukrainians, and promising them Iraq oil, so the Bush dynasty can continue, that's fine. But let him send his kids, and throw in Jeb's kids for good luck.

Oklahoma City Bombing
John O'Neill
Natalee Holloway
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