Monday, January 31, 2011

let's just say egypt has wmds and invade it; mostly a muslim population anyway, no one will care! yes, some kids will die but the oil companies and israel will be happy! operation egyptian freedom :-)Suez Canal is the oil lifeline for the U.S. 1.5 billion annually plus 8 billion for military aide is a bargain by U.S.A. standards to keep the oil flowing. The uncertainty of the next Egyptian governing body presents a perceived "threat" to the U.S. The stability is of Egypt is not the issue. The future instabilty if the flow of oil is cut-off from the USA is the real problem in global proportions.Time to take care of our own problems. Nobody listens to the US anymore anyway.
Just wait and watch how Obama begifts the Muslim Brotherhood faction !!!The democracy loving USA has never hesitated to support dictators who toe our economic and political line.There are 40 million Egyptians and the United States of Israel spends $1.5 billion on just one of them.52,000 Americans? Thats like arilifting 4 Combat Army Divisions. Good luck with that. 200 people per flight = 260 flights. I would assume the airlift will be to a nearby country to increase the amount of flights out. Otherwise, flights from Cairo to the US will mean lots of planes needed.
How many times will this happen before the US realizes it's a bad idea to throw their support behind repressive rulers/groups solely based upon the rulers/groups willingness to working with the US?

The Afghanistan mujahadeen.
The Shah of Iran.
Saddam Hussein (used against Iran after the Shah was overthrown).
etc etc

They wonder why the Middle East is in such a tumultuous state, and so anti-American. It's not hard to figure out. When you have countries where the people are being kept under repressive governments for decades at a time, eventually those people will rise up and overthrow their government. Then they're going to blame the people who put them in that situation.

The US has shown it is willing to support these repressive governments if they play ball with them, and in several cases the US was directly responsible for the tyrant's rise to power. It's not difficult to understand why, after the people overthrow the repressive rulers, that they will be anti-American.

If you use a rabid dog as a guard dog, eventually it will come back to bite you.
Our country's oil production peaked in 1970, and that is never going to change. How many decades will it take for you to accept it? My guess is you will live and die in denial. Please post the GPS coordinates of those trillions of barrels. Our natural gas production is also headed towards a peak. It is not how much is on the ground that matters, but how fast we can extract it and at what cost.Americans - who run torture chambers, kangaroo courts and fix their own national elections(Bush) - are DEMANDING that Egypt make a 'peaceful shift' to democracy? LMAO, yeah, that'll inspire everybody. LMAO!!!finally, the cruel dictators backed by US and Israel fall down one by one. and no wonder they are first to run away. where Israel and mossad is pressent, there re suicide bombings going on and innocent people' blood shedding.American Conservatives don't believe in Social Justice but they do believe in Prison Justice. The reality is there is no such thing as Justice by Imprisonment but only Destruction. What it all comes down to is "Police Powers" and that is what the struggle between the Polictical Parties is all about.the most people on earth wont this revolution is the Israeli state , Israel need Mubarak as well as they need all the Arab dictators leaders who at least role the country many decates all these leaders are bringing peace to Israel while they kill their people and starve them small example loke the gas which goes to Israel free from egypt in the same time the people in egypt cant buy gas to cook or warm in cold weathers .so israel is like vampires who suck all blood and energy of the region by this dictators and keep the people sick .
The Biggest terrorist group attacking the US is Wall street. Forget about Ben laden, we need to go after those traders in Wall Street.Everytime the Fed authorizes more money printing oil goes for a run. Speculators getting out of treasuries into oil.

Blame the finance boys for the $5 gallon. And get drilling in the USA.

Just make sure the BOP's are properly tested (government certified)does anyone else find it odd that the pipeline breaks in the winter (when you need oil to survive) and not in the summer when we can get by without heating oil???????Key point

"Sure, US crude inventory draws over the past weeks as well as colder than usual weather were supportive, but spare capacity is still plentiful with OPEC supplying excessive amounts."

It's all about making a lot of money for traders and taking it out of the pockets of those that already cannot keep up with thier bills. It is GREED that drives them!!!
Peak oil is a fraud created by the oil billionares and swallowed hook line and sinker by the leftists.

There is NO OIL SHORTAGE!The BP platform that burned then sunk last April was drilling in OUR waters. They ruined the Gulf State's tourism and seafood industry, and made a mess of our beaches. BP got the profit from the oil drilled-they leased the rights to drill-and the oil they produced their was sold to CHINA. WHY should we let that sort of thing go on?? China gets the oil,BP gets the money, and we get a ruined environment. Yes, stopping that makes all kind of sense to me!make the speculators have to actually take possession of the prices plummetTraders in oil futures do not have the ways and means to store the oil that they would be taking possession of because it would cost them more in the long run than they would make. Those fat cats on Wallstreet are just buying & selling paper with what is wrote on it. Nothing more or nothing less.
Whats Economics 101? for I've never had it.actually, real world is right.
taking physical possession will decrease the prices dramatically. Economics 101 doesn't teach you that, but in reality, most of the trading is highly leveraged. Remove this leverage and watch with glee as prices fall back to $70
Time to put a tarriff on all FORIEGN oil. Make the Houston oil barons turn on the oil pumps turned off after Dick Cheneys "secret" energy policy meeting in 2001.

They put a lot of oil wells on reserve... just in case Israel attacks Iran.

It is time for American to stop borrowing money from China and giving it away to Israel.

Israel is a theocracy and all theocracies are enemies of free nations!

Putting the USA into debt for the benefit of Israel is treason.

Capital treason!One way to stop the traders from making everyones life harder with there profiteering is to make them take delivery of whatever they buy. This would put an end to it real quick. I'm tired of making these traders rich through are hardships. This is a problem the politicians don't seem to want to address. It was oil prices that took this country down in 2008 and it can happen again!!!!
your right and our prez speaks outa both sides of his mouth he is set for the rest of his life he doesnt care . bailed out banks insurance took 20 billion from B.P. the bond markets buying your own debt is the same that brought the nazi /s to power everbody was broke.Many of the comments made herein ignore the data supplied in the article, noting storage/supply increasing. The only reason the cost of oil (and gasoline) is high is - that it is being bid higher by Wall Street players. Simply put, traders are making money without risking anything, by placing bets, and without a real lack of supply. When Enron did this, they were put in jail. When the Wall Street does this, they make money making the rest of the country poor. There are some simple fixes for this:
1) Make a person placing a bid put real money on the table, locking it up until the futures contract is due.
2) Make the person receiving the winning bid actually take possession of the oil, and have to resell it.
3) Put Government controls on Oil (and related products) like the Public Utilities Commisions do for Electricity.
Will someone please put a stop to the oil bulls once and for all. The data they used to push the price up in December is all coming apart. I still read articles saying that gas is going to $4 dollars a gallon by spring. They are trying to plant that idea in your head. When the media says it forces work to make it a reality. They used supplies going down in December as an excuse while it is common for inventories in all businesses to go down in December for tax purposes. They used positive economic indicators while the housing market is tanking and they use increasing Asian demand while China took steps to slow demand down. They use the devaluing of the dollar while currency traders say the dollar should go up against the euro this year. They say the supply is low while OPEC says the supply is plentiful and they can expand more if need be. Stockpiles have increased this week but they still want to put that propaganda out that it will be $120 a barrel by spring. They try to justify it by saying that $100 a barrel will not hurt the economy of an industrialized nation because we only spend 17% of our income on gas. Well to me 17% is a lot but let us add the fact that when gas is high that food is going to be high and any product that contains oil will also increase. The speculators will just not give up on this. I would rather you just tell me that you are going to screw me out right than insult me with your justifications. Listen people contact your representatives daily they are already being wined and dined by Wall Street and the big banks every day the only chance we have is a vocal and educated public. If you lie still and take this then they will give it to you. They are already proceeding with their plan to infuse more money into the economy with bond buyback. Any idiot knows that that will increase inflation and decrease you buying power. Hey but it is great for Wall Street and the big banks nobody else matters in this country. Our country has business, economic, and political leaders that believe in one world government and not a sovereign United States. In a one world government our standard of living has to come down in order for emerging nations to increase their standard of living but the puppet masters make no sacrifice at all. Quit being simple minded fight.
America needs to mind its own business. I'm tired of sending money to dictators just because they might be on "our side." 99% of Republicans and far too many Democrats just love selling arms and starting filthy foreign wars. And the stupid suckers (aka tea-baggers) fall for it every time due to their fear and cowardice.The American people should be protesting just like this. We get screwed every day by our government, and we have to pay them to screw us.The times they are a changin', i predict this will spread worldwide..the entire world now knows that if the people stand up, the government is powerless..Western countries need to be shaken up too..The very notion of an American democracy has become a naked fraud ruled by lobbiests..He who has the most Cash to throw around makes the rules.. This American doesnt see the joy and or benefit to being a taxpaying citizen footing the bill for foreign entanglements, which is EXACTLY what Jefferson warned about.
LETS START A REVOLUTION IN FEBRUARY AGAINST THE GREEDY IN USA ..........LETS START WITH DC ........I got a bad feeling that the "other shoe" is about to drop. We could be facing another Wall Street slaughter as early as next week. Inflation is about to "skyrocket" and banks holding abandoned commerical real estate are going to take a monster hit. Not to worry though, Obama and his democrats will simply print up some mo' a dat! And spend another "couple trillion" on green energy and social justice.I got a bad feeling radical right will continue downward spiral with endless meaningless wars, creating enemies, bailiing out bank CEO buddies, continue unsustainable oil/coal subsidies....while middle class disappears....Chinese food taste really good, but I don't like too much Japanese Sushi, that's why the economy of Japan is less good than that of China.
Plus the Japanese hunt whales.

If the Chinese continue to kill the tigers for sexual aphrodisiacs stimulant, there will be no more Tigers, so the Chinese need to make less babies, and adopt the strict one child policy only.
this country is on its way to being third world or one world order if companys continue to move overseas what else is one to believe the direction its in right now our own people have turned their backs on us for the love of money14 TRILLION in US Debt most from irresponsible US Government spending
The British are back and its the US Government/AKA/Republicans and Democrats.
Federalism has failed for the last time
And now the US Military will weaken from a collapsing dollar
They deserve it
They are supposed to protect the US Constitution but have allowed the US Government
to gut it of any significance. Now they allow the bailouts using the commerce clause
to destroy this once powerful nation. Keeping us safe? Hardly. They are the sleeping farmer
while the US Government is the Fox in the Hen house.
Bye US
Rev 19 18
First their seaside resort gets hit by the highly trained Israel based shark,then an uprising starts.A great pity,as the tourism industry will take a long,long time to recover.
Perhaps sanity will prevail,because as they say,pride before fall....Has nothing to do at all these other countries that feel they have us as a nation here in America locked into Our deficit realize now that George Bush took a gamble on Iraq becoming a nation of its own again using there own currency which is getting ready to hit the market back at a high rv rate, Now you can buy near a million Dinars for 800.00 dollars. But that stock is going to shoot through the roof as the revalue rate may hit 8.00 dollars per american currency. Lets see George invested nearly 800million american dollars next week it will be worth that x 8.00 = you do the math no more deficit. Alot of people and countries is up set for they will loose the strangle hold on america..good goig GWBPeople will believe what they want to believe. "Investing" for the average person is a gamble to say the least, especially when the US government and the Federal Reserve participate to corrupt the free market. The "news" that average citizens get is useless when the big institutions already know everything before it happens. How can the markets be fair and free and not corrupt when the SEC, a federal agency, can be controlled by the administration? These "markets" are not reflecting any real economics, they haven't for years. They are reflecting corrupt government shifting of massive amounts of taxpayers money and the FED through GS. This can only end badly for the poor sods that have gambled away their life savings (again).

Sunday, January 30, 2011

WHAT THE jewish MEDIA WON'T TELL YOU IS THAT JIHAD JANE IS HERSELF jewish.When the terrorists commit their "acts" liberal media says it's our (or Israel) policies to blame, people have a reason and it somehow gets justified. Do they care what reason this man might have?
(My opinion - no justification for killing innocent people for any reason).most people especially US citizens can not analyze the facts:
the facts are as follows:
1-a group of thieves are benefitted from American aids and rule despotically a country e.g.Egypt
2- the rest of the people are jobless and poor and see the rulers are suppressing them.
3-those rulers which are backed by the US support US's ideas as per Israel and other issues(Iran)
4-those majority hate all those ideals especially israel policies of killing palestenians like flyes!
5- revolution will happen.
how to curb these are as follows:
1- dismiss those rulers
2- bring secular-honest -educated-nationalist leaders
3- stop supporting israel whole heartedly
4-superwise how aids are distributed
stop being self centered
stop war mongering
The people need to take over our country. We need to do as they Egyptians are currently doing. What a waste of our tax dollarsWhy should support America first yes. But why keep propping up FAILED business with tax dollars instead of helping out our people? Could it be the rich are stealing your money? How did they get so rich in the first place?how come we did not know about what was going on with our tax dollars? how much more is hidden from us? maybe egypt has the right idea!Welcome to military industrial complex -- it has bee around since Eisenhower--- and HE complained that it was getting too big then. Just imagine how he would feel now. The government subsidizes R&D for ALL military contracts. The only reason there are no complaints about subsidies for the Army and Navy is simple. There is no competition for tanks and nuclear subs.
It really doesn't matter who wins the ruling. It will be appealed and it will go on and on. And it will be business as usual. Everyone wants something made well but cost next to nothing. Americans can not compete with countries who's labor cost are less than 1/10 of cost to produce it in the US. Remember when WalMart used to run ads stating made in America? Remember it was one of the slogans they used to become the worlds largest retailer. Try to find anything there that is made in the US now. We either accept the fact if you want to buy American it is going to cost more, then stop crying about other countries and their cheap products. American companies that even remotely compete with foreign companies are automated and that machinery isn't cheap also keeping the goods from costing the same. If you didn't buy the cheapest goods on the shelf there wouldn't be shelf after shelf of foreign goods. They would be American made goods instead.
It isn't any politician or any particular country that controls this with the exception of tarriffs on imports, but it is the we the consumer. If you want Boing to be more successful then when you make a reservation ask them who the manufacturer is of the aircraft of the flights you desire and specifically ask for a flight on an American made aircraft. Then live with any cost differences. If it became a large enough segment of the the US flying public I am certain all US airlines would buy only US made aircraft.
Boeing has used the same courts to gain advantage for themselves now everyone in the US is crying fowl when the possibility of a judgment is to go the other direction. WOW what a surprise! What is even worse is that the people of the US have been screwed for years by the "Military Complex" and are happy for the "bareback experience". Much needed billions paid to keep this country safe on many many times faulty information--Weapons of mass destruction comes to mind and that isn't even the most recent..... Get ready for a USA that has less and less influence on the world. Remember it takes money to buy friends and we are quickly running out--and it is NOT just Obama's fault!I work for an aerospace company that makes parts for Boeing, Black Hawk and other companies. Boeing gets public welfare while posting enormous profits – welfare money that comes directly out our checks weekly. The aerospace manufacturing company that makes the parts for Boeing is a Fortune 500 company - with targeted sales reaching millions quarterly. They ALSO get taxpayer sponsored welfare checks, forcibly paid for by us, while we work for next to minimum wage, in bad conditions that are hazardous to our health - no health insurance, nothing. In effect, every weekly check that we earn is deducted 25% to give back to this aerospace industry, and every other huge corporation, corrupt foreign governments and fat, lardy politicians working hard to grow their nest egg larger than earth. It is not a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Nor is it a government of, by or even for politicians. It is a government of the large corporations, by the large corporations and for the large corporations – who bought the world’s leaders and politicians - and I deeply fear they will not perish from the earth.
Anti-government protesters carry posters

Anti-government protesters carry posters in English reading 'USA, why you support dictator', center, referring to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and in arabic reading 'Down Omar Suleiman, Israel's man', referring to the recently-named Egyptian Vice-President, left, at the demonstration in Tahrir square in downtown Cairo, Egypt, Sunday, Jan. 30, 2011.… Read more »
(AP Photo/Ben Curtis)
"Aid to Boeing" is a nice term for 'corporate welfare'. Boeing is a prime member of the Military- Industrial Complex and as such is well stroked by Congress and the Pentagon. Boeing is considered "too big to fail" by the U.S. government and you can bet the taxpayers will foot the bill, one way or another.The US politicians are not friends of the American people. One minute they sell out American workers in the name of free trade, then next they call for us to bail out corporate america or give tax breaks to companies. The bottom line is this; the US government will do what is best for business in the US. They could care less about the taxpayer or a worker. Don't be fooled.
Drunk drivers kill more people in the US than radical Muslims.At least the Banks are rich....Think of how you bailed out those banks. Makes u warm inside. This housing market boom then crash and the $ dropping by QE money is a con Americans. Cant u figure that out? I mean im in Australia and its simple too see. You were all robbed by the banks. And the few elite. Biggest theft ever occured but u Americans dont do anything about it. Your political leaders r all paid bribes by corporations and: banks. I mean ya whole system is corrupt. The real nobs in charge planned the whole thing. All the stage plays. And u people have alwasy been the actors of it. and willbe.
Of course I dont agree with people saying that he should have blown up the mosque but people are upset with the way the media coddles muslims and rights stories like these with misleading titiles. Just check out the next AP story about Sarah Palin or the Tea Party and just watch all the hate and calls for her death. At least conservatives are upset with muslims because of all the terrorism in the world that they are responsible for at a rate of about 99%!!!! Palin or the Tea Party at least love their country and havent hurt anyone even though tons of leftist immediately blamed her and the Tea Party and other conservatives within hours of the shooting. As it turns out conservatives had nothing to do with this idiot but it didnt stop liberals for wishing for Palins death. It goes both ways but you shouldnt feel the need to defend muslims over Americans just because your trying score political points. All muslims arent terrorist but all terrrorist acts seemed to be committed by muslims. Last attack was in Russia where I believe 100 people were blown up by some intolerant hateful people in the name of Islam!!!!!!!!!!!
The ones benefiting the most from higher interest rates are the banks and credit card companies not the individual saver with or without a job. We're getting our money stolen either way.The Nazi tea baggers are doing everything they can to help the republicans gain economic domination over the American people for the rich to exploit.
In turn the rich like the Koch brothers will help the tea baggers create a Christen Nation that forces social control using a constitution of their interpretation.
If you take up arms or kill the rich this will give justification to a tea bagger controlled government to crack down on dissidents the way that they are in Egypt.Well, the conservative faction posting here has actually amazed me with its idiocy this time around. You all are so caught up in your own bigotry that if a white man acts out of a similar hatred, and is rightly arrested for it, you cry foul and claim liberals are making it up. Based on what evidence? None, as usual. One of these days you people are going to have to start trusting facts. Can you imagine what the country would look like if that actually happened? Everyone would understand that Fox News is full of it, Bush and Cheney are war criminals and murder is murder no matter what race the murderer and murdered might happen to be. What a glorious beginning. But, hey, I'm a realist and I know this will never happen. Y'all ain't never gonna learn and every time some corrupt politician shows you a picture of the flag with a bald eagle in front of it you're going to continue to send your children off to war to make the guy rich. Then, when well-meaning souls try to get you to see the guy is a crook, you'll call them liars and some of you will bury your own denying the truth of why it had to happen. The world as it stands today, I'm afraid.
Invest in Dow Stocks? Some people can not even invest in a loaf of bread these days. Give me a break. Unemployment is, in reality, over 10%, people have lost their homes, their cars and their life savings and they want to talk about investing in stocks? Thankfully, I still have a job, actually I work 2 jobs, but there are millions who do not. I think this article is a slap in the face to all of those who are now unemployed. No, screw stocks, we need to worry about the economy.correction due .....companies are starting to miss earnings expectations....stocks are priced for perfection

at this time...when this happens ,we usually get BIG sell offs...

that's how people LOSE money in the market....This story must be sponsored by the greedy and reckless Fraud St players who want the average suckers to wade back into the cesspool so they'll have more capital to play with. And when the latest bubble breaks it'll be the working class IRAs that become worthless, and the investing houses that lose it all will come weeping to congress for a taxpayer bailout saying that they're too big to fail, just like last time. Please folks, don't fall for it again. Smoke and mirrors.
given to Banks, Ins. Co., auto Co., etc.,etc.???

what happens when the money is gone???Well we can all rest easy knowing the jews own 98% of our media, 90% of wall street, every key financial position in government and fifty times thier number in the halls of congress. I'm sure they never profited one thin dime off of the financial turmoil they had nothing to do with and I fell super secure in the knowledge that despite all of the insanity during a time when Americas gdp was going from 10 trillion per year to 15 trillion per year that yet another goldman sachs jew just got put in charge of our money. Nor does the fact that 1.5% of our population own a majority of our wealth, a clear controlling interest bother me in the slightest. This is what America was meant to be. Poor subservient slaves to a minority who breeds only within select genetic lines, pedigreeing themselves like animals and then sticking together like the master race hitler dreamed of. Does anyone know just how bad the wealth disparity in America has become?
The US is the key provider of money, weapons and training for these oppressive regimes all over the middle east. The greatest fear for the US government is that everyone in the US will finally figure this out. The folks in the middle east ALREADY KNOW THIS. Why do you think they hate us so much. Al Jazeera is a great force in the middle east. They are probably the only way that americans can actually find out the truth about what is going on over there in a more or less unbiased way. If you get your news from CNN, CNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, or Yahoo, you are getting the government party line about what is really going on. The US puppet regimes are falling. Three cheers for freedom.Americans.... Demand that we get our soldiers out of the Middle East now. The Entire Region is Unstable. Ask WikiLeaks......, They just released factual information that the US Government KNEW what Mubarak was doing to his Citizens and did nothing.Al Jazeera is OBJECTIVE news - CNN and FOX among many other are controlled by Free Masons and Illuminati....people how long will you be in denial? our world is crumbling, by design of these evil menI watch Aljazeera. You can order globcast dish service, and Aljazeera is channel 10 on globcast. They do not air any commercial. Yep, zero commercials. They report the facts.
Most everyone knows by now that the US media and the financial system including the Federal Reserve is controlled by the Jews.

What about the US government? Well, here are the Jews in the Obama administration, Part 1 (there's many more):

Rahm Emanuel: Former Chief of Staff to the President

Ronald Klain: Former Chief of Staff to the Vice President

David Axelrod: Former Senior Advisor to the President

Nita Lowey (D-NY), Chairwoman of the Appropriations State and Foreign Operations (SFOPS) Appropriations Subcommittee

Douglas Shulman: IRS Commissioner

Steven Rattner: Treasury Advisor For Auto Sector

Robert Rubin: Economic Advisor to the President

Alan Blinder: Economic Advisor to the President

Jason Furman: Director Of Economic Policy

Jon Leibowitz: Chairman Of FTC

Jared Bernstein – Chief Economist and Economic Policy Adviser to the Vice President.

Lee Feinstein (2009- ) Foreign Policy Advisor

Gary Gensler (2009- ) Chair of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Elena Kagan (2009- ) Solicitor General of the United States

Jack Lew (2009- ) Deputy Secretary of State

Eric Lynn (2009- ) Middle East Policy Advisor

Peter Orszag (2009- ) Director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Dennis Ross (2009- ) Special Advisor for the Gulf and Southwest Asia to the Secretary of

Mara Rudman (2009- ) Foreign Policy Advisor

Mary Schapiro (2009- ) Chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission

Dan Shapiro (2009- ) Head of Middle East desk at the National Security Council

James B. Steinberg (2009- ) and Jacob Lew – Deputy Secretaries of State

Lawrence Summers (2009- ) Director National Economic Council (real name: Samuelson)

Mona Sutphen (2009- ) Deputy White House Chief of Staff

Eric Lander AND Harold E. Varmus – Co-Chairs of the President’s Council of Advisers on Science/Technology.

Penny Pritzker – Obama’s National Finance Chair during the election cycle;

Robert Reich – Economic adviser to Obama-Biden.

Nora Volkow — Director, National Institute of Drug Abuse.

Richard Hass — President of the CFR and Obama’s ambassador at large.

Jon Leibowitz — Chairman, Federal Trade Commission.

Alan Bersin — Special Representive for Border Affairs.

Susan Sher — Chief of Staff for Michelle Obama.

Economic Czar – Larry Summers (real name: Samuelson)

Regulatory Czar – Cass Sunstein

Pay Czar – Kenneth Feinberg

Medical Czar – Ezekiel Emanuel

Guantanamo/Military Jails Czar – Daniel Fried

Dammit.....say a tapped out American taxpayer. No wonder Israel and Wall Street sucks us (U.S.)
At least the US government, probably for the FIRST time in 70 years, has the brains to clamor for a democratic transformation of a dictatorship they supported for 30 years, BEFORE the fall of the dictatorship.

I wish we did that with the MONARCHY of South Vietnam; or the regime of Cuba's Batista dictatorship in the 1950's, or Chile in 1968, or Nicaragua before Daniel Notrega and the precipitous iran-Contra scandal, or the SHAH OF IRAN before 1979,,,,,etc,,,etc.

Maybe the Egyptian people won't hate us as much,,,this time?The USA is run - completely - by a few dozen Jews at the top of the corporate puppet-strings controls, becoming personally mega-rich, by fleecing the average American. The collapse of Rome #2 is close at hand.We are being conditioned for hi gasoline prices. They (big oil) conduct secret focus groups to see how much we will pay before rioting. They then make the individuals in these groups sign confidentiality agreements so they cant talk. Its a big game and we are losing.
The Egyptian people should understand that what's happening from armed Gangs and jail braking is the action of Mubarak and his surrounding. He wants to show the world and the Egyptian people that if he's gone, Islamic extremest and gangs will rule the country, which will be a scary position to the US and the people of Egypt who are protesting for freedom and democracy. How can you explain the sudden disappearance of the police from the streets and their jobs, how can you explain the sudden appearance of the gangs and the lack of handling from the army. all what's happening is called organised ciaos by Mubarak and his surrounding, and if it did succeed in scaring the free people who are protesting it will be a shame for all the Egyptian as they will loose their biggest chance to freedom and will suffer another 30 years of dictatorship.
I can see this happening here in the US if the Republicans continue to go down this path of stealing from the poor and the middle in-order to support there rich friends in the insurance, oil, banking industries and corporate America who continue to jack up prices while cutting wages. Yes sir I can see this happening here real soon I can almost see a very large and angry group of US citizens dragging out every member of congress and the senate and hanging them on the capital lawn.I encourage similar activities in the U.S. Starting on Wall Street, taking out ALL Corporate and Banking CEOs, and Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, must be the first to be assassinated!"There was no explanation for why the police vanished."
Because they had to go put on their civilian garments s they could go burn and Loot! That tactic sound familiar? The police do it ALL the time in some of our more controversial protests. Not to this magnitude, but then Americans don't need much rioting and looting to become scared and point fingers. It happens EVERY TIME at thhe NWO Meetings when they are held in the United States. Protesters peacefully march, carrying signs, and shouting, and then a group of people just MAGICALLY decides to become violent and loot! Tasteless strategy, but I bet you it will work in this case!
In trying to begin to understand the causes of this turmoil in Egypt, I've been doing a bit of research. Here is one thing that I think is a contributing factor: "In the parliamentary poll of December 2010, opposition parties were kept off the ballot by Egyptian security services headed by Intelligence Minister Gen. Omar Suleiman. Opposition organizations were therefore more than ready for a showdown with the government when the spark from Tunis appeared to help ignite the street.Tuesday night,"

From an Israel-based organization, DEBKA, an open-source site for military, and security issues, run by Israelis. When people are disenfranchised, what could you expect? Ugly as this thing is, it is a demand by the people for a redress of grievances. We have been told that Egypt is a democracy, but I don't think it can be called that, given the fact that they have made it impossible for anyone to vote for any party other than the "ruling party."
syria and jordan maybe but everyone in arabia is rich why would they wanna revolt lolsaudi arabia is straight. they love their king.A lot of people seem to be worried about radical islam taking over egypt but this won't happen since its opposite to the Egyptian way of life and what Egyptians want.

However lets talk about the last 30 years of being ruled under a vicious dictator who is backed and blessed by the US. A dictator who has created a security force who is inhuman and made an art of making the people suffer for the benefit of the dictator. Lets talk about the the torture camps used to torture thousands of egyptians daily and men who were forced to watch their wives and daughters being raped in front of them. People who were locked for life simply because they "annoyed" a friend of the dictator.

Lets talk about the tear gas canisters and the rubber bullets that have MADE IN USA written on them.

Lets talk about US vice president Joe bidden who stated "Mubarak is not a dictator"

Finally Americans have the right to elect an extremist christian president who caused chaos and havoc around the world. And Israelis have the right to elect and extremest Jewish prime minister who has killed thousands of people but everyone is worried if Egyptians elect an extremist leader ?

Egyptians will get their freedom and they will elect a leader from the people who is concerned about the people and not about the interests of other countries.
I born in egypt I gradute from cairo university I work for the ministry of justice from 1962 to 1968 .Every body in U SA missing the main point .Mbark my be a hero in trying to fihgt against meslum broyher ,but the same time he govern the country eith the iron fest ,he neglect the basic need of human race in egypt .Jost imagin that in order to bye bread ,yuo to stand more than two hour ,
If this not human discgrace ,I co not know what is the human disgrace is,plus who is resopinsable for this situation
Where is the homan right oragansion
The situation now is not about yhe mesulim brother ,is about the surivivalWhy Is Islam Always The Blame For Crimes Committed In The Middle East Or Else Where For That Matter, And Not The Individual?When the Poor become a majority this is how it ends up and we all should learn. Rich people should spend their money to create jobs for people instead of putting their money in the banks to earn interest from Poor.
This has been coming for a long time, remember how Mubarak got his job, The asassination of Anwar Sadat by muslim radicals within the military. If this kind of uprising spreads to other middle eastern, oil producing nations all bets are off and 2012 may take on new significance !"The inmates were helped by gangs of armed men" "There has been no explanation for why the police have vanished." You think we're stupid don't you? You think we can't hear the real news or put 2 and 2 together. The vandalism and attacks on prison are being carried out by the police, trying to discredit the protestors and distract the nation from the real problem - the state itself, long an American puppet. Sorry you 'journalists' but we don't ONLY get out news from Yahoo.exactly what I was thinking: for example in this nation; a person can go to jail for years for any petty crime such as shoplifting; happens all the time esp. in america's poor south;

so I figure many egytians were there for simple petty crimes; for example in China: if you see someone "rob someones TV set and you do not turn that person in? they arrest you instead!
Speculations about a possible regime change in Egypt have extremely concerned Israel over its gas supplies which could be halted in case of a revolution in the North African country.

According to an article published by Israeli daily newspaper Yediot Achronot, an Islamic revolution in Egypt will create an economic mayhem in Israel.

The article says the recent uprising in Egypt has not yet affected the gas supplies to Israel and a new secular regime is also not expected to harm gas imports.

But in case of an Islamic revolution which would lead to the halt of gas supplies, the reservoir gas in Israel will last only until 2012.

Israel has been preparing for gas shortages, as the protests continue in Egypt to target President Hosni Mubarak's 30-year rule.

The Egyptian-Israeli gas line passes through northern Sinai, where mass protests are taking place against Mubarak. Egypt supplies around 40% of Israel's gas consumption.
Indians do not trust China, since Chinese broke the friendship treaty with india in 1962. China attacked india and to this day China occupies a large territory in northern India. Chinese students in China are taught that China never attacked any country. They distort history.
1) China invaded Tibet and conquered it in 1950
2) Because India gave sanctuary to the Tibetan ruler Dalai Lama, China attacked India and still occupies a large territory in northern India
3) China attacked North Vietnam in the late 60s or early 70s. When USA was still involved in Vietnam. China retreated because the North vietnamese gave China a bloody nose.America and Israel will find another puppet regime for Egypt to keep the Gaza and other resources flowing from Egypt to Israel for almost free. They will make sure the puppet regime in Egypt will be as good as Mubarak to serve Israel interest and continue the blockade on the people of Palestine
NWO is coming and there is nothing you sheep can do about it. We will succeed with RFID, NWO and one world currency. Be leave ever thing you see in the news. Support the illuminati and corporations or DIE. 322 + 503 = success. We control the money, laws, food, music, news, tv and most important the sheep in the USA.the corrupted regimes, both Shah Iran and Mubarak of Egypt ARE MUSLIM TRAITORS!, supported by zonist US and Israel.
Mubarak’s planning exile to Tel Aviv.after Saudi Arabia rejected overtures.
Fact speaks for itself. Therefore, meanwhile: Stupid redneck Americans posting here bashing other people across the world while their own government sells their companies to foreign markets and forecloses millions of homes and even to Americans stationed in Iraq

typicalIndia is home of the worst caste system in the world
Your last name defines which caste your belongs
Indians are the worst racist
they are now doing it in the US
Indian managers hire Indians first
even if they are not as qualify as others
just like they do in India
the first question in an interview is why should i hire you
If the answer is not a name they know you can just say good bye
hotleo20 RT @umairh: Youth unemployment: #Yemen 49%, #Palestine 38%, #Morocco 35%, #Egypt 33%, #Tunisia 26%. Staggering? Try: Europe: 30-50%, USA: 25-50%.
2 minutes ago · replyBintAlnass RT @karennattiah: RT @shahrzadmo: Al Jazeera confirmed: #Egypt President's wife Suzanne #Mubarak has left for London. #Jan25 Why didnt she take her husband?
39 seconds ago · replyMuburak is a belligerent old a$$ kisser of his zionist bosses in Tel Aviv ... just like the old corrupt pukes in our U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate who have been doing the same for 20 - 30 - 40 - 50 even 60 years and they stay there until they die ... nauseating!All the idiots don't realize this isn't terrorism or about Islam. This is about dissatisfied citizens rising up to overthrow a leader that has ruled for 30 years through deception. We need one of these over here in the us to finally end the police state we're becoming.the bomb that exploded here in Greece a few weeks ago was not muslims. the financial bomb that went off in 2008 caused by financial terrorists was also not caused by muslims.Please President Mubarek repent for all your sins against the innocent Egyptian people and sleep well. What do you benefit being on chair with out the love and respect of your people? You are now 83 hence morethan enough to retire. Give others the chance to try their best for the development of the Historical land of Egypt. Use your time to repent and cry for those who are killed under your leadership.
DEMS BLAME REPUBS,REPUBS BLAME DEMS,THEY BOTH BLAME TEABAGGERS,IT IS US AGAINST THEM AND UNFORTUNATELY THEY MAKE ALL THE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EUROPE IS BANKRUPT,AND THE EURO IS RISING MORE AGAINST THE DOLLAR,PRETTY SELF EXPLANATORY!!!!!!!!!!!!! GLAD I SPENT ALL MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!according to reuters these so-called investors seem to have more fears, jitters, and worries, than a room full of children who have just seen a fat man naked. come on reuters , come up with some new excuses for the stock market. at least some that sound believeable.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The REAL TERRORISTS in the USA. are the financial terrorists at Investment Bank hedge funds working the NYSE. on Wall Street naked short selling FTD. shares of stock daily stealing your money. !they are daily stealing money by naked shorting stocks ... held by 401k.'s , mutual funds , all public share owners.!It's pretty simple why Arabs hate us. We prop up dictators that do not represent their people and that subjugate their people because some people here in the US want these dictators to be fed money to protect Israel. Israel is not in our interests at all. It's a theocracy. Very simple indeed. All foreign aid should be ended.What a freakin' lie. Let's get real. One the Federal Reserve is the problem! This the price we pay when a central private bank is in charge of our country's currency. A private bank in charge of our monetary system since 1913 is a joke. These crooks have never been audited. Flat out the only president wanting these crooks out was JFK, he died before he can pass a bill to get those criminals out and bring the responsibility back to Congress. He died before he could sign it. No other politician has even tried to question these crooks, until recently, Ron Paul who's been trying to pass a bill to audit them and get them out. Finally in charge of the investigation on the Fed Reserve! I'm glad that there is one politician who isn't caving in to these greedy bankers.
the corrupted regimes are both Shah Iran and Mubarak of Egypt!, supported by zonist US and Israel.
Mubarak’s planning exile to Tel Aviv.after Saudi Arabia rejected overtures.
Fact speaks for itself. Therefore, Any news stories about israel or the ME

are ALWAYS invaded by israeli and AIPAC operatives.

They are called "sayanim"..agents for israel. Look it up.

Also search "hasbara megaphone"

They're sent here to:

1) trash Muslims

2) say sweet things about israel

3) drum up Christian support

4) ridicule anyone who opposes their policies with "the smear"

5) trash Obama as a Muslim

They use multiple identities..multiple screen names..multiple Yahoo accounts

and usually American or patriotic screen names and avatars

Just thought you should know...
Funny, Haas, the Israel First Jew didn't say a word about the terror nation of Israel possessing over 200 nuclear weapons. Wonder why that was?
-S/TSweet what a obnoxious, slanted article. This Haas guy is a a$$ towing the israeli/corporate line. Hmmm Haas/a$$.... yes maybe there is a reason why they sound so similar! This guy is beating the drum for war, totally disgusting. War is something you avoid unless there is no other way. I like the idea of israel giving up their nukes. Of course they won't, not while the us administration is busy giving them so much sweet head.The US Govt and the US Navy and the USCG will always protect US FLAGGED And REGISTERED SHIPS that PAY US TAXES and hire AMERICAN CREWS!

Most of these ships are in fact American OWNED but Flagged/Registered in places like Panama, Liberia, Honduras, Togo, ETC so they can AVOID paying US TAXES, and they can hire a 3rd world SLAVE crew and pay them SLAVE wages.

Funny, Haas, the Israel First Jew didn't say a word about the terror nation of Israel possessing over 200 nuclear weapons. Wonder why that was?
-S/TSweet what a obnoxious, slanted article. This Haas guy is a a$$ towing the israeli/corporate line. Hmmm Haas/a$$.... yes maybe there is a reason why they sound so similar! This guy is beating the drum for war, totally disgusting. War is something you avoid unless there is no other way. I like the idea of israel giving up their nukes. Of course they won't, not while the us administration is busy giving them so much sweet head.The US Govt and the US Navy and the USCG will always protect US FLAGGED And REGISTERED SHIPS that PAY US TAXES and hire AMERICAN CREWS!

Most of these ships are in fact American OWNED but Flagged/Registered in places like Panama, Liberia, Honduras, Togo, ETC so they can AVOID paying US TAXES, and they can hire a 3rd world SLAVE crew and pay them SLAVE wages.

The unrest of the Arab peoples with their oppressive US-supported governments suggests that they seek control of their own nations. This is of course anathema to US business/oil interests and highlights the Big Bush Lie about bringing democracy to the Middle East. Watch the US-CIA support the monarchs and dictators.It is heartbreaking to see these people idle for no jobs;their cry of pain and hunger is so unberable in this land of plenty.Uncle Sam spends tons of money for foreign aid or fighting war in a remote foreign land but fails to provide decent meals for its needy citizens herelit makes you wonder there is somthing very wrong with this Govt and system.YOU!! THE PEOPLE!! THOSE OF YOU, WHO "POST" ON THE INTERNET--ARE YOU ALL SO INSULATED--THAT YOU ARE NOT "SEEING", THE "REAL", AMERICA!! MY GOD!! GET OUT OF YOUR "COCOON", READ & LISTEN TO THE NEWS!! YOU TALK ABOUT "LAZY" PEOPLE!! THERE ARE MILLIONS OF AMERICANS--WITH NO CASH!! NO GROCERIES,, IT IS WINTER, NO MONEY!! NO HEAT!! ARE YOU COMFORTABLE? WE ARE BURNING WOOD, IN OUR 'FANCY' FIREPLACE, & SLEEPING IN OUR LIVING ROOM!! WE WORK!! HOW DARE YOU JUDGE YOUR FELLOWS!! YOU SEE EGYPT? GUESS WHAT!! IF OUR "FELLOW AMERICANS" DON'T GET MONEY--YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHIN' YET!! I AM 58 & I WILL JOIN THEM!! EITHER GIVE THEM MONEY, TO PAY THEIR BILLS & BUY GROCERIES, OR GET INTO A SAFE PLACE, COZ THEY WILL TAKE WHAT THEY NEED, TO SURVIVE!!
Well, they were warned. The greedy bank and Wall Street execs control the payout at the NYSE CASINO. When they say it's time to drop and run, then brother you best be out of the way. What's amazing is people talk like the market is some kind of antimated being - "the market doesn't like uncertanties". It should instead read: "the greedy bank and Wall Street execs, who control and manipulate the NYSE CASINO, do not like uncertanties".

Read all you can about the Zionists and you'll soon realize that your surrounded by sheeple.

I made money in the markets during the last decade, just knowing how they operate.

BTW, I just sold all my Gold/stocks a few days ago. I'm now buying Scotch, Ammo and Canadian Oil.

Its getting bad and most Americans will be eating tree barkAmerican Idiots. Listen. If you think oil is spiking, and the blame is on egypt.... then you are wrong. Your thought process is wrong. You probally believe everything the government tells you. You probally feel real good about them taking and putting you, 3 trillion in debt for the bankers, who even in the year took the money gave out trillions and certainly billions, for just bonus'.
Egypt produces 700,000 barrels a day. 94 Percent or there abouts, is for thier own consumption.
So now tell me. How this work exactly?
This is like saying, the market is droppin' because there might be a fish shortage, because a mud puddle somewheres dried up.
GreenDay was right... IDIOT NATION>
Wall Street plummets when somebody farts... what else is new?Hey you Wall Street idiots, cringing in fear of democracy. Once the revolution comes their stock market will fly. Time to buy. I bet Paulson is already in there.change the name stock market to shock market.Wall Street is nothing but a shame, a lie, a gamble, that has thrown millions of people in a world of hurt, through their selfishness.With Wall Street corruption and Corporations outsourcing American jobs and their CEOs and executives getting outrageous salaries and bonuses and stock options and with our politicians spending us into bankruptcy I hope the stock market crashes big time. If you are dumb enough to have stocks in today's world you deserve what you get.Just what in the heII does a street fight in Egypt have to do with the damm Stock Market? Goddam greedy Wall Street basturds are killing us!Your 401K's are now 201K's soon to be 101K's.Read all you can about the Zionists and you'll soon realize that your surrounded by sheeple.

I made money in the markets during the last decade, just knowing how they operate.

BTW, I just sold all my Gold/stocks a few days ago. I'm now buying Scotch, Ammo and Canadian Oil.

Its getting bad and most Americans will be eating tree bark
HOPEFULLY IT WILL CRASH TO ZERO,THEN ALL THE RICH PEOPLE CAN SEE WHAT A SCAM THE BANKS AND GOVERNMENT HAVE RAN ON THEM!! Paper wealth it can disappear with one click of a computer key, rich tonight stone broke tomorrow think it cant happen to you, stocks are like the good year blimp pumped up with phony gov. statistic,and this could be the straight pin to puncuture wall st's balloon, remember your spinning the wheel but the government is controlling the little bouncing ball

ReplyI don't see massive numbers of people in the streets rioting. I see those paid to cause trouble to topple the leader of Egypt. He is allowing Palestinians to flee there. CIA or PNAC? All the ME in chaos.

Obama has military in 175 countries. Is this one or are they going to add another country? We can't afford any of them.Hey my cat is gonna throw up a fur ball ... will the market go up or down? I saw a shooting star last night, is the market gonna go up or down? The Israeli Prime Minister took a crap, is the market going to react? What a bunch of crap ... do these people actually believe this dung heap of data has anything to do with anything? Stocks don't really go up and down because of speech or a revolt, they go up and down because of the values assigned by large market traders while they're out scooping up or unloading stocks by the hundreds of thousands, not by individual investors playing on TD Ameritrade. Wise up, will ya? Institutional investors set the tone and make the deals, and Egyptian riots really ain't got much to do with whether or not Ford is making a profit this year or not.
That's what happens when people cannot take it anymore. That US sponsored dictator has to go, and there is no way around it. Egyptians are not going to settle for anything less, and I certainly don't blame them. Hopefully, our government isn't going to support the wrong side. That would be a nice change.May the Jews be exposed they control walstreet.Wall Street is a charade anyway. It is controlled by a handful of Super Rich Billionaires. Placements, Pulls, & Movements of their money is WALL STREET. Get ready for the Big Crash.Wall Street is afraid Saudi Arabia will go ballistic. That is why the market went down.Why???? Wall Street is always looking for an excuse to screw the common man!!!!!The 401K Fiasco...We are forced to ride the roller-coaster disaster ride of legalized gambling.
Is it not painfully obvious now why the government imposes a 10% penalty along with a higher tax bracket to get out from under this Ponzi scheme ?the stock market is a scam. might as well go to las vegas and gamble your money away, at least there you get free that the bankers just got their massive bonuses the market will crash!!
THE GOVT IS NOT THE COUNTRY THE PEOPLE ARE THE COUNTRY, GOOD FOR THE PROTESTERS WEED OUT THE INFECTED POLITICIANS.Don't got nothin to do with religion or culture. It's about money. And feeding one's family. People aren't paid didldy in these countries, and have no jobs. When you here in America are starving in the streets you will riot too.Could you even imagine that Obama could be President of the United States of America for 30 years? ? ?
Thank God for the laws that limit the time anyone man can sit as president. There should be the same laws that limit the time congress, senators and federal judges sit. They would then be less likely to become crooked. The longer they stay the more corrupt they become, they learn all the tricks of working the system in their favor. It should be mandated there be term limits set for all politicians. No wonder Egypt is roiting, my heart goes out to them.I am fascinated by the hypocrisy of some people commenting here, and in other media. Last year, when the masses were demonstrating in Iran, many westerners were praising and encouraging people to revolt against their dictatorial regime. Of course, it would have been good if Ahmadinejad and the ayatollahs had been ejected from power and replaced by a democratically elected government. These same people praising a new Iranian revolution, which unfortunately didn’t succeed, are completely opposed to a revolution in Egypt. They do not feel that Egyptian should live in a democracy. Israel said it quite bluntly, and many Americans are saying the same thing. We have been supporting that dictator (and many others) for 30 years with complete disregard to the welfare of most Egyptians who are treated like dirt by their government, simply because a dictator suits our own needs. Enough is enough. Time after time, we are making the same mistake, and we wonder why the world hates us. It is time to let Egyptians decide their own destiny without our and Israel disastrous interference.
I spent two extended combat tours in Vietnam. These kinds of things happened there, too, and it disgusts me no end. More than a few combat soldiers and Marines in Vietnam were courtmartialed and imprisoned for committing murder and atrocities. I want to think our armed forces are above that. The people in this news article should be given the maximum sentence the UCMJ allows. For those of you that think it's ok or "natural" for these things to happen - - join a merc outfit, but please do not embarass yourselves by joining the armed forces.You're an idiot. Killing UNARMED CIVILLIANS is murder at anytime ya dolt. And you are a disgrace to those that have served honorably in combat.What is obama going to do??? Well this is such a funny thing to say. I AM NOT AN OBAMA SUPPORTER, But I seem to remeber most of America, and the REST OF THE WORLD saying America need's to stay out of everyone else's bussiness. But now everyone seem's to want America to get involved, how stupid. So you tell me, what do you think he should do?
You have a code.. You abide by it or you don't. WW1, WW2, Korea or Vietnam. Killing innocence people or knowing about it.. You're wrong. It's a warped person to kill anyone not pointing a weapon at you. You people really need to get a life....It seems after ww2 America forgot what war is, we carpet bombed god knows how many innocent men women and children with fire bombs in Europe and dropped a H-bomb on japan burning shadows of small children on the sides of buildings.....and guess what? WE WON. If you think that shooting a few civilians is any different or worse then think again. I don't think a solder should kill unarmed civilians but do we have any idea what was going on at ground level when this happened? My bet is no and we never will cause we weren't there.After deliberating for 79 hours, the six-officer jury (five of whom served in Vietnam) convicted him on March 29, 1971, of the premeditated murder of 22 Vietnamese civilians. On March 31, 1971, Calley was sentenced to life imprisonment and hard labor at Fort Leavenworth.[6]"
For those who say that premeditated murder isn't a crime during war time you may want to take a look at the rolls of American soldiers who were executed during world war 2 for crimes that didn't involve cowardice disobedience or spying almost all of the rest were convicted of intentional murder or forcible rapes which ended with a murder being committed.

Andrew Holmes and the rest of the rogue stryker brigade members were in effect an active death squad that indiscriminately murdered innocent people that had no connection to any kind of insurgency armed or otherwise, they all committed crimes against humanity and war crimes while in active service of the US Armed Forces acts which bring the whole US mission and the Army itself into disrepute.

They should be tried to the fullest extent of military law and punished accordingly even if that means a death sentence or a sentence of life at hard labor at Leavenworth Military Prison.
A soldier is trained properly on the laws of war. A soldier who murders someone is no longer a soldier and gives the rest of us a bad image. Soldier's know what is right and wrong. War is not an excuse to murder people and if he is found guilty, he should be judged to fit the crime. Nobody should be above the law just because they wear a uniform.Only the Republicans support this killer and war criminal. But that's not shocking, they also supported Bush, another noted Killer and war criminalthey'll take anyone and hand them a gun. they are so desprerate to fill their quota's they enlist violent felons and are now accepting green card holders. there is no future on the streets of ameerika for blue collar workers so the military is the answer. everyone seems to think its the only solution to poverty and unemployment, doing nothing but drinking, smoking pot and hanging out all the time.The American I am wants to look the other way... but the American sence of Justice in me says that I cannot look the other way...

These men need to be prosecuted... else what do we really stand for???

Afghanies, or not....They were innocent victoms of murder.
Cutting all foreign welfare is a start. Israeli's claim they are doing so well, get them to pay us back.

16 billion from 2 useless wars is nothing. Get out and save 200 billion a year. Go back to Clinton military budget, and then slash the hell out of it.

Bring all troops home around the world, and cut military spending from 600 billion to 100 billion, which is still too much.

That would cut 700 billion a year right there. Halfway to balancing the budget.Isreal has committed virtual genocide against the Palestinian Arabs. They have forcefully removed them from their own country, kill them, bomb them, and treat them like criminals if they try to enter what used to be their country. Our tax dollars suppor this. That is why the twin towers were bombed (and the thousands of other horrifying terrorist attacks). We need to stop supporting this brutal form of apartheid. You Isreal supporters seem to leave the genocide part out of your arguments.

Contact your senators and congressmen. They are spineless and terrified of the Isreali lobby. Tell them to stop supporting genocide and apartheid, or you will vote them out of office.
georgie was a very smart man. He could read books upside down.Let's cut off the huge amounts of aid we give to Egypt as well as what we give to Israel. The only reason we give money to Egypt is so Mubarak can pay his military to support him and crush dissent. This was part of our Grand Bargain with Mubarak after Sadat's death.

In turn, Mubarak is to provide "stability" in the Middle East, which everyone knows is a euphemism for supporting zionism. Israel can do whatever it wants, steal more land, kill as many Palestinians as it chooses, level Lebanon, sink boats bringing aid to their prisoners in Gaza, etc., and you'll never hear a peep out of Mubarak as long as the U.S. checks keep arriving on time.

The days of colonialism are long gone, yet we are still supporting Arab autocrats despised by their people in order to keep the blood-thirsty Israelis safe! As the autocrats fall, the failure of our bankrupt policy is now clear, and Netanyahu is crapping his pants.
The Right-Wing LOVES followers with short, convenient memories.

But sorry, Bush will ALWAYS hold the dubious distinction as worst president, and Cheney as VP. They lied to START the war in Iraq without a plan for the aftermath of their invasion or a clue. We're left to try and clean up his and Cheney's MESS.

And don't tell me to lay off Bush and Cheney, Freaking Rush Limbaugh and the Right has been harping on Bill Clinton for A DECADE. Get used to it— Bush and Cheney were a CATASTROPHE.

The Republican spin machine will ALWAYS try to gloss over the reality of the Bush years. Bush was the worst President ever. Cheney was a vengeful conniving politician right out of a Hollywood movie out to stuff the pockets of his company Halliburton. Let's review The Bush-Cheney-Republican years—

They and Republican legislators happily dismantled all the sane rules put in place to rein in the greedy excesses of big banks and Wall Street, which then set off the worst recession since the Great Depression. They ran roughshod over the Constitution and intentionally LIED to the nation with fabrications about non-existent weapons of mass destruction into going into a COMPLETELY illegal, immoral, poorly planned, poorly funded and POINTLESSLY HUMILIATING war with Iraq against all EVIDENCE to the contrary, costing far more than the Health Reform Bill ever could in not only treasure (about a TRILLION dollars) BUT AMERICAN LIVES and world prestige. And then viciously attacked ANYONE who questioned the reasons as TRAITORS. And Congressional Republicans gleefully joined in. Remember Republican FREEDOM FRIES?

Those were good times for those who love to wave the flag while despoiling the Constitution.

More of the Right-Wing trying to rewrite history.
AIPAC and israel send "agents" to EVERY story about israel or the Middle East 24/7 365

Their job:

1) trash Muslims

2) say sweet things about israel

3) drum up Christian support

4) ridicule anyone who opposes their policies

5) trash Obama as a Muslim

They use multiple identities..multiple screen names..multiple Yahoo accounts

and usually American or patriotic screen names and avatars

This is something Americans need to know...
Wow maybe there is something to this Tea Party movement? Some Senator has
actually proposed cutting aid to Israel??? And it turns out this is the same guy that is
helping expose the Federal Reserve Bank hoax. Now maybe there is hope for change
after all ? There are still real Americans left. Get rid of that clown Obama and put this
Rand Paul in NOW before its too late.Hoo Boy! The good Senator better hire extra security. The Rev. John Hagee boys may as we speak be sending out hit squads on him. They're trying SO hard to aid Israel so get that TEMPLE gets rebuilt and the perfect red heifer sacrificed so JA-A-AY-ZUS will return. It's not a matter of an extra 'six pointed star' on the flag. It's a matter with IOU'S marked in Arabic and Chinese characters. Wake up, Dumb-Asses. The sh-- it about to hit the fan!Why should I, my children and my grand kids be made to support Israel with money we dont have (remember we're broke), when its terrorists killed innocent civilians last year in the only state sponsored piracy raid on the flotilla bound to render humanitarian aid to the people of the Gaza strip? Just look at the names of the congressmen who comprise another Israel lobby: Cantor, Lehtinen, Berman, Ackerman.: its another good example of the tail (Israel) wagging the dog (the U.S.) When will Americans wake up and take the reins away from this group working for some other country except their own?
Will he support cutting U.S. GRANTS ??????
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee Inc. gets U.S. Tax Dollars from Federal Grants they got $ 244,697, 647 MILLION DOLLARS in 2008 and over 7 years they have got $ !, 680,812,217 BILLION DOLLARS !!!!!!!!

Jewish Communal Fund got $142, 872, 382 Million Dollars from Federal Grants last year and that is $1,491,308,137 BILLION DOLLARS over the last 6 years !!!Now, expect them to gather on the streets protesting because of this, and annoy all of us waving holocaust pictures in front of everyone noses as that is one of their two most favorable role cards they've been playing. They are always eighter "victoms of holocaust" or "God's chosen people"! Well..... Hello Jews!? Aren't our grand fathers the ones who liberated your arssez from slaughterhouse called Auschwitz? Then for how much longer you are going to bill us for that? Gee.....
now we are complicent in the hoocost, the jew guilt trip at work. term limits will help remove the israelies from our gov.The INTEREST on all the Money that goes to Israel from U.S. Grants alone is Bankrupting the USA.

There are 100's of Charities and Non Profits sending U.S. Tax Payers Dollars to Israel !!!!!!Those Zionist Jews are brutal, vicious, unconscionable thieves and murderers, they have no friends and they are no ones friend, they care about no one except themselves.
We Americans need to get them out of our pocket, out of our president’s ear, out of our white house and out of our government. We need to do it now.
It’s time for the Jews to be held responsible for what they do. Israel should be named a terrorist state and its bank accounts frozen.
Americans sending money to Israel should be arrested and charged with supporting terrorism. American presidents swearing loyalty to Israel should be circumcised and sent to Israel to live with the people they represent.
" since when US is an enemy? Since we have to cut off spending because this country is $14T short? Is that "thanks" to the people of USA who liberated you in ww2? Great...Any cuts are painful to the names of the Senators who oppose cutting the Budget so they can be voted out in 2012.
If we wait too long we will follow Greece and maybe Egypt's example....we can't wait for tommorrow.The United States and Israel signed a memorandum of understanding several years ago to ensure Israel's military edge in the region.

If they got the edge, then let them fight their own wars. They need to get out of our pocket books and stand on their own two feet. They are a very wealthy country and do not need our money. The payoff needs to end.Maybe Israel should start paying the USA for liberating them from the
death grip of the Nazi's. So what exactly is it that Israel does for the USA
that gives them #1 foreign aid status??? Why should they get more money
than Haiti?
Ron and Rand Paul are good people, but they are outnumbered in the congress and even in the Republican party. Good people are usually outnumbered by evil and indifferent people. That's one reason democracy is flawedWhen American cut off the Religious Charities and Political Non Profits from ROBBING the U.S. Treasury using GRANTS you will see they can NO longer keep us Divided and hating each other because the USA has TONS of money to take care of the USA once we GET RID OF THE FLEAS !!!!!!!!!!!On October 3, 2001, I.A.P. News reported that according to Israel Radio (in Hebrew) Kol Yisrael an acrimonious argument erupted during the Israeli cabinet weekly session last week between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his foreign Minister Shimon Peres. Peres warned Sharon that refusing to heed incessant American requests for a cease-fire with the Palestinians would endanger Israeli interests and "turn the US against us. "Sharon reportedly yelled at Peres, saying "don't worry about American pressure, we the Jewish people control America."

"The Israelis control the policy in the congress and the senate."

-- Senator Fullbright, Chair of Senate Foreign Relations Committee: 10/07/1973 on CBS' "Face the Nation".

"I am aware how almost impossible it is in this country to carry out a foreign policy [in the Middle East] not approved by the Jews..... terrific control the Jews have over the news media and the barrage the Jews have built up on congressmen .... I am very much concerned over the fact that the Jewish influence here is completely dominating the scene and making it almost impossible to get congress to do anything they don't approve of. The Israeli embassy is practically dictating to the congress through influential Jewish people in the country"

-----Sec. of State John Foster Dulles quoted on p.99 of Fallen Pillars by Donald Neff
Rand Paul amazes me! I wonder if this fellow knows he puts his life in danger with his proposal? Does he realize that the Jews will never stop bleeding America?
These lice will stay with us until they have sucked the last drop of blood. Only then will they leave to look and look for another easy victom.
Jew bankers have stolen our retirement savings, they have stolen the equity in our homes, they are sitting an American family out in the street every seven seconds and taking away their home. The United states government not only allows this, they abet the Jews in every way possible.
Those Jews have stolen our government and as soon as they sense Rand Paul is a threat to them, they will simply eleminate him.Ron and Rand Paul are good people, but they are outnumbered in the congress and even in the Republican party. Good people are usually outnumbered by evil and indifferent people. That's one reason democracy is flawed
Just can't wait for further Liberal News spin on this. Rand Paul is a member of the Tea Party. New Headline coming......"The Tea Party is Anti-Semetic". The AP propaganda machine is in full gear.Paul is anti-semetic . He has admited that . You were not there ? He is a true American .Of course, the illustrative thing in this article is the headline. The Israel cut is 3 out 500 billion he's proposing, but it's the one that gets the head.

Who runs the US again?Patriotic Senator Rand Paul for President!
He is not a zionist puppet controlled by Israel supporter, AIPAC; unlike most members of Congress.i don't want my money going to israel, germany, china or our own people with our money.

many jobless people in our country....
our tax is for our country..not for israel...
Good, cut Israel off. They've received plenty of aid from us and Europe. They're self sufficient now.
why do we pay Israel anyway? what did they ever do for us?Aid to Israel ought to be the first thing cut. We need that money here. And we need more humane allies in the Middle East. I am as Liberal as it gets and I favor cutting back ALL foreign aid and curbing our policy of policing the world. We need massive military cuts so we can pay down our debt. Don't even mention "austerity" cuts to all of us after cramming through tax cut extensions to the filthy rich.
Let's work together on this. Stop claiming "Liberals demand spending" especially after the Bush years had unprecedented deficit spending and still left us in a recession. Stop the blame and demand change.

Replies (5) Let the Hollywood jews and the CEO's pay it.

Average Americans are BROKE !!!

We must stopp all FOREIGN AID NOW !!

Stop your FKN CENSORING, Yahoo.
Agreed! The Tea Party has seemed chaotic and inconsistent to me - it's so hard to nail down what the stand for! If you're going to say cut spending, then yeah, everything should be on the table! But finally, a consistent approach from them!
You cannot have an honest debate about cutting spending if all you want to do is cut things you don't personally agree with... we should look at all spending and see what makes sense! Giving money to a country who simply doesn't even need our aid is ridiculous! Israel is ready to stand on it's own. They are not the 51 state!That is the first utterance I've heard from the teaparty that I am in total agreement with. And along with that I would like to see an end to "dual citizenship". How many more generations of this country are going to be coerced into defending and supporting that bunch of "chosen"freeloaders?Great job Rand Paul, it's about time someone steps up for our nation. Israel is not our problem and never was.**** isreal! Our old people have been getting their social security capped and these punks want to keep funding this garbage? Are you @#$%s saying you prioritize jews vs. our retired community?yeah, it's common sense to do the right thing & not throw financing everywhere when you don't have it. If your against ending support for Israel, your knowingly looting this country.
Let Israel's American supporters send THEIR OWN MONEY to Israel. Quit sending OURS. You love Israel so much, YOU PAY FOR IT.Now let everbody see how the Jewish lobby destroys a threat to their domination of US Government!
Look for Media publish negative articles against him.
Look for AIPC to round up all "friends of Israel" in the Senate and Congress to denounce this idea.
Look for more "muslim" terrorist threats stories in the news and cable.
Look for Jewish talking heads to flood the airways against this fresh idea which is good for America.
Look for Israelie army to kill or shoot "supposed" terrorist trying to attack Israel.
Please people PUT AMERICA FIRST and not other countries. We have enough problems of our own.a million homeless here,millions of people losing their homes here,and we are giving other countries money?charity starts at home!!!I hate to say it, but I agree. Israel has been an anchor around our neck for years.
This great special alliance is one way only and it's caused the U.S. nothing but trouble forever. There should be a distinction between being an American Jew or an American Israeli. America first please. Israel is a wealthy, armed-to-the teeth country that can stand on its own. American Jews can donate to Israel to their hearts content. The rest of America shouldn't be forced to.

ReplySo we are borrowing money from the Chinese (and paying them interest) with one hand, then passing it out to other countries with the other hand?
Maybe Israel needs to learn to play nicely with its neighbors and we need to learn to stop funding disfunctional behaviors around the world. We would save a bundle and in the long run people would have to learn to get along (or die trying).Yes I agree, cut them all. But by default, a lot of that Muslim hate towards us is a direct result of our support of Israel over the past 6 decades. Cut the support, and watch the hatred fade.Jayd, you are a di@k. I am a dem and I LOVE this idea. I have said for 2 years we need to cut every penny of aid to Israel and Egypt. This statement shows you are more focused on the fighting between parties than the actual issues. People that oppose this will not be dems, it will be those with jewish money in their pockets.
Rand Paul is dead one with this one; why are we borrowing money from China so we can give it to Israel? This is beyond stupid!!soon yahoo will be pressured to take off these comments as most of them favor Rand's position and oppose Israel. I bet republicans are mad at Rand as they are in cahoots with Israel-owned U.S. media.if your allegiance is to a foreign country and not to america then you must be voted out .Why is the ZUSA paying anything to Israel? That "state" refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and refuses to allow inspections of their nuclear facilities!

Of course, this also includes India and Pakistan!Finally someone has the guts to speak out about this never ending graving train for Israel. Israel gets plenty of handouts from Germany every year. Why should the US have to fund Israel? We should also cut aid to Egypt while we're at it.

But people will just say this guy is anti semitic or something and nothing will change.
The reason is that pro-Zionists own the federal government.We need more ideas like these. Let's start weaning the world off the American Teat. Israel has 700 nukes, including thermonuclear devices, they can take care of themselves. While we are at it, let's pull the plug on our two wars and bring our boys home....we don't need americans dying for some BS in these crappy little third world crapholes. THen we can cut all the excessive military bases overseas, and reform the pay and benefits of congress. After that, we cut the following departments that have added NOTHING to the value of the US: The EPA, The Department of Education, all the idiot czars, The FED, the Department of Homeland get the point. Wow I see a lot of comments supporting Paul, it looks like the people are speaking what they feel and not listening to the Israeli run media.
Forget Israel and all foreign aid, AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!

Replies (3) whaaaa? I don't know man! It is too big of risk to take considering the U.S. media is owned by the Israel. Are you sure you are not making your fellow republicans mad by making this statement Rand? Rups are always in beds with Israel.
11M ppl in Israel and they get billions of US Welfare every year. This sympathy money has flowed since about 1947 and now totals about 3 Trillion US Dollars which could be better used on The US and its citizens.

Israel is our "Friend" or "ally" you say? Really?
Here's a few Israeli related items to jog your memory
Jason Pollard, USS Liberty(And it wasn't an accident either), Israel caught selling US Military secrets to Russia and China, Rachael Corrie,Tom Hurndall ...........Israel is 29th in the world in terms of gross domestic product per person, barely behind Italy, and ahead of countries such as New Zealand.

There is no legitimate financial reason for them to be receiving monetary aid from the USA. None.the reason for any aid to any foreign government is always "to protect our interest". why are we acting as if we must have "interest" in everybody else' business especially we cannot handle our business right. It's only a matter of time before we all start speaking Chinese.
Why should I, my children and my grand kids be made to support Israel with money we dont have (remember we're broke), when its terrorists killed innocent civilians last year in the only state sponsored piracy raid on the flotilla bound to render humanitarian aid to the people of the Gaza strip? Just look at the names of the congressmen who comprise another Israel lobby: Cantor, Lehtinen, Berman, Ackerman.: its another good example of the tail (Israel) wagging the dog (the U.S.) When will Americans wake up and take the reins away from this group working for some other country except their own?Rand Paul and some of the members of the Tea Party are a breath of fresh air in this country. No more aid to Israel, Egypt and Jordan. No more aid to ethnic cleansers and dictators.Israel! An ally?
Exactly which war did the USA and Isreal soldiers fight side by side and for what cause? Were they in Vietnam or Korea. How about in Iraq. How much did they give the US to pay for the wars?

Isnt Israel the nation that is still stealing more Palestinian land and one of the causes of instability in the Middle East?

I agree with Rand Paul! Cut all aid to all foreign nations! Americans are doing without while our govt gives away our money.
typical fear mongering ashkeNazi jew..... keep posting so that every American can see real face of your people.....WHAT'S HAPPENED TO OUR STARS?

How much more can the people of the United States be expected to endure for Israel? Let's establish a few realities: the Iraq war is being fought to benefit the people of Israel, not Americans. And the attacks on 9-11 stem from frustrations over the blind support the U.S. government gives to Israel. Not to mention the billions of dollars being spent on Homeland Security to protect Americans because of the poor choices our government makes for allies in the mid-east.... HOW MUCH MORE CAN WE AFFORD TO PAY FOR ISRAEL?!?!? We just can't nor should we have to.

This government's cowering to Israel is ruining our country. Hillary Clinton offers Israel fighter jets as incentive for peace talks? @#$%? Whatever happened to good old sanctions?

Israel has cost American lives and is destroying the liberty upon which our country was founded. Just look at how the Republican party was hijacked by the Zionists under George Bush and repressed our media to ensure that no one would report negatively about the war in Iraq, And if any journalist dared to, they were fired. Notice how few media outlets are reporting this AP release. There's nothing mentioned in the NY Times nor on NPR. We need to do more than just cut the foreign aid to Israel - we need to regain control of our country. We need to get the 50 stars back on our flag and the one 6 pointed star off!
WTH are you talking about? You're going to compare the money we funnel to Israel to recent countries we invaded (which at least in Iraq's case, only happened because our Israeli "friends" wanted us to rid their region of any potential threats)? Dude, there is nothing comparable between Israeli aid and money spent in Iraq & Afghanistan. First of all, those are temporary, aid to Israel will be around even if we slip into a deep depression. Second, most money we spend in that part of the world (other than to feel our appetite for oil) is related in some way to our "friendship" with Israel. If the relationship didn't exist we would care about the Middle East about as much as we care about Africa.American Jews go enlist in the Israeli army. When is the last time you saw an American Jew die for the US. Think about it!They don't care if every farm boy from Kansas dies for them. Meanwhile their children go off to college to be lawyers and doctors, never soldiers. It's the truth and thank you for telling it.11M ppl in Israel and they get billions of US Welfare every year. This sympathy money has flowed since about 1947 and now totals about 3 Trillion US Dollars which could be better used on The US and its citizens.

Israel is our "Friend" or "ally" you say? Really?
Here's a few Israeli related items to jog your memory
Jason Pollard, USS Liberty(And it wasn't an accident either), Israel caught selling US Military secrets to Russia and China, Rachael Corrie,Tom Hurndall ...........
"God's chosen people"

Hmmm, this is the biggest problem in the Middle East today.There is no bigger enemy to the USA than Israel. Does Iran spy on us? Does Iran drag us into needless wars that drains our economy and kills our soldiers? Does Iran have a firm grip on our spineless politicians? I'm no friend of or supporter of Iran, but Iran hasn't done a thing to the USA and never will. We're picking a fight with them because Israel demands it. We care about nukes? Yeah right, then why the heck are we letting Pakistan have them?

Funny how Americans are so quick to forget the drums of war that dragged us into Iraq and are now leading us to the same fate against Iran.. "WMD - they're a threat to the free world - we can't let them develop the bomb - etc...". Where does all of that info come from? About 50 interest groups in Washington with nifty names like "The American Enterprise Institute", which is cover for a group of powerful & radical Jews that will stop at nothing to serve the interests of Israel, regardless if it kills our economy & soldiers.
If it's a veritable drop, then they should get along just fine without it. Having Israel as an allie has made the Moslems our enemy. Where's the benefit?America First!
AIPAC last!
America First!
AIPAC last!
America First!
AIPAC last!
America First!
AIPAC last!Check out Wolf Blitzer, former AIPAC lieutenant, on CNN. He's sweating bullets over the Egyptian situation. Get this zionist off the air!Rand, good luck with getting this accomplished through our AIPAC-controlled, Congress.Yes! We Amer-I-Cans are finally getting it and becoming aware. Like George Washington said,we must avoid foreign entanglements.

Lots of love to all of you America Firsters out there . Thank you for taking a stand at home, work, school, in public and sharing the truth with your fellow Americans.
Better have the presidential campaigns paid for by the state, instead of being paid by Israeli lobbyist.
This would be better for democracy.
This would be better for national independence.
And if you don't care, this would at least be positive for the budget, since the Israeli get more in return than what they paid for.Folks you are not even aware that democrats added a ad on to a bill, which now makes it legal for american troops to go into Pakistan Wasserman Shultz democrat from Forida voted for this, seems that a alot of the jewish politicians in the usa vote on these war bills which have the add ons like this the main bill is just a cover for the add ons.Looks like the party is over Jack! LOL!! America is waking up to your treachery!boycott israel
boycott all their products
stop all american aid
do your part to starve this
warmongering pseudo-country
out of existence
If you really want to cut a huge amount of taxpayer funded waste, pull all US forces out of Europe. What the heck are we doing there? The Soviet Union died 19 years ago. Let the germans, italians, austrians, dutch , belgians, french, spanish, portugese, norweigans, danish and finnish take care of themselves. There are 14 US army bases in Germany alone. Bring those troops home and decommission them. Save the US taxpayers $250B a year. Then either move the troops in Okinawa to Korea where they might actually be needed or bring them home too. Let Japan take care of itself, 150M people and a $4T economy. Another huge taxpayer savings.How about cutting these Federal Grants ????? Was there a program for your kids last summer to help them find Jobs ????? Job Training courses ?????? Camps ?????

Israel Venture Network got $ 1,875,519 Million Dollars last year they send 99 % straight to Israel to help Israeli Youth find jobs. That is $ 7, 690,490 Million Dollars in the last 8 YEARS !!!!!!


How can Israel get them but the USA can have them ????
Man I thought this day would never come. It Boils my blood to know that my TAX $ go to fund the In-humane vulgar "state" that is called Israel. While our Poor ,Homeless, Veterans freeze to death in the snow, those Jewish @#$%s use our money to rape and kill innocent people. They have blockaded and literally killed an entire generation of Palestinians and the whole world has watched and said nothing. Enough is enough. As a Doctor, I can truly speak for the fact that life is truly the most valuable thing on earth. Israel is a stain on Life and humanity itself. God bless America.Way to go Rand!!! You have a pair of balls and are looking out for the American people!!!! Thank you!!! We should expel all others who support Israel. This is America, but some how Israel hijacked our country...look how many Israeli policy makers run our gov't ,but are loyal to Israel first....It's time to end it!Who the hell are you to say that the jewish people have no right to exist??? Really, that is just sooo stupid. I'm not sure Irish...but people eveywhere seem to hate the jews. I just don't get it.
okay messed up there buddy. Beware, out of the blue will come imaginary scenes of Rand the Nazi, the anti semitic, someone from 20 years ago will be telling CNBC how Rand hated jews back in the day. You don't want to mess with Israel dude. They are the only country in the World who we give financial and military aid to, yet still constantly spy on us. Actually Rand just say your for lowering Capital Gains taxes and want to allow more tax breaks for the wealthy and half of Palm Beach will get behind you in support. That should balance things out... Eric Cantor -representative from Israel would not like this!

ReplyCan we cut these to ??????

Rev. Graham and his Samaritan's Purse got $193,000,000.00 Million Dollars last year that is $1,472,821,438 BILLION DOLLARS over the last 5 years !!!!!

Rev. Graham pays himself over $ 570,000 a year.

He gives $1 MILLION DOLLARS to Political Campaigns !!!!!!!

Just go online anywhere in the world and see that there are no countries other a few suckers in the US, who side with Israel. Nearly All of South America has just recognized Palestine as a Sovereign Legitimate State and mostly likely the rest of the world will too by 2012.

Only the Zionist Christians who believe that Cowboys rode on dinosaurs have deluded themselves into a Religiously Superstitious Frenzy. They make Americans look more stupid than the Jerry Springer Show does.Jews are still playing on "God's Chosen people" card !!!

God sent them Moses to save them, while he was recieving stone tablets on Sinai his people was worshiping golden cow...Jews! Start worshiping a new golden cow (as you did before) because we, USA are out of milk!To the people of Chicago:

Do you really want zionist pig Rahm Emanuel as your mayor? His father was a member of Irgun, the first zionist terrorist organization, that bombed the King David Hotel in Palestine in the 1940's. Has anyone asked him about this?
Throw your TV set in the garbage can and start cutting off jewish financial aid RIGHT HERE IN has become clear that we americans have figured out the games being played by israel. Now.....turn off the TV set, stop listening to their propaganda and think for yourself! We can do this and take our nation back! They have been telling us what to do and how to think now for over 60 years! And their brainwashing has destroyed our country...but it's not too late!! America will rise again and become all it was meant to be WITHOUT any help from jewsNotice how each and every congressman/woman who implored Obama veto the bill were no other than AIPAC monsters who have woven themselves deeply ito the american the world turns Israel will take shelter. Lord have mercy on the zionist expansionist creatures while surrounding criticism mounts. Now Rand Paul must be anti-semitic for denouncing aid to a nation who kills woman and children, poisons babies with phosphoric acid, bulldozes Rachel Corrie (an american college grad with a neutral voice to solidarity), shoots an american point blank in the head and steals top secret information from the USA and gave to Israel (Jonathan Pollard a crooked zionist jew who infiltrated our CIA and stole the most top secret information our country has ever witnessed),and a country who stole 500+ lbs of uranium from Pennsylvania and sent them to Israel to start its nuclear program known as the Appollo Affair, all the while Netanyahoo demands release of the spy Pollard when the last 3 presidents denied his release and/or pardon. Jew America will no longer exist as American people are fed up with propaganda lies, deceit and treachery. Bring the hard earned American dollar to America not to Israel. We love you Rand and Ron Paul....true americans

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Israel Lobby should be required reading for all americans.

Google it. Much of it is online in the london review of books

the israel lobby
how democracy works in America We give them money

They build illegal settlements.

I support the Palestenians. They are like the Native Americans. Screwed over by racists with guns. look on you tube for videos of settlers in hebron or videos from gaza. I am ashamed any American government every supported those zealots.

Replydown with NWO, AIPAC and Fed.Reserve Bank Froud!!!They own all the banks anyways!!!! Cut them off!!!
AMERICA the $3 BILLION dollar is just the tip of the JEWS ICEBERG. The $3 BILLION is the increase that they just currently GOT on top of the $60 BILLION dollars that they are recieving ALREADY. WAKE UP AMERICA........Didn't the JEWS KILLED CHRIST? AMAIZING!
Support the U.S. Constitution, not the Zionist Rothschilds of London! NO MORE FIAT CURRENCY! NO MORE AID TO THE RED SHIELD STATE OF ISRAHELL! the White House and your "representatives"

Letter to Obama:

I was a supporter of your Presidency, but I am now very disillusioned. Your kid

glove handling of Israel is costing us blood and treasure.

Thousands of America's sons have died for Israeli interests and hundreds of billions

of dollars (trillions!?!?)of American taxpayers money wasted while the American

middle class suffers. This has to STOP!!! It's a disgraceful state of affairs and

I'm ashamed of my government!

Stop Israeli land grabbing, ethnic cleansing and terror!!! End Israeli influence in

our government..Stop AIPAC..Get AIPAC out of our politicians pockets.

And while I'm discussing excessive and intrusive zionist policy..the Global Anti-

Semitism Review Act is a pernicious slippery slope to muzzle and criminalize

legitimate criticism of anything Jewish..Zionist or Israeli. Repeal it!!!

Americans, via the internet, are becoming more and more aware of Israeli political

treachery and brutality towards the Palestinians. Via the internet, because we know

who monopolizes the news media.

We are sick and tired of Americans suffering the enmity and retribution of 1.5

billion Muslims for Israel's sins.

If you want to be the President of the United States of America after this term of

office you'd better stop acting like the President of the United States of Israel!

Vote Independent because the Democrats and Republicans are in bed with Israel and

AIPAC money!