Thursday, January 31, 2013

Iraq Will Eventually Cost Two Trillion Dollars
New embassy, ten new bases, means we will be there for the next twenty years

Bush's Is Building A New $ 2.5 Billion Dollar Embassy
He has funded the building of ten new bases

Baghdad's Green Zone To Be Completely Secure
Bush plans to turn that into an American/Israeli outpost

The Mosul/Haifa Pipeline Is To Be Rebuilt To 400% More Capacity
H-1, H-2, H-3 are all US bases


American Kids Are Dying For Israel's New Pipeline

Iraq was never a threat to anyone. In 1982 Israel fomented the Iraq/Iran war, and Iraq was in shambles. Then in 1991, Kuwait started cross drilling wells into Iraq, and Bush Sr gave Saddam the OK for his Kuwait confrontation. Five days into it, Bush Sr declared Saddam a world threat, and decimated his entire army.
Fast forward to 2003 and Bush Jr., and his neocons, tell Americans that Saddam is arming for a nuclear strike, and we must strike first.

Iraqi Petroleum Company
Exxon, Shell, BP, and Iraq
Mosul-Haifa Pipeline history

In 1920 the Iraqi Petroleum Company was created and in 1931 they built two 12" pipelines, one to Haifa, the other to Tripoli, Lebanon, which started pumping in 1935. In 1938 the IPC started building two 16" parallel lines, which were halted during WW2.
In 1946 the additional Kirkuk-Tripoli was completed, but the Kirkuk-Hafi stopped at the Jordanian border, because of the Jewish invasion.
In 1952 the IPC built another 30" parallel line to Tripoli. During the 1967 war the Jews bombed the lines. In 1982 the line was closed because of Syria -Iraq tensions, was reopened.
In the late 1990's the USA shut down the line because Syria provided Saddam support.

We Are Told: - "Saddam Is A Madman"
Bush told us Saddam was a madman, who executed his own people, and his bombers were armed with nukes. We heard rumors, through Israel, of 5,000 Kurds gassed.


Bush To The Rescue
Iraq is now a shooting gallery, where 'Foreign Fighters' (Israeli Operatives), roam free killing both Shiite, and Sunni. Special groups have targeted marine atrocities to further inflame the situation, and a civil war is inevitable.
To Top Off The Insanity
The Bush crowd let 30,000 mercenaries, who perform shadowy tasks,  run free. They account to no one, and kill whoever they are told.

The American Dead

The latest body count is 2413 dead, and 17,670 maimed.


The Real Costs Of Israel


Why Build Permanent Bases?
Now U.S. engineers are constructing 14 "enduring bases," long-term encampments for the thousands of American troops expected to serve in Iraq for at least two years.
Bush's Baghdad embassy estimates are $2.5 billion, but rest assured it will eventually cost $6 billion.

Bush Sees More Enemies
It seems George wants to pre-empt an imaginary Iranian strike.
Our dynamic news analysts tell us this is no different than heading off Hitler, and stopping the elimination WW2, and the death of 6,000,000 Jews.


Where Are We Headed?

Israel wants the US to decimate Iraq, so they can come in, install their puppets, and pump the oil to Israel. We will build the pipeline, and supply the security, and troops will be there for at least ten years.
Now Israel wants us to invade Iran, to eliminate all their enemies, but nothing short of a nuclear False Flag on a American city will convince the US populace. Iran will be brutal because they have army, navy, air force, plenty of missiles, and control the Straights of Hormuz.


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Here Is Why The Zionists Want To Attack Iran

75% Of The World's Oil Sits In The Middle East

Big Map Of  Zagros Oil Belt

Iran Is Not About Nuclear Weapons
Iran is about giant untapped oil fields. Iran is about giant untapped oil fields. Zionists want to control the world's oil supply. Israel will arrange a massive False Flag terror attack, such as a nuke in a city like Des Moines, or a missile attack on an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf. We will hit Iran with nukes, the world economy will collapse, and in a few years, the Zionists will "come to our rescue".
Their answer will be a one-world currency. It will not be a paper fiat one, but will instead be a rock-solid commodity-based version. And that currency will be based on gold and oil. As an added treat, we might very well have a one world government, with a Zionist mind-master at the helm.

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Girls Killed At Columbine By Klebold And Harris

Today, The Media Portrays These Two As Victims

Carl Jung's Psycho-Babel About The Female
The struggle between the sexes.

The Freudian Oedipus Complex
Freud would blame the dominant Mother Complex for this crime.

The Latest Trend Is Examining The Mental State Of The Columbine Killers
What drove two young boys to this terrible incident. Why did they focus on the girls? What turned good boys into tragic youth?
The truth is that they were two savage animals, fed by a superiority complex, and stoned on psychotropic drugs. Below are the autopsy reports on the four girls.


Cassie Bernall Was in The Library
She was under a table when Harris knocked on the table and said "Peak-a-boo", and asked if she was a Christian who believed in God. He then bent down, put a sawed-off shotgun to her head, and fired.

The Autopsy Report

 Rachel Scott Was On The Lawn
Rachel was eating lunch on the grass with friend Richard Castaldo when the shooters opened fire on the west entrance. According to witnesses, she was hit and fell to the ground where, moments later, one of the shooters came down the hill and shot her at point-blank range when she tried to get up. She died from gunshot wounds to the head, chest, arm and leg.

Autopsy On Rachel Scott

Kelly Fleming Was Killed In The Library
Kelly was hiding beside a table with other girls who she had been sitting with: Lisa Kreutz, Jeanna Park, Diwata Perez, Valeen Schnurr, and Lauren Townsend. At one point, Dylan Klebold fired under the table, injuring Val and Lisa. He fired his gun again, killing Lauren. Coming up from behind, he shot Kelly in the back with his sawed-off shotgun.



Lauren Townsend Was In The Library
Dylan Klebold came to Lauren's table. He opened fire as fast as his weapon would shoot, hitting Lauren several times. A few minutes later, Eric Harris came back around the table and shot beneath it again, hitting Lauren again, but she didn't feel it -- she was already dead.

She died there on the floor of the library from multiple bullet and shotgun pellet wounds to the head, chest, and lower body.


This Is All Such A Fraud
That morning, Klebold and Harris cruised the high school followed by another car with four of their accomplices. These girls were butchered and the root cause wasn't jocks bullying them, but rather Talmudic hatred of Christians and women.

The truth about this massacre is being covered up at the highest levels, and one must wonder why.


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Massacre at Red Lake

Red Lake, Minnesota
Remote area 200 miles north of Minneapolis


Jeffrey Weise

The common thread which seems to weave through all these massacres are: psychotropic drugs, Jewish shooters or accomplices, and the fact that the shootings are always followed by calls for strict gun control.

The Columbine, Red Lake, Port Arthur massacre, Jonesboro, Lefkow, Kip Kinkle, Smith, etc, are eerily similar. These massacres have a series of related coincidences, and it seems the ADL and SPLC is always around the corner.
In the late eighties, the 'Militia problem' was a major concern to Zionists, but it was 'conveniently' solved, thanks to Waco and the OKC bombing.
Now the Zionist focus is on web sites and control of the internet, as well as promoting strict gun control.


Who Is Jeffrey Weise ?
Weise's mother, Joanne Weise, married a Mr.Weise in Minneapolis.  Daryl Lussier Jr., who was an Indian, was her second husband, and Jeff's stepfather. Lussier was involved in a 1997 police standoff on the Reservation, and killed himself.
Joanne Weise, the mother, was in a car accident and sits in a Minneapolis hospital with brain damage.
Jeff Weise was sent to live with the Grandmother. The Grandfather lived separately with a 32 yr old bride. Weise was on anti-depressants, and he was seeing a therapist

The Killings
Jeff Weise shot Daryl Lussier, 58, and his companion, 32-year-old Michelle Sigana. His son Daryl Lussier Jr., was Jeff Weise's step father.
Next, Weise went to the school , shooting 14 more, of which seven were fatal.

What Is a Wealthy Jewish Crowd Doing in Red Lake?

The Red Lake Reservation, is one of 29 Indian reservations with casinos. These are contracted out to the Las Vegas crowd.
Before these casinos came, most Indians never hear of the ACLU, CDV, or any of these Jewish agencies, but now they are blood brothers.

Here Is Weise's 'Flash animation'
This is a complicated $200 program, that requires a 32 hr computer course.
This is the type of program that full time professionals will use, programmers like those at the  SPLC and ADL. But I am hard put to see "Pudgy Weise" go through all this effort for one video.

Weise's Nazi Website Conveniently Appears
Weise supposedly is entrapped into more psychosis, by his infatuation with Hitler, via an ADL fronted website. Craig Smith and Robert Lindstrom are the administrators and columnists.Lindstrom, who appears to be an avid Nazi, oddly gives Israel a pass on 9/11. The website goes along with the Auschwitz fairy tale, saying Christians were killed along with Jews.
Bill White, who claims to run it, appears to be another Jewish Nazi.

ACLU Mystery Woman
Somehow, a women named Audrey Thayer, who is ACLU employee at Bemidji, befriends Jeff.


Thayer with Winona LaDuke

Winona LaDuke, of the Oak Reservation, is seen with Audrey Thayer at a Nader convention. Winona was Nader's VP candidate in 2000. Her Jewish mom married an Indian who acted as an extra in movies filmed in LA.
Winona is one of the few Indians to received a  Harvard scholarship on race. Harvard classifies American/Pakistanis as native Americans.

Steven Hirsh
Steven is a New York attorney, that decided to move to Bemidji to be closer to his 'Blood brothers'. He is concerned about Indian violence.

Paul Fleckenstein
Fleckenstein, who works with the Red Cross, rushed to Red Lake to provide help with the investigation.
All this concern is starting to smell of damage control.

Katherine Newman
Ms Newman, a Malcolm Weiner Professor at Harvard, has jumped into the Weise bandwagon. She sees a troubled Indian.


Who was his therapist ?
So What Did Happened?
This Jewish/Indian was an incredibly troubled youth, that someone took a special interest in. When all the mind seeds were planted - someone pulled the trigger. I would love to see an autopsy that checked for psychotropic drugs.
Zionists will search out the right person - brainwash him - and turn him loose on an explosive mixture of psychotic drugs.
Killing children is always a sign of a Zionist scheme, because it gets worldwide attention for their causes.

The SPLC, and every Zionist Jewish group south of the Pecos, want stricter gun laws and monitoring of web sites. School shootings are their excuse.

Other school massacres

Columbine In this shooting, two Jewish kids killed 15 and maimed 24. The Trench Coat Mafia were Jewish kids. The police suspected that there were up to five others involved, though none were ever charged.

Dunblane Massacre
A 43 yr old goes to a grammar school, cuts the phone lines, and shoots 29 grade school children - killing 16.
This shooting gave tremendous momentum towards disarming the citizenry in the United Kingdom. A law prohibiting handguns was rushed into place.
This was a carbon copy of the Port Arthur massacre. His real name was Watts, and he was under a Jewish psychiatrist's care.

A Jewish kid by the name of Andrew Golden, and his partner Michael Johnson, killed five kids as they exited the building, due to a fake fire. Their sentence was 5 years in jail.


Ines Geipel
The Erfurt Massacre ..

In Germany, a 19 yr old Jewish young man, Robert Steinhäuser, shot thirteen teachers, two kids, and a cop.   After the massacre there have always been rumors about a second shooter, which some witnesses were believed to have seen.
Prof. Ines Geipel, an East German Zionist activist wrote a book blaming Neo Nazis.

École Polytechnique Massacre
Marcus Lepine walked into an engineering class at the University of Montréal, where he killed fourteen women. Witnesses testified that he was nuts and on drugs.
Every Jewish mental health professional were on TV calling for gun laws which led to the Canadian gun control movement, which finally resulted in the passage of stricter gun control legislation.

Buford Furrow - IQ of 62
He flunked army basic training
Buford Furrow ..1996 Furrow is a dimwit that gets sucked into Richard Butler's SPLC sponsored 'Aryan Nations', where he met a ringer named Tom Leyden.  Butler married Buford to a Debbie Matthews.
Debbie Matthews is attractive and educated, where as Buford was often seen, talking to the compound's pet cats.
On Aug. 10, 1999, Furrow , who was pickled on a psychotropic drug cocktail stormed into the North Valley Jewish Community Center, despite firing 70 bullets, there were no people killed. Next he shot postman Joseph Ileto.
Debbie Matthews

Benjamin Smith - Shot 11 people
  Matt Hale
Benjamin Nathan Smith (Jewish), grew up in the exclusive Jewish neighborhood of Wilmette, and went to the Jewish New Trier high school. He went on a three day drug-induced shooting spree, and culminated it by fatally shooting himself.

Because the people involved, are usually Zionist related (Jewish shooters, accomplices or provocateurs), there is a real possibility these were orchestrated events. The targeting of children, is a time-honored Zionist technique to induce maximum psychological trauma.
Witnesses at a  few of the massacres often mention secondary shooters, which points to an larger organization.
Another over-riding fact is a constant reference to anti depressants and who prescribed them. It's not out of the question that psychotic drug cocktails (methamphetamine,  benzodiazepine) were used, to create aggressively paranoid,  psychotic and schizoid behavior.
This movie highlights Dr Irving Moishe's experiments with drugs.