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Search this on YouTube: "Israel is paying internet workers to manipulate online content
The Zionist war and media control propagandists are back at it again- writing and producing an overwhelming majority of blogs, 'news' articles, Op-eds, 'news' clips, etc etc. These propagandists are well equipped with distortions, plausible falsehoods, and an agenda to keep you blind, indifferent or even sympathetic to their cause.

Oh yes, and they are fully decorated under gaudy 'watch groups' or 'institutes' or 'organizations' or 'think tanks' or 'committees'. They own all of the major media outlets, and they constitute most of the major news shows, magazines, and papers. So they tend to rig their shows- playing the prosecutor, the defendant, the judge; America is their executioner- blindly following all their orders.

It's a farce. Our economy suffers, and we Americans give this tiny country of Israel billions every year (157 BILLION thru 2018); all the while reducing and terminating benefits here for our own people. We're starving, and they're getting rich- almost solely off of our money! Pfffffft
Bomb Pisrael, It's the Root of all Evil

Occupation 101 on you tube ........... See the Real Face of these Nazi Scumbags..!!!
The holocaust has been played way too many times and with one real objective. To get the goyims and the gentiles to lower their guards.....

ReplyIt is incredible that any Jewish person could believe the old testament and not acknowledge that Jesus is the Messiah.

Because the Old Testament = the Torah is full of prophecy about the Messiah - and Jesus FULFILLED EVERY MESSIANIC PROPHECY.

Jesus is the Messiah - without a doubt.
Got JIDF ADL AIPAC smears, slander, insinuation and innuendo? Reply
puke...bubkes...speak more hebrew..let America know who you really are..a shill for israel
Jews Religion lead to the Control of Banks. Many Christian religions could not lend money for a Profit. That lead to higher education and control of the Universities. Top Universities lead to the collection of the best minds in one group of all races. Jews steal ideas too not just money. Jews best science is Liberal Fuzzy Banker Math 101. They use the cingery of many and take credit for the finding. Having control of 95% of the worlds media helps too.

1 ReplyAntisemitism" has come to signify ANYthing that Jews don't like. Such as telling the truth, for example.
Excommunicated???? What did he do aginst the Church/Pope?? He is wrong but not in an excommunication way. This is the least of the things priests have done. No one was hurt physicaly or mentaly. As far as it goes every easter the catholic church bashes Jews.

Oh great, now there will be a Zionist Silicon Valley, that's sure to discriminate against it's Arab(Semite) neighbors. America is slowly losing it's grip on new technologies with this NWO idiocy this administration is trying to implement. Like I say - WAKE UP AMERICA!! 3 Replies
American taxpayers have been pouring in $10-15 billion/year, for a total of $3 TRILLION since 1947. SO please don't get too cocky about the chosen people and their miracles Reply
israel is built on a stolen land
Israeli and Jews control whole USA and its politics. USA no job,worst economy but Israel is growing every way.Do the math America ,who are taking over our economy and country . 3 Replies
this article was selected by some israelies as a reason or excuse for having too much influence on the world economy and banking systems they created including controlling interest in the federal reserve system through several american banks including JP morgan and Kahn and Loeb affiliates which are subserviant to the most prestigious London financial family ever The Rothschilds
the jews stole atomic technology from us, they stole stleath technology from us, they stole nano technology from the only difference between the jew and the chink is that the chinks don't run the world banks...yet damn these jews they are so crafty and sneaky, they care about controling the world and contribute nothing to the world but their own selfish ends...heil hitler...yep thats right hitler was right about the jews and they should have been gone a long
The heaviest blow which ever struck humanity was Christianity; Bolshevism is Christianity’s illegitimate child. Both are inventions of the Jew 3 Replies
"steven" you're as smarmy a shill as puke..and as sound like sharafa..equalizer..ashley and god knows how many other JIDF shills and stooges you probably are. You slime are constantly working your insinuation and innuendo smear games...then whine about why everybody hates sympathy for the devil p.unk Reply
You are mercuilessly attacking Reality Check , @ pook, because you have got nothing else. Just slogans , and bubkes. If you were really confident in israel, not to mention yourself, you would just post your own ideas and opinions without spending hours every day attacking other posters and calling them charlatans.
It only makes YOU sound like a charlatan , @ pook, and being that you are talkiung about a person who you do not know, your accusations about a fake medal make you seem all the more pathetic a liar.
the jewish bilderburg family controls the federal reserve. the jewish elite control our media, and our government. they are funneling our tax dollars to support israel because they are jewish zionists. we must stand up and stop this illegal support of israel.
The zionist Pigs extort American taxpayers of billions a year, because the US is scared of their nuclear bombs. Then the ungrateful Pigs starve their neighbors so they can steal their land. If Zion didn't have nukes, and US ransom money, they would just be a camel stain in the sand.
The United States of Israel:
jews are less than 2% of the population in America.
If you subtract women and children..probably less than 1% jewish males.
And yet they have a virtual monopoly on all media...and "news" !!!

There's something wrong there..

And combined with the AIPAC influence in Congress...

AND..the hate speech laws jewish orgs are promoting..

We won't even be able to discuss it!

America better wake up soon



The United States of Israel:
Youtube: "Former CIA Officer: Israel Controls U.S. Government & Media" 1 Reply
Let's whine about corporations being "unpatriotic" and "anti-American", they "don't care about America." Your solution? Shrink the government, get the government off the
corporations backs, lower their taxes, deregulate. And this will solve the problem how? Reply
Thank the PIGS IN CONGRESS for job loses!!!! Reply
Terrorists? You're a terrorist if you realize jews did 911 and Israel harbors terrorists. Why did Israel build a shrine to Baruch Goldstein? That's a real terrorist. That creep walked into a mosque with grenades and an M-16 and started killing people. Luckily they beet that rat to death with fire extinguishers, but what did Israel do? Did it condemn this violent act of extremist terrorism? NOPE. They built a SHRINE to the terrorist rat. The first terrorist attack of the 20th century was jews, and so was the last one. Subverted Nation (dot net) Just look at the King David hotel if you want to know who the real terrorists are.
SOS! SOS! And they're determined to starve and mash and murder as many of their Palestinian neighbors as they can, neighbors from whom they stole their land in the first place. (The hype about their rights in that respect is as though the indigenous peoples of America - the American "Indians" - set out to destroy all non-indigenous residents, on the basis of their original possession of the land).
This immature mentality is the biggest threat to the future of all life on earth. Wisdom, even non-Jewish wisdom ("Little children, love one another") can't be counted in dollars and dollars are not going to save our species. SOS! SOS! Reply
Jason H. beware of speaking the truth. Our Zionist masters don't tolerate freedom of speech, let alone our American Constitution. Zionist liberals own banks, entertainment, and the economy.
zionist are not liberal or conseratives they are just criminals with no ideology that is familar to you and me, they might sounds like liberals and others like conseratives but they could care less and only care about contorl through any means...divide and conquer is the jewish battle plan..they place our ideologies aganist one another for their own gain!
The United States of Israel: There is also the fundamental fact that the wiretap technologies implemented by Verint, Narus and other Israeli companies are fully in place and no alternative is on the horizon. "There is a technical path dependence problem," says the Bush administration official. "I have been told nobody else makes software like this for the big digital switches, so that is part of the problem. Other issues," he adds, "compound the problem" -- referring to the sensitivity of the U.S.-Israel relationship.

And that, of course, is the elephant in the room. "Whether it’s a Democratic or Republican administration, you don’t bad-mouth Israel if you want to get ahead," says former CIA counterterrorism officer Philip Giraldi. "Most of the people in the agency were very concerned about Israeli espionage and Israeli actions against U.S. interests. Everybody was aware of it. Everybody hated it. But they wouldn’t get promoted if they spoke out. Israel has a privileged position and that’s the way things are. It’s crazy. And everybody knows it’s crazy." 1 Reply
The United States of Israel: "Especially today, with America. I know what America is. America is something that can easily be moved. Moved in the right direction. They won't get in our way" - Benyamin Netanyahu 2001.... Israel has been stealing our technology from the beginning.. The comments speak for themselves... Reply
If you think outsourcing is bad, how about the millions of H1B visa immigrants that US corporations/government are bringing INTO the US from INDIA and CHINA to work in high tech positions? The corporations are lying when they claim that the worker from those countries are more qualified than US citizens. They hire the immigrant from INDIA and CHINA because they get to pay them a low wage for long hours until the immigrant gains US citizenship in 3-5 years. It is discrimination against the US citizen! Of course if we complain they call us! No more H1B visas! Hire US citizens first!
This the result of the double edge sword of Republican/Bush administration policies that are killing this country, all while lining the pockets of the ultra-rich. Bush, opened loopholes allowing these corporations to forsake American workers, go overseas and escape taxes. This, combined with the Bush tax cuts, robbing resources from our educational system, causing us to plummet to near the bottom of all of the industrialized countries. It is beyond me how people can be so fooled by the Republican rhetoric.
America loves shooting herself in the foot, soon we will be a third-world country, soon the only job any American will be able to get is in the military, since all other jobs will be sent over-seas, so that our country can fight more wars for resources over the next 100 years!

We are now the New Roman Empire spreading our mess all over the world until all resources are gone! Reply
With money they got from the US and land and water they took from Palestine. No doubt will use US steel bought at cheap prices and pollute Palestine with the factories. 2 Replies
US tax payers money being sent to Israel. This has been going on for 60 years folks.
It makes you wonder if puppets in White House is run by the Money Men in Europe, who did big business with the Nazis then they got USA to fight against the Nazis because it was good for business, same MM in Europe not only helped create the state of Israel but also made US to support the new nation by giving them billions to support their economy also gave them the best fighter jets, arms and ammunition which for many years Israel has been selling to other countries to make big profits, if Nazis killed 6 million Jews but in 63 years of their own independent state there are only 7.7 million the math don't add up, we don't even have the power to make Israel give Palestine their own land back to them what happened to love thy neighbor and the fact that they had nothing to do with the Holocaust I am proud that Israel has made such a great progress but can they please share their wealth with the Palestinians who are suffering the same way or worse than then what the Nazis did, aren't they repeating the history and isn't it time that the puppets in the mighty White House tell the MM that it's our time we need the money help our nation who's been carelessly busy giving away money while we are going through the worst time since WW II, I rest my case.
The Real Cost Of US Support For Israel - $3 Trillion By Christopher Bollyn
While it is commonly reported that Israel officially receives some $3 billion every year in the form of economic aid from the U.S. government, this figure is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many billions of dollars more in hidden costs and economic losses lurking beneath the surface. A recently published economic analysis has concluded that U.S. support for the state of Israel has cost American taxpayers nearly $3 trillion ($3 million millions) in 2002 dollars.

"The Costs to American Taxpayers of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: $3 Trillion" is a summary of economic research done by Thomas R. Stauffer. Stauffer's summary of the research was published in the June 2003 issue of The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs.

Stauffer is a Washington, D.C.-based engineer and economist who writes and teaches about the economics of energy and the Middle East. Stauffer has taught at Harvard University and Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service. Stauffer's findings were first presented at an October 2002 conference sponsored by the U.S. Army College and the University of Maine.

Stauffer's analysis is "an estimate of the total cost to the U.S. alone of instability and conflict in the region - which emanates from the core Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

"Total identifiable costs come to almost $3 trillion," Stauffer says. "About 60 percent, well over half, of those costs - about $1.7 trillion - arose from the U.S. defense of Israel, where most of that amount has been incurred since 1973." Reply
We need jobs in the USA not Israel !!! They are stealing our technology already, plus they are getting $6 billion hand from the US tax payers ! 1 Reply
Bridges used in the US manufactured in China and Silicon Valley in terrorist land, my the worm has turned. Thank you politicians, donkey and elephant alike, for bringing this nation to ruin. Reply
Where's all our money going America? The United States of Israel
Jesus was Jews but remember Jews are not Christian.The Jews killed Jesus. That fact will never change. They have never repented, and they try to bully into silence anyone who states that fact.They try to deflect this awful sin by saying, “Jesus was a Jew.” Yes – he was. And the Jews killed him.
Jews should be commended for Killing Jesus, Christians have been the biggest plague on humanity in the last 1,500 years.
The Romans killed Jesus. Had the Jews done it, he would have been stoned to death, not crucified. The Catholic and Orthodox Churches started whitewashing the story when Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire.
Our government and its greedy corporate cronies could care less about the USA. We are going bankrupt supporting foreign useless wars, while back at the ranch, we are being overrun with immigrants. Manufacturing and jobs have been sent offshore, while foreign H1B visa worker, who from my experience in Information Technology, are very less skilled and inexperienced. Corporate lies have tried to make everyone Americans cannot do the job. Hell, we are the ones that made the corporations successfull and rich. We need to drop all foreign aid, bring our troops and equiptment home, lock down our borders and immigration of any kind, and rebuild our own country. I have lost all respect for Washington DC and state governments, such as Californa. The Bay Bridge retrofit was made in China. I can just see the big gold sticker on each component. Our governments are a disgrace to America and its citizens. I never thought I would feel this way, but they have earned it.
Who wants to reside in Israel, I would visit but not to work. The turmoil with the arabs it's far worst than in California with the mexicans, who are they kidding? But soon will get worst in California as well.
9 out of 10 politicians in China have engineering degree.
98 out of 100 of our politicians are lawyers.
Results: China produce/manufacture EVERYTHING
we NOTHING but fake wealth and hiding it by cooking books.
WTF what happened to buy american? It died on the floor of the senate with American dream, American pride, American empire, America first, and everything else that made this country great...
Attention all military and wannabe military personel. You have the right to fight for your country. Which means you will be sent to fight for other countries. But while you are away fighting we have the right forclose on your homes because you are not here working to keep the payments up. And when you get back from fighting for The United States Of America (if you make it) you will not be allowed to display the American Flag on your own property as it may offend someone. We could help your family out financially while you are away from them fighting to keep us free so we can make more stupid and unpatriotic laws.However your blood, swear, tears, limbs and life does not constitute payment. We feel you do not fight hard enough for that. And we thank you for that. But the truth is we do not have the money to help you out because we do need all that money to send to the countries you are fighting for as well as the countries you are fighting with. And do not expect any employment opportunities if you return. There are no jobs for you. We have sent most of those to places like Communist China. And the few that are left we feel we need to give those to ILLEGAL mexican aliens as they need them more than you do. However we will generously give you the opportunity to re-enlist and go fight some more wars for us. Be advised that the return trip home (if you make it) will have to be paid for by you and you will be charged for any baggage you might want to bring with you. Ha Ha Ha SUCKER!!! Your's truely Uncle Sam. Reply

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Do you think stunning an animal with an electric shock does not cause pain? It is the equivalent of clubbing over the head and inevitably causes pain. If you have ever cut yourself with a sharp knife, you know that it takes at least ten seconds or more to even feel anything at all. By that time, all the blood has flowed out of the animal's brain, and it cannot feel anything.

People think that ritual slaughter is more brutal simply because it involves blood. Squeamish, over-emotional ignoramuses should not be making laws, and do more harm than good to the people or animals they think they are protecting..
Is it necessary to mention the name of Allah before slaughtering animals?

It may not be an issue in countries where the majority of people are muslims because it is a norm there to mention the name of Allah when slaughtering animals for the purpose of eating their meat. However, in countries where non-muslims are in majority, this is sometimes an important issue. Some people think that it is not necessary to mention the name of Allah while slaughtering an animal but it is enough if we mention Allah’s name just before eating their meat provided that the animal was not the Forbidden one. This article looks into the issue in the light of the Quran.

Please consider the following verses:

5:4 They ask you (O Prophet) what foods are Permissible. Tell them all good things of life are Lawful to you. As for the hunting animals, the catch of your trained dogs and falcons, as Allah has taught you, is Permissible. Mention Allah's name thereupon. Always be mindful of Allah's Laws. His Law of Requital is swift in reckoning.

6:118 Eat, then, of that over which the name of ALLAH has been mentioned

6:121 And eat NOT of that on which the name of ALLAH has not been mentioned

6:138 And they say, `Such and such cattle and crops are forbidden. None shall eat thereof save whom we please' - so they assert - and there are cattle whose backs are forbidden (for riding), and there are cattle over which they mention not the name of ALLAH, forging a lie against HIM. Soon will HE requite them for that which they have fabricated.

22:28 So that they might see with their own eyes and experience what benefits the Divine System holds for them and mention Allah’s Name collectively during the specified days of Hajj; and over the livestock He has bestowed upon them…

22:34 And to every community We have ordained rites that they might extol the Name of Allah over the sustenance He gave them from the livestock….

22:36 And the camels! We have appointed them among the symbols (of obedience) to Allah; in them is much good for you. So mention Allah’s Name over them when they are drawn up in lines (for sacrifice).
Polygamy?? The court decision that upheld criminalizing it (whatever was criminalized anyways, not really sure) was one of the most outrageously bigoted in the history of American jurisprudence. Not the best example there.
Polygamy is rampant in Utah. Head to the Wal Mart in St George....they're all over
Question... what laws are Muslims breaking in this country? I don't quite get the point of your statement. If it's cool for an African woman to be nude in her country but not here in the U.S. (and she follows the rules), wouldn't that have something more to do with the law than her religion or customs?

If a Muslim is allowed certain liberties in a Muslim country but doesn't practice them here because there is a law against it, doesn't that have to do with laws? We don't have laws on how people should slaughter meat. Shoot, there are people down the road who just shoot animals in the head execution style... I don't have a problem with it, there is no law against it, so what's the big deal?

We cry and moan about Muslims, but what about hicks? There is no law against what they do, but they don't slaughter their animals by torturing them first!.
kind of ironic we have 2 nuclear facilities under siege ...1fire 1 water...and just a day or two after our Government passes the Gay/Lesbian fiasco in God saying this is what I think of your equal rights..? Get ready folks we are about to be spanked, and we are only 8 days into summer..Reply
"Jewish and Muslim groups call the initiative an affront to freedom of religion."

Freedom of religion is not an absolute.

Mormons who practiced religious polygamy learned that in the U.S.

Sects in the Far East whose beliefs include public nudity and child marriage don't attempt to follow these practices in Western countries.Replies (7)
We as Canadians should be ashamed of our government.. This war is because Gaddafi was trying to unite Africa under a common currency using Gold and Silver Dinars. Its the elite bankers and we have no right to be in their country killing innocent people. When I travel from now on I will make sure not to have any canadian flags on my luggage or coat. Remember when we had a reputation for being a peace keeping country. Mr Harper you should be ashamed of yourself.
I don't know what these lying wanks at NATO and the UN think they are trying to accomplish in Libya, but being pro-democracy has nothing to do with it. The Libians are floating on an ocean of cheap high quality oil that gets sent to Italy and then on to European gas tanks and that's fine, but don't feed us this crap about backing so-called Arab democracy movements. The "Arab Spring" got rid of Mubarak in Egypt but the the military thugs are still in control there. This conflict in Libya is nothing more than inter-tribal warfare. Go ahead and commit mass murder with bombs my tax dollars paid for, but don't call it democracy. We in the West have become a bunch of global thugs and it will come back to bite us all in the ass before this slaughter is over.
West Media Hides the Truth

NATO airstrike kills 15 Libyan civilians

NATO warplanes have dropped bombs on the strategically important town of Brega, claiming the lives of at least 15 Libyan civilians, reports say.

NATO warplanes have dropped bombs on the strategically important town of Brega, claiming the lives of at least 15 Libyan civilians, reports say.

Libyan state television said that at least 15 civilians were killed in the airstrike on the outskirts of Brega on Saturday.

"The colonialist Atlantic coalition bombed civilian sites, among them a bakery and a restaurant in Brega, creating 15 martyrs and more than 20 wounded, among them regular clients of those places," the state TV said.

Sources say the death toll is expected to rise as some of the seriously injured are said to be in critical condition.

The incident comes days after NATO acknowledged that an earlier attack on a residential area of Tripoli had resulted in civilian deaths.

The alliance said its airstrike on Sunday had missed the intended target because of an apparent weapons system failure.

The Libyan government has said at least nine civilians -- including toddlers -- were killed in that raid.

NATO says its air campaign over Libya is aimed at protecting civilians. However, Libyan officials say hundreds of civilians have died in the bombings.

Experts say the main motive behind the Western attack on Libya is the vast oil reserves of the North African country. 2 Replies
Kadhafi repressed his people for 40 years they say, and denied people rights that all people should have, in our view.
Under Kadhafi's rule, gasoline only cost 14 cents a gallon, and the government paid 50% on each citizens first new car. No one in Libya ever paid a light bill, because the government provided electricity at no charge. All education was free, and even college only required a small fee. Kadhafi had removed all nuclear programs from the country, along with all weapons of mass destruction, and he had chased all terrorist groups out of the country. Libya has no national debt, had no interest in fighting wars with anyone, and gave African countries low interest and no interest loans so they could improve their economies and move the people of Africa out of poverty.
Sure, there may have been some things that had to be tolerated under Kadhafi, but I sure would like to fill up my Buick for under $3, and never have a light bill. Ask how much our college grads owe in student loans when they finish school and start their career, and they would probably rather put up with Kadhafi than Obama any day.
If democracy and freedom come to Libya, it will be the first time in history that having a gang of 30 countries bombing and killing the people, destroying all the infrastructure, and decimating the country's military caused freedom. It seems like we and others are telling them that the will have democracy if they like it or not, because we are going to force them to be free.Reply
Congress are punks and pukes
This is just more lip service to appease the stupid American citizens. They all need to be thrown out for not following the rules and laws of our Constitution! IMPEACH THEM ALL! No wonder no one in this country thinks they have to follow the rules of a society. This bunch of pompous $$%%$ in DC are real good role models for every immoral and corrupt thing going on in this country.
Typical scumbags, all talk.
House complains but does nothing to back it up.

spineless wimps.
Neither party has a clue. They have ruined our country while we sat idally by with our thumbs up our $#$$% allowing them to spend us into financial collapase and violating our constituition any time they saw fit. Someone had better take the lead and get us out of this mess before we end up in another civil war.
This shows you that no matter who we send to Washington they all are wolves in Sheep's clothing and all of them don't give a rat's %$% about the American Public's views or needs. This should have been a great time to show the American public that the new faces sent to Washington would not vote to keep spending tax payer's money at a record pace that is putting America in so much trouble financially that other countries DON'T want our dollar or debt. I see this so Called Republican Congress is STILL nothing more than a Rubber Stamp for Obama's record spending spree that is breaking our Country. I say throw both the Democrats and Republicans out of office without an election because of loss of faith in the GOVERNMENT which is committing Treason in the eyes of the US Nation, (the US Declaration of Independence says we can) by marching 60 to 80 millions strong on Washington, install a 90 day pro-temporary government and let the New President the LEGAL PEOPLE OF America put in, like maybe Trump, take over immediately, and request that he pull all military and spending out of Libya (remember it has cost us tax payers almost $700,000,000), send the US Military to the Mexican Border and stop the Mexico's INVASION of America, and set up trials for all of the current Judges, Politicians, Lobbyists, and ACLU lawyers. This don't listen to the damn American VOTERS government mentality has got to stop before America disappears off the face of this Earth. From what I read in this story, Congress basically told Obama: "Bad, bad boy, no, no, bad Obama, you should not play King with America's money and use her military to create Muslim Nations in Egypt and Libya, and Yemen, etc. Where is the US government that speaks for the American Public and not foreign nations who keep TELLING America's government they are more important than her tax payers, which by the way are the bosses of the US GOVERNMENT. The Constitution says WE ARE THE owners of America, not the Government. They are supposed to do our bidding, not the Libyan's Muslim Leader's bidding by spending millions on them while they cut Medicare, Social Security, and have not offered to suffer along with the American public by cutting their own paychecks, their retirements, or the retirement checks of retired Politicians or Judges. Boahner and company suck! Big Time. Reply