Friday, December 31, 2010

I was sickened watching how U.S. Citizens were corralled like livestock due to the liberal gov regime has used FAKE terrorist to take AWAY our freedoms.

What the HELL is wrong with you people?All nuke power and racist countries are suffering God's consequences. Gods said if you mess with creation I will mess with you so they better stop exporting raw uranium for greedy bucks and nuke war war, stop inhumanity (war crimes) in Iraq and Afghanistan, stop treating the indigenousness race like dingos and kangaroos. Somewhere in life the ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-great grand children of ex-English convicts, thief of abroginal lands need to learn humanity and civilness.American people are STUPID. The REPUKELICAN and DEMOCRAP parties are DESTROYING the USA. By allowing China to practice UNFAIR trade and exporting all the jobs out of America that could possibly be exported the USA is screwing itself more and more. The Chineese are laughing at USA.

When OBAMA told the Chineese that their investments in USA are secure the Chineese LAUGHED at OBAMA.

Chineese know USA is a big house of cards and they are waiting for it to collapse. USA has trade deficits with the entire world and no longer manufacturers very many quality products.

Furthermore the people of the USA have abandoned their Christian values based upon the word of GOD. Which will translate into not having GOD's protection and suffering punishment from GOD.

Simply put the USA is SCREWED!
The Afghanistan politicians and tribal leaders are laughing at Americans all the way to the bank!!!
We Americans are really the stupids ones when it comes to Iraq and Afghanistan.

We will continue swallowing this joke....hook ....line...and sinker.....

If Americans were'nt would be tragically funny...but because they are dieing it is horribly tragic.... and you and I allow it to continue.......

Defense Contractors will keep the gravey train going as long as possible and they own most politicians.Brazil is indeed rising, and part of the New World Economic Super Powers also known as BRICs; Brazil - Russia - India - China. No one can stop the progress of rising Brazil. President Lula Da Silva is indeed the main force behind Brazil's phenomenal rise in the last decade. Brazil offers hope and a good model for other developing nations. You need One Good Man or Woman, in charge to lead the nation. It has happened with many other nations particularly in Asia. Malaysia's Mahatir Muhammed did the same thing for Malaysia and turned it into an economically prosperous nation with high tech industry like computer and industrial manufacturing, instead of a backward agricultural country since 1970s reforms.

I wish same thing happen, for my country Pakistan, which also has alot of potential and has alot of natural resources and huge population but needs a leader like President Lula Da Silva of Brazil or Mahatir Muhammed of Malaysia. Long live Brazil and all the peace loving nations of the world.
How much more proof do the leaders of this country need to acknowledge the fact that the mission in Afghanistan is just a waste of lives and money. They only enable the corrupt regime over there to clinge to power and enrich themselves stashing the Dollars in their foreign bank accounts. The decision to get out is long overdue Mr. President! Let THEM take the heat and deal with the consequences.trapped in an un ending war causing massive budget deficit, thank you Bush.
Chinese economy is booming poised to become #1. But then history is full of the rise and fallBut U.S. aid to Afghanistan has continued despite the dispute over the former warlord, Ismail Khan, in December 2009."

Of course US aid has continued. We've no leadership in Washington - just a collection of spineless patsies in the White House, State Department and Defense Department, under the non-leadership of OBAMA. What should we expect from "The vacationing one"?

Don't start on Bush - He's gone, and history.

You need to wake up and see what the heck you've installed in the most powerful office in the world. A bowing, butt kissing Anti-American patsy .... who's out to ruin America to the benefit of the rest of the world.

This is but one more indisputable truth.
Who is more corrupted? Muslimes or POS Obama? Remember now that biotch POS Obama said he would bring our troops home, DID HE? NO, instead he sent more troops over there and for what? Only that POS can tell you, especially since he is so transparent right?
Billions have already disappeared and NO-ONE KNOWS WHERE IT WENT!!!! Corruption or do not know what the he*l*l is going on and is in way over his head as a community organizer to handle the job? Two years ago you voted based on skin color and the empty words of hope and change, unfortunately we all are now paying the price for those who failed to read and look beyond skin color and hot air, thank you for voting for Pieces of @#$% who would rather ATTACK LEGAL AMERICAN PEOPLE THAN TO ATTACK THOSE WHO ARE OFFENDED BY OUR WAY OF LIVING AND WANTS TO KILL US! POS Obama wars are not only costing the American tapayers 100's of billion $$$, but worst costing the lives of America's most valuable assets OUR SOLDIERS (SON'S, DAUGHTER'S, FATHER'S, MOTHER'S, BROTHER'S AND SISTER'S) AMERICANS!The US government calling someone corrupt?! There's the pot calling the kettle black!!We sent our finest to guard and protect their poppy fields. Their "finest" are drug dealing war lords from 1500 years ago. Our finest leave blood on their battlefields and their finest take it to the bank. Who decided this is a good idea? Who keeps deciding it's a good idea? Is there a functional state department anywhere? Get our finest out of there. This is insane.
they are all scam artists and drug dealers
USA bring all troops home
spend money at home
reduce the national debt insteadI don't trust our own governments assessment and criticisms here at home, why should I trust their opinion(s) in another country?

So let me get this right. Karzai is another US puppet, like Saddam Hussein; Noreiga and Bin Laden all were on the CIA payroll. Do you see a pattern or are you just as comprimising as the rest of the Republican agenda?Bush appointed Karzai, a republican success storyKarzai is the most corrupt leader of the country as he's taking money from Iran to help have our troops killed and using our money to support Iran.Gee, corruption in a puppet government controlled by an occupation army of thugs. Whoda guessed?Afghanistan used to be a decent country. It has changed for the worse, as they embrace corrupt leadership who is pissing away American money America doesn't have, It's time to pull the plug on this operation & bring ALL our troops & equipment home & close the check book. This piece of dirt isn't worth another American life. PULL THE PLUG NOW.
For all those going to Times Square, enjoy the frisking and illegal searching.
Welcome to the United Police States of Amerika. Fools!As a teenager I celebrated a New Years Eve in Times Square. One big vast mass of people- drunken sailors, couples, tourists, NYers, etc. all hugging and laughing and cheering with a minimum of police. It was great! I did it again a few years ago. Barricades, people sectioned off in crowd control squares, streets you could not enter, no drinking, sometimes a police request to search any bag you were carrying, manhole covers nailed shut, mailboxes nailed shut, police everywhere, etc. Felt like you were in a foreign country. Why?


Just like taking off your shoes in airports, no bottled water allowed, no liquid period, etc.
Lynas, among five companies with proven Australian deposits, according to, will next year shift some 11,000 tonnes from a new plant in Malaysia, doubling output to 22,000 tonnes a year by end-2012.When the housing bubble collapsed was the Homeowners fault
When gas prices go thru the roof its liberals fault
When the forever war never ends blame it on Obama
When the economy collapses because of 8 years of defecit spending blame it on the guy in office for the last two years
When anything happens to GOP/Teabags ...point the finger...and blame somebody who cant answer.
Old Dogs No New Tricks !!Canada's best export? Pamela Anderson!Maybe Canada can join us when we enter the Third World.I've never thought Obama is Muslim, but why is it when he refers to the Quran, he always says "Holy Quran" ? I have never heard him say "Holy Bible". He just says Bible.US frustrated with Egypt military, US frustrated with Pakistan nuclear program, US frustrated with Iraq WMDs, US frustrated with Palestine militants, US frustrated with Afghanistan terrorists...WE AMERICANS MIND OUR OWN BUSINESS
Lets see Tormadoes kill 6 in one night.

Terrorists kill 0 in nearly TEN YEARS (since 911).

SO why are we so concerned with terrorists and not tornadoes?How sad this story is...........

Good bye losers we have to go clubbin' I love L.A. baby! Hope more tornadoes hit it's the only way to clean up the area of trailer trash.That's right, The Federal government Don't give rats A----S, about the american peoples. The motto of the Feds is, In order to control a peoples, you must suppress the peoples. That's it, that's all, no more. The Federal Government controls everything in our lives. And they are loving it. For the people who still believes in this political game. APRIL FOOLS! You will always be losers. Don't part take in the machine.This is GOD's pre-warning to all trailer trash KKK's only the beginning for you hateful racists.
Ok, the market was up for the year.

You've made a little money

You've made up for some of the 2007-09 losses



The EU will collapse in 2011 and the US dollar will be weeks behind


Stockpile food, water, guns & ammo, medical supplies, barter items


You MUST protect your families

The US can just buy a better credit rating from Moody's,much like the banks did when they paid Moody's to give it's highest ratings to the sub-prime drek they were packaging.These are some rambling thoughts from an old man who learned to drive in the early 60's when gasoline was 30 CENTS A GALLON !! Now America, it is too late.
I have always held the following beliefs as hope for America. I talked to politicians and pundits alike..the pundits listened..the politicians sent me form letters or form-emails..............
1. The electric infrastructure...Should have been rebuilt to 110% capacity over the last two (2) decades.
Hydro electricity, natural gas, nuke and now solar farms, as a group could have supplied nearly unlimited electricity and thousands of good paying jobs for buiding the system and maintenance. TAX codes for OBSOLESCENCE let the power companies write off their investments and degrade the system to "JUNK STATUS"
2. HIGH SPEED ELECTRIC TRAINS TO CRISSCROSS THE NATION.. With sufficient electricity to power high speed trains, food stuffs, material transfer and people transfer could be maintained across America. When 18 wheel trucks have no oil based fuel or it is so expensive that food costs will rise 100% a year to support truck transport.. how, as a nation will we survive?...This is where T. Boone Picken's idea comes in to change over the entire US trucking fleet to "natural gas". This would have made the daily delivery of food, materials and people at least tolerable in an economic sense. Will anyone be able to afford a plane ticket when it costs $2000.00 to fly five hundred miles. Will people be able to drive 500 hundred miles, (1000 miles round trip) to visit family when the cost of gasoline might
exceed $250.00 for gasoline, based on a very small car that should average 25/30 miles per gallon.
3. Small "Intrerurban" train systems powered by oil fuel would serve outlying areas off the main electric
powered train lines. ALL delivery trucks "MUST" be converted to natural gas with the NECESSARY support systems to deliver natural gas fill-ups at virtually any point.
4. Every major city should have had some sort of "electric/natural gas" interurban train system to connect major parts of their cities. No pedestrian traffic in our major cities. Small battery powered vehicles for "taxi" use or pedestrian "treadway" moving walkways extending for several miles within
the heart of our cities, to move people at a crisp " fast-walk pace"
WELL, surely some companies will scream bloody hell...aircraft manufacturing will suffer..but be replaced by manufacturing/maintenance to support all of the above..Lots of lobbyists will lose their jobs,
but is the loss of a few of their jobs worth the security of a nation? Does anybody here want their children to go hungry because of NO GASOLINE/OIL to make deliveries to a local grocery store? How many of you can live without necessary medications that cannot be delivered because of fuel shortages? Ask yourselves these questions .?
WallStreet is now a crime scene ! And the only traitors here are Benedict Arnold !Out of control WallStreet and greedy Bankers got us into this mess !!!

And they are doing it again until they take every last drop of blood our country has!Walls Street FAT CATS are sipping pina colada on the warm beaches of Carribean while you are locked up in snowbound one bedroom apartment with your heater on the way out..The dollar will collapse.
The stock market is a crock.
Come November, our government will be paralyzed by indecisive gridlock.
The next big thing is Run Away Inflation. Buy into Gold or Silver GLD or SLVstocks r going higher imo, the big swings we have seen will become smaller, but steady. What worries me is the collapse of the dollar and one north american currency. Then the New World Order will be that much closer to their goal. It is there greed that started all this in the first place.The republicans on this list think that America has forgotten the $4.50 a gallong gas prices under Bush and the run on the banks caused by his deregalotory bubble. The want us to believe this growing health care bubble is good for America. It is good for our freedom. Americans know better. The paid hacks on this list will not sway the opinion of real AMericans. Bush lied to the country and cost it over a trillion dollars on the needless war in Iraq. He took his eye off the ball on bin Laden and slept while the finicial crises went on for a whole year. Americans will not go back tothat- no matter how the tea party and Dick Amry insist.
"The dollar remains the ultimate safe haven," LOL what a JOKE, wait till HYPER-INFLATION hits!!! BUY SILVER IS THE ONLY SAFE BET& HAVEN. Today SILVER SPOT @30.91 oz, Once it hits $32.60oz the SKIES ARE THE LIMIT!The US has been funding europe and all the other countries needing money since the foundation of the IMF. All this money is going to european banks to bail them out just like we did here in the US...trillions upon trillions...follow the money trail....hard times are coming for all but the rich!!Why the heck would we support the European economy with our money, when we don't want to support our own economy with our money. If we have to rein in our spending, let's start with foreign aid. We give millions, probably billions, of dollars to Isreal; we can save money by stopping and make friends in the middle east. It would be a win win situation for us.Hussein Obama's Brain at work: he has put a Moratorium on Drilling on the East Coast...and you will have more dependency on foreign oil as less oil will be available here in our we will import oil from the Arabs...with a higher import bill for America...and the Arabs will laugh their way to the Bank! Poor Obama's 'Dream of Electric Cars', just like other 'Dreams' will remain a Dream! How many Americans can afford a $30K car? This runs for 50 miles and then needs where are the charging stations? We need thousands every major city....and then what do you do with the batteries once they are used? Clueless Democrats with Utopian Dreams!
$4 Gas is already here and America will weep this Summer and we will have to Borrow $$$ from the Chinese and Arabs paying 38 Cents Interest to run the American Welfare State! Unemployment will be 10% and not many will hire if any? Goodbye to Obama Nov 2012!
It is only a matter of time before our fiat currency takes the dump. When the Fed decided to monetize the debt, the last nail in the coffin was hit hard.

ReplyI'll be shocked if the dollar isn't toilet paper by the end of 2011.

Hyperinflation: "How much for a buttered roll?" Reply: "That'll be $45,000."This story is proof that the fiat money system U.S. currently employs is about to fail.The middle class is going in the tank. Pretty soon it will just be the RICH and the POOR!! Wake up America. We gave our $$$ away back in 1971 when Nixon converted the dollar being back by gold to just plain paper currency. Our gold is going over seas!! We are selling off our ways of life to China and India. Their Middle Class populations are growing like crazy!!!!! Wake up America!! Get a $$$ education not a college education. WE ARE LOSING OUR DREAMS TO OVER SEAS COUNTRIES because of our GREED!!!which obama @#$% kisser wrote this fiction?the dollar is declining and will more,WE ARE BANKRUPT and BORROW 41 cents of every dollar we spend ,those figure will only get worse.THE USA IS 212 TRILLION IN DEBT!!!!!yet this author thinks its a safe bet?yeah like playing russian roulette with all chambers full.IDIOT!!!
Doesn't anyone besides me think it strange to be having tornados in the last days of January??? Hell We had a Thunderstorm in the middle of a snow storm two days ago in my town. What is up? Is it party time for ringing out the old world?

Or is it all Obama's fault or that of the Mexicans? Or is it Bush's and Cheney's fault? Curious minds want to knowJust shows ya God is infinite, man is a blade of grass.Seem like we have a lot of these stuffs since the US invaded other nations around the world..BREAKING NEWS NOW ........... GEORGE W BUSH DID THIS .......... IT WAS A INSIDE JOB TORNADOAll of this propoganda is hilarious. The dollar won't be making any comebacks......not as long as Bernanke and the Fed are in charge of it. He wants to turn on the printers and "bail us out" of something again......and eventually, he's GOING to. Over and over again until you guys are BEGGING for currency reform.what a load of crap.bernanke has to buy another 2.4 trillion in us treasuries in 2011 that are coming due,plus the current year deficit,the us is bankrupt,they cannot even produce a budget and just keep spending,!!!!!
The super-rich are creating bubbles in ALL commodities. The bubbles will burst in 12-24 months, causing a worldwide economic collapse. Remember this!China invests $Trillions in strategic industries while the US invests ~ $800 Billion in making $Billionaires wealthier and keeping it easy for them to export US jobs. Only America could so easily shoot itself in both feet with a majority of the population gleeful about it.Now you know why we fell so far behind...while communist China was building their wealth for past 60 years, our PRIORITY has been trying to figure out who to hate every decade.Ready to Bow to your Chinese Masters, Wall Street

See S.e.c. probeBoycot China made products? everything is made in China because American businesses want to make more profit form Americans and Americans want cheap goods... boycot yourself!
Your "genious" politicains gave them our jobs, borrowed money from them...did you think they would change....this is just the beginning of "The Chinese squeeze"...! They kill thier own people, do you think they will love you..? Maybe our politicians are trying to eliminate the middle class in America by giving as many middle class jobs away to other countries...? Just a thought....It sure isn't helping us in any obvious way, is it. Besides, they passed laws so that you can HIDE where products are can put the USA label on it here, and it then is good enough to qualify.....Write your reps, tell them you don't support betraying AMERICANS like this..! Make them acknowledge your presence..!The only western company really in the rare earths production game today is Australia's Lynas Corporation (LYSDY:OTC), with a major producing mine in Australia and a modern processing facility in operation in Malaysia.There is only one Devil---not a host of evil spirits. Same here, there is only one evil, being greedy while people suffer needlessly--the American oil cartel: Union oil, Chevron, Shell, and all the other subhumans who run these despicable, greedy, unconscionable industry. Thanks Cheney, Bush, conservatives and Republicans for continuing to ruin this country.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

C I A . civilian insurgents america . remote viewing reveals that the bad guys posing as the good guys are gonna try and kill the real good guys.Clinton had CIA ops murdered.trans atlantic slave trade=interracial breeding=oreo cookie obama=over 200 drone strikes on pakistan and afghanistan=over 3500 murdered=any questions.Oh America ...$3 Bln to Israel per year? $1.3 Bln to Egypt per year????
No wonder we cannot pay for the unemployment paycheck, or the health bills of the NY Fire fighters...I didn't know that Natalie Portman used white phosphorus on Palestinian civilians, then stole their livers, kidneys and eyeballs....I never did like that @#$%!Oh Lawd...they're asking for trouble now. Don't they know they can't announce something like they're going to hoard a valuable resource? Next thing we know some Chinese are going to hijack a plane and crash it into a building and we'll go to war over religious extremism, when in fact it'll be for the gems they're sitting on top of. I'm having deja vu.erin burnett says why fear china. lets see. they have taken our manufacturing jobs. so they create all the wealth. they have nulcear arms. they have a million man army. they can stop buying our debt anytime. and now they can cut off the worlds supply of rare earth materials, so that only they can make high tech weaponry. jeez erin, it looks like we should not only fear them, but get down on our knees and beg them to help us, and not spank us.
I dont care which party it is..
democrat, republican or independant..they could even be commie..
But whoever repeals NAFTA
has my vote !!

building parts outside USA is a form of terrorismKiss the almost extinct middle class good bye ! Obama Care and Medicare will bankrupt the system while the corrupt politicians get the best health insurance money can buy paid for by our taxes.The greedy insurance co.'s will make huge profits and taxes will be raised to pay for the giant scam.Were becoming a 3rd world nation of rich and poor with no middle class.If private insurance is the answer then why does private insurance industry keep
jacking up premiums every year?
The reason is they control Congress.
Abolish all lobbying by corporations and let real free enterprise competition
drive the costs down.1) Jews offended Germany and caused us to go into WW2 (thus causing the death of millions of people)
2) Jews are responsible for the Cold War that resulted from the end of WW2.
3) Jews tried to kill Jesus.
4) Jews created Nike and pay very little to the employees thus maintaining high profit margins.
5) Jews deliberately attacked the USS liberty
6) A Jew seduced Bill Clinton because he supported the Palestinian peace cause.
7) Jews are building settlements on occupied Palestinian land.
8) Jews control the entire media.
9) Goldman-Sachs are Jewish
10) Henry Ford, Walt Disney, Winston Churchill, Napoleon Bonaparte, and many others know the truth about Jews.
Ford======= F88cked On Rainy Days
Ford======= Fix Or Repair Dailyford = F**cked Over Rebuilt DodgeI see alot of posts on here about the rotton union workers that made these parts. The parts come from a non union factory in Mexico that supplies Ford Toyota BMW and other car makers. The factories have no standards there. Thats why the work should be brought back to the US to a union or non union factory.Ford = found on road deadMade in the USA (by worthless union thugs).Buy imports. BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Audi... the list goes on.
If you drive an American car it just shows that you have given up on achieving goals in life, or you are just poor. LOLIt is amazing how Government Motors aka “General Motors, AFL-CIO, UAW union” can sale stock in a company that doesn’t belong to them. The last time I looked GM belongs to the taxpayers. The Socialist just keep taking from the taxpayers. It is Un-American to buy a vehicle from Government Motors. All their profits come from the bailouts not sales. It is time for the taxpayers to get their money back in full.and you guys making cracks about the unions,
should know that only 8% of the cost of the car
involves labor.
the other >>>>92% <<<<< is corporate and CEO expenses.
92% .. so get the facts before you post
Hey... BP's trying to steal the modus operandi that our own workers disability system established and has become world famous; make the masses wait long enough, and the poor starving workers who built this country will sign off on anything.
BP shouldn't get any guff from our govt for this; it's something it understands all too well... I guess the poor citizens that paid into the system and the ones who survived off the Gulf will simply have to understand that they have absolutely no say in how they're governed.
Lifetime politicians pick the candidates, paid for electoral votes pick the winners, and the people are the losers.George Bush still hasn't cleaned up after Katrina so why are you ragging on Obama about the oil spill. BP is making all their money back through higher gas prices than all the other stations around.Let's connect the dots, shall we?

That as early as February, Obama, BP, Goldman Sachs, Petrobras, NALCO, and George Soros knew that the rig was going to blow. They made deals at that point to maximize their gains from the incident like this:

- Obama’s financier Goldman Sachs dump 43% of their BP holdings right before the spill.

- Tony Hayward, BP CEO, dump 33% of his BP holdings right before the spill.

- Both BP and Obama respond slowly to the incident with methods they knew would never work

- Simultaneously, Obama rejects foreign assistance that could help clean up the oil before it reached shores

- Simultaneously, Obama rejects time-tested oil clean up methods that worked on bigger oil spills in Saudi Arabia

- They cut a deal with "green" company NALCO (which Obama is vested in) to use their toxic dispersants in lieu of safer and more ecological solutions (supertanker vacuums that worked in Saudi Arabia) NALCO gets $millions of BP’s money for the clean up. Obama and his buddies get rich off of that.

- Even though BP & Obama are in on the whole thing together – they plan a tit-for-tat political theater so they can divide and conquer the hearts of the American people – create enemies, watch the mob of Rome (America) split into factions, choose sides, take their eye off the ball and the facts, and thus become more malleable to future hammering and manipulations.

- What is the final manipulation? Cap and Trade energy policy.

BP helped to write Obama’s Cap and Trade bill. Goldman Sachs is behind the Chicago Climate Exchange. They will use the incident to get public support behind their scheme for a value-less, crime syndicate, where a bunch of bottom feeders and lawyers push paper around and get rich off of it – contributing nothing at all to society, just like the "affordable housing" bubble that created our current economic nightmare. Thousands of greedy greenies who do nothing and contribute nothing, pushing around paper "licenses" and getting rich hand over fist for their little paper pushing scheme. With cap and trade, first-world-country to second-world-country redistribution of wealth is achieved per the evolutionary socialist goal.

- Obama declares a drilling moratorium in the Gulf to force the oil rigs into the hands of Petrobras, making himself and his buddies, George Soros, richer than they already are. At the same time, George Soros’ "New World Order" (his own words) that he wants gets a boost by Obama – because we permanently remove $1B/month ($12B per year) in American wages from the American economy and hand that productivity over to the Brazilians. Together, they achieve First-World-to-Second-World Country redistribution of wealth, in the bid for one-world economy and one-world governance (New World Order – George Soros’ words, not mine).
In the long run, BP wins out with Cap and Trade, along with Goldman Sachs and the rest of Obama’s buddies. These are FACTS.

It's all about a money trail with politicians. Start following it.
This is exactly how sleazy insurance companies operate too. They know the claimant needs the money, they are losing every day, so they low ball the offer in hopes they accept but in doing so, signing away any right in the future to sue. Sometimes people have no choice but to take the money, they are in dire straights. It is just not right and points out everything wrong with justice in this country.they are so screwed , the fund is managed by a JEW lawer hired by our government mafia ,,,, CFRYou are going to get screwed no matter how it turns out. You are dealing with BP and Haliburton. Face it those two companies are going to have the upper hand.Since the fish & shrimp are already covered & oil
just catch & fry them , this way you save on cooking oil !
My uncle worked in the insurance industry for over thirty years and he always said, "beware of a claims adjuster bearing a check." It's the same with BP. Once you settle you are done! There will be no going back! You will be shafted and have no recourses.To those of you who have "lost" your livelihoods due to B-P neglegence. Get what you can "now", the republicans are coming. And you "know" they're going to end "any" relief you might of been "entitled" to???
Investigate Dick Cheney's bank accounts, foreign and domestic!The attorneys just want free money for their pockets. This isn't about the victims, its all about them and the piece of the pie they hope to get. They see all those billions sitting there and they want a big taste.Want the real story Watch Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory on this. I fact checked what he said and the corruption here is an absolute outrage. You can find the full version of the show on you tube -- just look for BP Jesse ventura it will come up.

Freaking HALLIBURTON is neck deep in thisI am truely amazed that this man has only paid out 2 billion dollars out of a fund that has 20 billion dollars. Why are you holding on to money that these poor folks need! You were not put in the position that they have been put in. You have to wear their shoes to really understand it, you are from new york, you have never endured what the citizens in these area are going through! This is like Katrina, louisiana residents in that region have been through enough. They lost so much, then to have to put up with all this red tape stuff from this guy who's from NY. A local person would understand and could have handled it better. Folks having to go in and prove they are hungry, losing their homes, and cant pay their bills. Got Dam BP is the cause of this disaster, why do we have to suffer to prove a lost when we live in and work in the region! Why should we have to wait months before we are told our claim is denied. Then you get a lawyer pay him most of the money, by then you lose your house, your car , your mind and everything else. I guess I will be a bag lady soon because I was denied after waitng 2 months.
This is a globalist agenda trial balloon so that reactions can be properly gauged. New for 2011 in the USA: $5.00/gal. gas. The police state will be lying in wait for the rehearsed reactions.I bet all these protesters are on the CIA payroll true believer would go aganist the will of the proletariat.Independent Fund administrator, my bottom aches in anticipation. First BP oiled the Gulf, then it greased the politicians' hands, now it wants the citizens to turn around and bend over. So bold, so open and so full of hubris, what will BP think of next.The only person getting any of the $20 billion B.P. put in the fund is this Law Prof. and his assistant.Oh well Obama appointed him,thats all that needs to be said.As long as BP's money goes into Jewish pockets and not to the victimsTime to arrest the Administrator for fraudulant use of BP monies, lawyer probably charges 45,000 per hour.Oh, gee. One lawyer in bed with another lawyer. Imagine that.another indictable offense ,when will the goverment start the long overdue process of criminal charges against big oil and gas,and where the hell is my oil spill ckeck every tax paying citizen of this country america should receive a check from bp,haliburton ,transocean,and exxon mobile for there blatent disregard for americas ecosystem and the enviromental catastrophes thru out are country please send mine soon cause for some reason gas is going towards 4.00 a gallon again and i wont be able to drive much longer
This is really a LOUSY article, Yahoo. The price of Gasoline in Bolivia has risen because the government has ended subsidies to oil companies. The price in now about 2.40 per litre. (Everywhere else in the world gasoline is sold by the litre). Or about 10.50 per gallon.They should have just stuck with being a little Banana Republic created by the USA and been happy.

Now the CIA is across the Border in Paraguay in the 4 corners area on the Bush 99,000 ac Ranch pretending to be fighting Terrorism while trying to over throw these Democratically Elected Governments from the inside.
The CIA is not going home they are building a real resort down there on the Bush Ranch. That Bush Ranch is also setting on top on the Largest Supply of Fresh Water in the World !!!There is no need for violence .The most efficient way to protest is to do it the way young people do it in Romania .Hundreds of drivers line up and block one gas station and then they take their time .They check their tires wash their windows and of course they buy gas . About 25 cents of gas each. The profits are down for both the oil companies and the government .
notice that no where in the article does it mention the price of gas per gallon ... thats because they get fuel from hugo chavez and even with the hike in prices .. the country on average is paying less than a dollar a gallon. this story is pure spin and lies set up to make the american public feel like its not alone in supporting a corrupt billion dollar a year oil industry. gasoline could be sold for as little as 50 cents a gallon at the pump in this country and the companies involved would still make millions. its disgustingTime for us to protest the recent increase in price at the pump. My baseball bat is ready, able and willing to knock some sense in these greedy oil company CEO and oil speculators. Obviously the government won't do anything about it.But CNN is reporting the following...

"This year, the government will spend $660 million to import gasoline, of which the government will have subsidized $380 million, he said. Of that, $150 million worth of gasoline will have been sold for higher prices in neighboring countries, he said.

For example, under the old system, $27 worth of gasoline in Bolivia was worth $90 on the international market, he said. In response, owners of private cars, taxis and trucks equipped their vehicles with double tanks, filled them up in Bolivia and drove them across the border to sell the gasoline in Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Peru, he said."

Sounds like maybe some exploited the system and now they are all having to pay for it.
Economic uncertainty will remain indefinitely with lower long term interest rates and a shaky housing market. While Harry Reid and Barney Frank were originally responsible for pushing the sub-prime lending; Hank Paulson, CEO of Goldman-Sachs was the distributor of the default credit swap that leveraged every dollar in existence 30 times over, was appointed Treasury Secretary! That was during Bushes term; anyone smell a rat here? We haven't seen the last of these problems. All of these crooks including Hank Paulson, Harry Reid, and Barney Frank need to be investigated and thrown in jail.and in America not a word at what is taking place... there are no leaders that represent the American people. Capitalism just destroying US. This is not a democracy this is just greed and guess what you are on your own!!! The fed has destroyed the dollar and refuse to strengthen it. No executive power to come to the aid of the average American....Finally found it. The price went from $1.89 per gallon to $3.48 per gallon (yes, per gallon, not per liter). Why didn't the AP include this instead of making readers plow through 18 pages of a google search.
Only an idiot would think that 388,000 people applying for unemployment benefits is a good sign. Oh but it is 34,000 less than last month whoopee! Oh but businesses added only 39,000 jobs in November. We lose 388,000 jobs add 39,000 and the feds say that this is good news.

How about we use the same job loss percentages on congress and the senate and see if they think that is good news.Way to go Wall Street and GOP Corporate Rich, keep pumping up the Markets and squeezing out RECORD PROFITS while keeping costs down by not hiring anyone and raking in the millions and millions in addition to Getting the Tax Extensions YOU DON'T NEED while the unemployed run out of UI benefits and don't get Unemployment Extensions!!!!

This is WALL STREET and GOP Driven propaganda!!!Wall Street - c'mom man - what a farce - and poor Goldman Sachs - the traders will probably only get a couple of hundred grand on top of the salalry - boo hoo - and thanks for screwing the entire country again this year - but now becareful - becuase everybody knows your role is @#$% in the world economy - we're watching and we'll be watching for a long time- the party is over, so grab a few more cold ones from the cooler - you're being phased out - you're only hope is to run for Congress
At an international conference of surgeons, a doctor from Israel says: "In Israel the medicine is so advanced that we cut off a man’s testicles, put them into another man, and in 6 weeks he is looking for work."

The German doctor comments: "That’s nothing, in Germany we take part of the brain out of a person, put it into another person’s head, and in 4 weeks he is looking for work."

A Russian doctor says: “Big deal, in Russia we take out half the heart out from a person, we put it into another person’s chest and in 2 weeks he is looking for work.”

The US doctor answers immediately: “You all are way behind us. In the US (just two years ago) we
grabbed a person with no brains, no heart and no balls. We put him in as President, and now the whole country is looking for work!!!!!”

Replies (1)
Get off the couch and quit feeling sorry for yourselves and draining your econimics, lazy Americans!
It isn't that hards to figure out!
I got new high-paying job 13 days after getting laid off.
You guys are making my Americas looks bad!
My hard-workers Chinese parents at age 61 and 63 respectively, are still working jobs, while you ugly, lazy Americans keep crying, blaming yours Obama President.
Sooo, sick of you slacker crying babies-mans!
You can leave my second home and cry in Canada!
where are the jobs the republicans promised to get them working? Non existant - just like the gop plans for the future of the working man they are also non-existant. fewer people signing up means nothing. it is how many can find a job that will mean something.

Look up race hygiene.. The three bush family Alliances.. Then look up the bush-draper population doctrine.. then look up bush and gray. You will find the answers to Americas slow demise. if you like this slow demise keep voting republican. This is the continuation of hitlers quest. the bush family is still in support of this evil quest. if you dont like it help in sending them to hell. Pray that god will rid America of these evil men and women soon. read up this is the republican plan for the future.I live in an area that has not been hit as hard ad other areas as far as the recession goes. Our area has about 250,000 people. Home prices did decline but not as bad. There are still a lot of people out of work and if you look at the classified job wanted section there were 20 total jobs listed. If you just take our population in our area and say 50% work so that is 125,000 people. So take the national average of almost 10% unemployed and that is 12,500 people looking for work in my area with only 20 jobs listed. Do the math as I am sure that this is a similar scenario everywhere.

All these people saying people are just lazy because there are jobs are not living in the real world and are flat out lying. There are not enough jobs offered to make an even small dent in all those looking for work. Maybe those people could provide their actual geographic area, population and unemployed and do the math.
You want to start the formula to get transparency back?

People ask for a new Government,

it's called campaign finance reform and term limits.
no more bribes from lobbyists, kill the 527 smear groups for both sides.
Any Official caught taking money, ethics trial, removed from seat, possible prison time.
Then you will have politicians representing you and not corporations or Unions.The Raygun administration's view of foreign policy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, shoot it. If it keeps moving, bomb it. And if it stops moving, bury it. And if it'll get us money to support an illegal war, sell missiles to them.

Ronald RaygunAs their last act in 2004, the Republican majority house and senate passed a bill giving US corporation a $134 billion tax refund that was used to offshore 4 million jobs from 2005-2008.

That act coupled with the tripling of gas prices as a result of Bush's unfunded invasion of Iraq to prevent the Iraqi's from selling oil to Europe for Euros, are the primary causes of the economic collapse of 2007-2009.
it's so funny how Americans talk about other countries been aggressive, when this is the only F.K.N country who has been in REAL MILITARY WARFARE who has been killing civilians for the past 50 Fk.N YEARS. Hypocrisy of the American Media, and the stupidity of the American people mix extremely well for it's massive propaganda machine. Also, China did criticized NK for it's action on November, AP just lied to all of us.

You ever wonder why every time when there was an article about China, it's never positive? EVER WONDER WHY??? YOU DUMB FKN it's my turn to milk the unemployment line. I've never filed, but I've never worked in years, it's called "retirement" if I don't get a job, then I'll be a deadbeat and file. What else has this country done for me after 25 years of taxes and social security which I won't get until I die.

The interest rates are zero, boy Im glad I saved and never went into debt. Now I'm angry. This country has been in the worst shape in my 54 years of life. This is the first time I've ever thought of leaving America for better places like the Cayman Islands where there are no taxes!
to a guy who called Russia as barbarian state.
1)Russia never had slaves
2)Russia always had equal right for men and women. Russia had many Queens in tottal power
3)Russia has been debt free for over 10 years now, and landing money to other coutries
4)Russia in past 150 years never went to war first
Russia has it's own problems, so is every other country. We need to think about our economy here, and than worry what Russia does.Hillary, while you are grinning at your meetings with Netanyahu, there is sex slavery of Russian women in Israel, organ trafficking, and other atrocities commited against Ethiopians and arabs. Why don't you tackle THAT instead of defending a foreign criminal and thug in Russia? This is going to do wonders to your "reset" policy, or maybe it was not sincere in the first place. The American people stand with the Russian people on this, that you need to stay out of their business.
I hate like hell to point this out but Hillary need to push for an arrest in this country for the sacking of the monitary and home morgage finance systems also student loan problems Please bring these thieves to justic..and then worrie about the Russians..thieves....

Replies (3) The guy is a crook he belongs in jail. I wish more crooks here in the USA go to prison as well. You people hate it when CEOs get away with everything - well, what about now. He is their version of Bernie, another crook- let then all rot already.What is definition of freedom?
In America you get a DUI and you could end up in jail, your career could be over.
In Russia you pay $100 to police and they warn you but let you go.give it a rest. Does anyone here really believe Russia gives a @#$% what we think? They are resurgent. They have more oil & gas than the Saudis. Not to mention their 10,000 nukes, space & missile technology. Why would they care about what anyone thinks?
you people are idiots Khodorkovsky is a criminal who stole billions off dollars and try to flee to israel ,people like him are jewish pricks who use israel - west propaganda to bad mouth the russia state. russia is a democratic state , and not controlled by special interests as the untied states is by American Israel public affairs commitee and jewish campaign money , while jewish infulenced newspaper and politicians complain about democracy in Russia , america maintains a completely controlled two party system that is structured to stifle third party dissent and representation. Russia is an anti communist state like no other,russia has moved toward more freedom and healthy national sentiment, while AMERICA HAS MOVED TOWARD MORE STATE CONTROL , PATRIOT ACT,..ECT
AMERICAN TODAY IS LED BY JEWISH EXTREMIST GROUP THAT WAS FOUNED BY FOLLOWERS OF LEON TROTSKY THE NOTORIOUS JEWISH BOLSHEVIK HEAD OF THE RED ARMY IN THE EARLY YEARS OF COMMUNIST REVOLUTION , A MAN WHO MURRDERED MILLIONS OF INNOCENT CHRISTIANS !!!!!!!!!!!Hillary accussing the Russian government of selective prosecution is a joke on the American people . Unfortunately the headline readers and party zombies won't even get the hypocracy. The commerical media in the USA is a worthless failure to the American people
If US can jail political opponents and doesn't expect the world to meddle in its internal affairs, Russia is also correct in telling the world to shut up.Crazy Ridiculous Amateur Politics (CRAP, acronym)! Yahoo! news.If we should free Khodorkovsky, we should also free Madoff. They are the same kind of people. Why is Madoff is jail for 150 years, but no one complains? It hints that someone should get off drugs.I rather admire Russia locking up even its richest convicts without hesitation. They also carry out death sentences there. Their courts aren't tied up with limitless appeals and retrials.I agree with the russians, we need to mind our own business,,gees, no wonder the rest of the world
hates americans,push our ways on others and cant stop sticking our noses in others business..
People that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Bush can start 2 wars, killing millions, with a case for it built on lies and you people have something to say about Russian justice? This guy is no angel - really!The legal hypocrisy of the West is limitless. Someone stealing a dollar in Washington is a thief but another stealing 30 billion dollar in Russia is an angel. Why is it legal to detain WikiLeaks founder for political reason and it is illegal to sentence a thief? It is a pick-and-choose style of justice.This fellow is your typical Jewish mobster that has been raping Mother Russia for hundreds of years. Look him up and you will find he is nothing but a street thug with contacts in the Jewish mafia of America otherwise known as Wall Street.Anyone who supports Israel is in fact supporting the old USSR.when kodo's private plane couldn't escape him to israel, he should have atleast gotten a good jewish lawyer to defend him, the cheapskatethe reason why the gov. is trying to rescue him is because his an elite white collar CRIMINAL,just like themWhile some people(most) @#$% about Putin putting the RATS in their deserved place, my president is giving the RATS in America my kids money.
Our government has thrown the Monroe Doctrine out the window and let Foreign Governments do as they wish in OUR Gulf, these people have committed TREASON for MONEY. At least when Benedict Arnold betrayed this country, it was because he was a Patriot of England, today's TRAITORS are selling our country out for 30 PIECES OF SILVER.Jews control the Federal Government and are at war with White America. Jews are behind the Immigration Act of 1965 that mandates that 95% of all new immigrants coming to the U.S. must be non-White and come from a Third World country.

The Jews changed all the immigration laws in all White countries by the mid-sixties and won't allow the Federal Government to stop illegals. The Jews want to brown America and Europe (genocide - destruction of the genes).

Of course, Jews control 96% of the mass media including book publishing and the movie and TV business. They promote race-mixing endlessly.

And you people thought the Muslims were at war with the West. LMFAO!

By the time the Jews get done with you, your descendants will look like Tiger Woods.
@Get ready America to vote the snake out of office come his time.
Obama and his oil buddies can kiss.....

What are you thinking here? Obama oil buddies? Dubya set up this rig... Oh well, another faux news watcher. And why do YOU defend FOREIGN OIL?When you see a BP employee.....wrestle that beast down and make it eat oil soaked fish from the gulf. Then knock the living phk out of it just for general principle.I hope people take the laws into their own hands and start seeking vengeance on these white color criminals who cause so much more damage to all of us, as a whole, than any one criminal did to his/her victim.
Wall street types, lying government officials, and this oil guy type. Can't we have a superhero, like Dexter, who snuffs them out of existence?Dubya would have already ordered a pardon and retribution to Transocean for their troubles. Then let them DRILL BABY DRILL againIn 1979 a Sedco rig in the Gulf of Mexico leased to a Mexican oil company experienced a blowout, resulting in what was at the time the worst oil spill the world had ever seen. As he surveyed the oil-fouled beaches of the Texas coast, Gov. Clements made the memorable remarks: "There's no use in crying over spilled milk. Let's don't get excited about this thing" *
Gov Clements was a majority owner in Sedco. In 1984 Sedco was sold to Schlumberger and transferred into its Transocean division in 1999. A fine Texas scumbag company.
*The feds sought about $12 million in damages, but Sedco drove a hard bargain and got away with paying the government only $2 million.
@Get ready America to vote the snake out of office come his time.
Obama and his oil buddies can kiss.....

What are you thinking here? Obama oil buddies? Dubya set up this rig... Oh well, another faux news watcher. And why do YOU defend FOREIGN OIL?When you see a BP employee.....wrestle that beast down and make it eat oil soaked fish from the gulf. Then knock the living phk out of it just for general principle.I hope people take the laws into their own hands and start seeking vengeance on these white color criminals who cause so much more damage to all of us, as a whole, than any one criminal did to his/her victim.
Wall street types, lying government officials, and this oil guy type. Can't we have a superhero, like Dexter, who snuffs them out of existence?Dubya would have already ordered a pardon and retribution to Transocean for their troubles. Then let them DRILL BABY DRILL againIn 1979 a Sedco rig in the Gulf of Mexico leased to a Mexican oil company experienced a blowout, resulting in what was at the time the worst oil spill the world had ever seen. As he surveyed the oil-fouled beaches of the Texas coast, Gov. Clements made the memorable remarks: "There's no use in crying over spilled milk. Let's don't get excited about this thing" *
Gov Clements was a majority owner in Sedco. In 1984 Sedco was sold to Schlumberger and transferred into its Transocean division in 1999. A fine Texas scumbag company.
*The feds sought about $12 million in damages, but Sedco drove a hard bargain and got away with paying the government only $2 million.
The Court's, Congress and the Senate knows who's boss. Sure is'nt the American people. Know of any American's that refused to go to court and still walking the streets. Best legal system money can buy.Hooray! Terrorism like this will create more millionaires! The more governemnt officials involved the more bribes and favors required. Wonder why they don't want to pay another couple people?...they must have morals and will not take bribesInsurance fraud!
Company made off with
a lot of insurance money
is why spill went on so lonnnng

Doesn't take a rocket scientist
to know insurance pay out
was the motivating factor
behind spill.

Look at the situation,
do these companies not have
insurance to cover losses? yes!
So loss means what? More money
that's what! Oil company gained, not lost
Americans are so much bull@#$% sometimes. Who are the ppl. who spend the most on military? ...really AMerica says they're a peacekeeper, but they have not right to accuse China when they themselves are so powerful...yet no nation speaks out against it (China is being humble)

w/o China, U.S. wouldn't last a day in trade. Americans have lost all manufacturing be happy China is still producing for you guysAmerican Airlines is horrible. They used to be one of the best but I've tried to avoid them as much as possible the last 3 years because of such poor service and on-time performance. Everytime I have a connection with them through Chicago or Dallas, they screw me. The worst part is their attitude. Frontier is another crap airline.I can't stand American and thinks it's great that they've pulled themselves off of one site and been subdued by another. Every time I have flown American it has been nothing but problems and delays. Like someone else said on her, you get what you pay for. American has always been the cheapest, but the mechanical delays and scheduling problems just aren't worth it. A big thank you to American for taking yourselves out of the game!
Acutally USA controls the world and sends warships everywhere , very selfish people regarding himself as god easily blaming others , as Chinese going says : USA allows himself to burn a fire , do not allow others to light a candle .typical US trying to brainwash everyone again with all the articles bashing China because US is fearful of China's rising power. China has come a long ways from what it was 60years ago, the country and government now is much better than 1949, give China a break! China is not the country thats starting wars everywhere and setting military bases all over the world, that would be the UNITED STATES. Spending so much money on wars and advancement of technology (since US always want to be in the lead) has led America to economic problems, now America is pressuring china to fix it by changing exchange rates and economic policies? hell no! you create the problem, u fix it yourselfIf the American people were to boycott Chinese-made products, and American politicians were not corrupted by special interests, this would not even be a news story!
It is sad to see how the U.S. is slowly becoming a third-world nation, shipping off nearly all of our once famous American brands forever, while our own factory workers are being told that it is their own fault because "they are not educated enough to remain competitive in the workforce." So, now that there aren't enough jobs for working class people in the U.S., our government is trying to make every Tom, Dick, and Harry go to college. However, the problem is not going to go away, because even after all of these people graduate, there still aren't enough manufacturing jobs!
College is not the magic answer! At the end of the day, we still need factories in America in order to give our own people a source of revenue, because this crap about the U.S. becoming a "service-based" economy just isn't cutting it, especially when people have children to feed and mortgages to pay.
P.S. you can thank Bush for all this, that dumb @#$% should be run over by a bus for what we're in now. He should go down as THE WORST president this country as ever seen. And some of you voted to reelect that idiot. Hope all of you that selected that one on the ballad are all happy now. STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!!It is sad to see so many Americans are frogs in the well, never have the chance to travel to see the outside world for themselves.t can't believe their mentality and thinking are so shallow, and they are constantly being fed and brainwashed by the media into believing that the rest of the world who don't conform to their way of thinking, ideology or lifestyles are their enemies. Call China whatever name you like. Suit yourself. But one thing is for sure; you just can't stop anyone from getting ahead of you by pulling their shirts.I like this part "obsessed with economic growth" ya think maybe we should take some lessons from them. Maybe start worrying about our own instead of some 3rd world country that I believe most of us could give a rats @#$% about anyway, I know I don't. Lets spend trillions of dollars and the towel heads instead of our own. We always have to worry about everyone else and fix there problems for them (or try to) and then we stick a bandaide on ours. Well the infection is setting in America, and we're about to lose a limb. If we had half there smarts they'd be buying our @#$% instead of the other way around. The US govt. is a freaking joke. @#$% backwards.
America and the rest of the world are so afraid of China, and rightly so. Tell the ugly Americans to stay out of Asia, or else China will decide it has interests in North America and start poking around there. Nothing's stopping them from claiming Mexico is a threat to stability in the Western Hemisphere and deploy 1 million troops there. A giant is poking a dragon with a stick; dumb whites need to stay out of everyone else's business and backyard, or else they'll get Chinese in theirs.Carrier killer missiles, eh? Thank you Bill Clinton for giving your then buddies at Loral the opportunity to sell the Communist Chinese military guidance systems for their long range missiles. I know your idea, Bill, was to bring down our own military capabilities and raise the Chinese up because we Americans are warmongers to the max. Well, you succeeded, about the only thing you succeeded in. And you lefties, it boggles the mind how absolutely stupid all of you are when it comes to Communist China. Now they have the world's second largest economy, thanks to us, and your profligate federal spending has given them a chokehold on our debts and our domestic economy. Their military, which hates the US and Taiwan and the rest of Western Civilization in general, controls this dictatorship through its large share of the domestic economy of the nation. They will get what they want unless they are stopped militarily. Sadly, Obama is not the man to stop them. Groveling to them in the White House will only show them what a weakling our President is. On the other hand, maybe he can ask them how to move socialism forward a little more than he has so far moved it. Maybe this pow-wow is really a meeting of the minds of like minded individuals. Gotta love those Communists. They do what they want, and they never give up. Stalin, Lenin, Brezhnev, Mao, Deng Xiao Peng. The current bunch sure have a legacy to look to. Who does Obama have? Oh, just a bunch of dead white men like Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Lincoln, who believed in those so passe' concepts called individual freedom and liberty. They gave us the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but those are really out of date. Government needs complete freedom to rule. That's what you lefties believe, isn't it? That's what your Great Leader believes. Watch and learn as he takes the country another baby step to its end. Better yet, beat the crowd and get the Rosetta Stone Mandarin Chinese edition now. Take advantage of the slave labor in China's Socialist Paradise to make your own pile of devalued dollars. Fun huh? Good luck.
The Military asset China has that we don't is sheer numbers of people. However they'd have to get them here to really start a war. And China has no desire for war with the US than the US has a desire for war with China. It simply isn't profitable.
Moreover if you look at how far China has come just since Nixon went there it's clear they are on the right track. Change, real change, takes time and China knows that. They simply want to avoid the decadence so prevalent in American culture. Can't say as I blame them there.The WTO sucks. It grew out of a neccesitiy for large corperations to have their goods made in china at world low prices, and sell them here in the US.
Our government can be held responsible for the state of the economy for joining in this corruptable orginization
Although I detest the Muslims for destrying the world trade center, it has been the culprit for the loss of jobs in this country. If jobs go, so does the tax base, wellfare rolls swell, crime goes up.
Thanks Nixon, Clinton, and the rest of the worthless bums in Washington. .
Hello conservatives , Congratulations but do not show too much muscle otherwise you will push back the country to Bush era and another Bush will create new Obama again.The loosers will be people of this countrty not the conservatives or democrates. We do not want to see the same situation as in Bush era.

Bottom line is Create the jobs. Balance the budget . Do not try to help other countries to bring democracies in their country. reduce the national dept and be tough to face the China .You conservatives were like the rubber stamp during the republice administration and everything looks suddennly when other party has their president . Work for the people of the USA.Maybe he should take a few lessons from George Bush. Claim Executive Privilege on all documents and refuse to allow his aides to testify. And publicly point how how much each inquiry costs. Republicans didn't take long to prove they really don't care about jobs or debt--it is all about power.Ok no attempts to fixed the economy, just attacks on the Obama administration.
I wish they would have put this much effort in the 9/11 investigation on Bush and his administration!

Physical chaos is approaching in this country you better believe it!

Revolution 2012
It never ceases to amaze me how short the memories of American voters can be. The economic collapse happened under Bush. I wouldn't go so far as to blame him for it, but through a combination of failed policies under his administration and stupid moves by Americans (like buying a $400,000 house when you make $50,000 a year....just because the bank will approve the loan doesn't mean you should take it!) the collapse happened. Obama had two years to try and fix something that will probably take decades. There are no quick fixes in huge issues like this, period. Republicans now are going to be obstructionists and will continue to villify Obama for completely absurd reasons. Of course, for all the talk on cutting government spending, you will NEVER hear a Republican suggest cutting spending to the military, despite how absurd military spending is.The Republicans hands down always had the worst Presidents that sold America out, starting with Reagon and his trickle down piece of crap legistation and deregulation and ended with the evil BUSH/CHENEY regime, Bush left office with the worst in the history of America as the worst President. Why you idiots keep voting Republicans is beyond belief, guess you don't mind America becoming a 3rd World Country, just because you hate a "half black" genious, classy President who could turn America around. Go eat Cat idiots....
Then why is he at 38% approval? You gotta love our bipartisan media.
The KGB, in a gesture of good will are trying to wipe the smiles off their faces.
News flash. Friendly fire incidents on the rise. military officials baffled.
Huge masses of illegal alien students overwhelm border, Obama's National guard no where in sight.We were the Great USA. Great is not cool. Gay is cool. Welcome to Obama's GAY USA. Fear us!Bush and the GOP shipped jobs to Asia---Obama is working hard to get some back....Yet the knuckle draggers vote for the American workingclass hating GOP.What a disaster for our country and our military. We are going to be the laughing stock of our enemies.Winners never quit and quitters never win! Excellent job Mr. Priesident...I will continue to support you 100%!! And for the haters...haters never win and winners never hate!We couldn't afford the Bush tax cuts when they were enacted and we can't afford them now. they don't create jobs the unemployment rate went from 4% to 9.6% under these tax cuts, where are the jobs. Thanks to all the deregulation, overseas. Instead of cutting Social Security and Medicare get rid of these tax cuts!Why don't Republicans vow to fight inflation. Oil prices have gone up in a week since the elections. Thanks Joe barton for apologizing to BP, now they will get their revenge on the American people in the behind closed door meetings to drive up the cost of gas and drive down the American economy. My dollar can't stand anymore Republican economics. Try helping a small business succeed instead of being smothered by high gas prices.
The United States is on the verge of economic implosion. Social Security , Medicare, medicaid, state pension funds, immigration, unemployment, taxes, health care reform...etc. ...and we've got a "major" victory allowing gays in the military....WOW!! What an accompishment!! And I bet they are BOTH very happy about it!
Of course he needs another vacation, avoiding responsablity takes a lot of work!!
We sent a "powerful message to the world" by pledging to reduce the nuclear arsenals of the US and Russia.....I bet Iran,Syria, Pakistan,India,N.Korea and Isreal are just peeing thier pants with admiration !!
I'll sleep a lot better in ten years when this reaches fruition!! The US and Russia are a real threat!!!
The feable minded were instructed by the media to elect this thing with the promise of HOPE and CHANGE, and ONLY the feable minded THINK they are seeing any CHANGE!!!

This thing reminds me of Winnie the Pooh...chasing the clouds from the sky and counting the bees in the hive....really important issues here!!
My only concern is that Congress and the President will not CUT federal spending and lower the fiscal budget enough. One of the latest rumors is a discussion of possible federal employee salary freezes. Freezes? While many US companies have established salary reduction plans for their employees, in addition to layoffs, the Administration thinks they are making a "tough" decision with freezes. Typical government dis-connect. A balanced budget is a no-brainer: cash in = cash out. In this case, about $500 billion should cover it. The remaining revenue, about $700 billion, can go to the debt payment. How do you do this? Simple, cut federal staff and reduce salaries for those who remain. BTW, the federal employees work for us Americans, not the other way around. I know you all can't fathom that the same country that bails out wallstreet, bails out bankers, puts its hands in yours and childrens pants, shoots up children with live polio and syphilis ( on record), uses depleted uranium in its ammo, allows pearl harbor to be attacked, stages the gulf of tonkin, etc., etc., etc., they could never have staged 9-11 .

Venezuela selling their oil to china and panama leasing their panama canal to china this tells us something in Central America that china expanding their influence. I only wish Chavez would not give a @#$% about the consequences and be even more anti-american. The U.S.A. sucks! Long live Venezuela!!! the unites states is nothing but hypocrites and try to control the world

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Replies (6) I sure need to look back in my education where we discussed the constitution to find where it say we the people should live in other countries and fight other countries wars.

I am 49 years old and the USA has been in a war; if not more than one, at the same time since I was born. Google time line and war.

I still have not figured out why we let so many of our Citizens died in the vietnam war. or allowed them to get mind fu@k in vietnam, to come home to cope with everyday life.

And they want us to pay more taxes to support this action, why we also pay the UN billions ever year.
Ooooooo! Wowie! I'm sure that Chavez and his cronies are shaking in their boots! NOT! As the biggest oil piggy on the planet, we need Chavez far more than he needs us. It would be a hoot if he decided to stop supplying the US and sold all of that oil to an increasingly "thirsty" China! We have become such a dumbed-down nation of hypocritical sheep."Show us respect!" This from a guy who went to New York, the United Nations and called Bush "Satanas'? I never had any sympathy for Bush, but as POTUS, he was entitled to respect, more from third rate dictators. What goes around, comes around, Hugo.Don't send American soldiers to Venezuela or anywhere else, to fight and get killed.
Instead, Bomb Venezuela with missiles on a daily basis until Venezuela or any other country, submit absolutely and unconditionally. This is Democracy American style.
That is the way America should deal with every country in the world which does not agree with American policies.
America is alway right even when she is wrong.
Shoot first at any baseless suspecion and ask questions later or better don't ask any questions at all.
China will extend aid without strings attached..just ask..and China will provide..USA pledged how much in the Tsunami years ago and never delievered..Haiti, is suffering from Cholera epidemic..please, Cholera is treatable, but why can't they be helped properly? This really is something..Ohh, Katrina's damages are not yet over? OK..USA is mighty..China should fear USA...USA is compassionate and don't kill their refugees in Katrina's aftermath?Regarding Containment
a few tactical nukes would sure blow their mind set ...

Face it WWIII is coming
& America will be attacked by China & Russia combined .
The good news is afterwards We will be completely debt free ...

Anyone who believes otherwise about this is kidding themselfs .
America used Nuclear Weapons before & We will Use Them again ... a free media like the usa has? where jews own 90% of the media and get the usa into bankrupting wars to protect israel.
US Propaganda! As in all of Asia, China is what is pulling up all asian markets. Only people in America who have been brainwashed to believe China is evil. Most foreigners that go to China, do know that China is the place to be!

The news should be titled: American's disastrous year with the whole world! Who wants peace with America (except themselves)! China? India? Iran? Iraq? African countries? South America? haha, what a joke.Red China is stationing their red troops in Affircan countries that have dictators and everywhere else in the world. Red China is raising its effort to swallow other countries in the SE Asia sea evidenced by fortifying their army and navy on Hainan Island, illegaly occupying islands and fishing boats belonging to other countires. What this tells the world is Red China will be the nazzis of the 3rd WW in their ambition to rule the world. Destroy China dictatoring regime now while we still can.Reading a lot of these comments, many people think that there;s going to be another war, and countries nuking each other. The relations between China and the US aren't nearly as bad and it's a given that both sides know the consequences to resorting towards such a radical "solution." What's going to happen is China rise to power, but not nearly as much as the US. And sooner or later, we just have to accept that fact China is getting more powerful rather than purposefully creating tension in other countries. And also there's no need to bash on each other's countries and cultures. Wtf?
China is peace maker indeed, China never sent even one military in other country, Only people in America who have been brainwashed to believe China is evil. Most foreigners that go to China, do know that China is the place to be!How is it beginning to feel to suck hind teat, America?

You might as well become accustomed it it; you have no one to blame but yourselvesMy favorite Shenzhen restaurant is called the "Dog-Cat-Mouse-Snake." Other than that, when questioned as to whether or not I like dogs, my standard retort is : "Yes; it simply depends upon how they're prepared!"

大家新年快乐!Shanties in south China sea? LOL, you can use a bazzoka and never miss those shanties..shanties are threats? US can block the Malacca strait in a minute and China is caput..USA is fearless, Chna is cowering in fear..China dare not lift a finger with otu USA's approval..3 trillion dollars will be wipeout in 1 second..why waste them..China will surrender..please be merciful.
Honestly, Everything going on in the world right now has to do with China. China basically owns the US in terms of finances and the US has been trying forever in vain to get china to negotiate its currency's value in relation to the dollar. All these things that have been going on point to the US trying to tank China's economy. Do you really beleive that N Korea wanted to attack S Korea by bombing a coastal island and killing two freakin people? That garbage was staged by the US to do two things: Pressure S Korea into letting the US set up base over there under the guise of it "siding" with S Korea (which has happened) and trying to make china look bad since it is a NK ally, so if CHina did not respond they look evil and if they did reprimand NK then they would look soft. Secondly, The CIA obviously planted those plane bombs in yemen. Why yemen you ask? Because it lies at the mouth of the Suez which is where all of china's shipping to Europe and the western world are checked...Wake the hell up people...This is all CIA wargames....The US stirring up crap to maintain its financial special interests (not the interests of its people).
China basically owns the US in terms of finances and the US has been trying forever in vain to get china to negotiate its currency's value in relation to the dollar.Internationally, China posted the highest overall test exams in the area of Math and Science, while America barely was able to achieve spot number 25.

So much for government schools run by Leftist unionsPeaceful huh? What do you think this is for?

The US and their allies should seriously consider a preemptive strikeChina will rise as peacefully as the USA? I hope not, as the USA has had a turbulent uprising. I hope they will not look to the USA as an example as this will only lead to WAR.
china now has the factory capacity and $$$$$$$$$$$$$ to wage and win a war . ala us in ww2.CHINA’S GOAL IS ECONOMIC AND MILITARY SUPREMACY TO DOMINATE THE WORLD

China has been waging a silent yet soon to be deadly war with the world today. China’s strategic war plan against the world is based upon what is prized in Chinese culture; “outsmarting your opponent.” Allowing opponents to wage war against each other leaves you alone to quietly build your control and power. As the US continues to fight outmoded warfare through the largest military expenditures worldwide, China is enjoying the benefits of a secure world free of wars and free of cost.

China’s plan to dominate the world is being done in a 20 year plan based upon “outsmarting your opponents.” China has long begun it’s 2 stage war with the world: Silently Win the Economic War to Win the Future Military War.

STEP 1: Convince the world that there is a peaceful rise to China. Even when facts surface to the contrary, it will take decades for the full truth to be fully revealed. Invest in media companies for example England (presently has a China Daily newspaper) and India (China presently controls up to 25% of radio broadcasts in multiple Indian languages) so you can influence the minds of foreign people and governments. Note that in China, no foreign media in Chinese is permitted however India’s airwaves are stongly controlled by the Chinese interests.

STEP 2: He who controls the oil, controls the world. Focus on controlling the worlds commodities and energy markets. (China attempted purchase of Chevron in US plus has invested the most in controlling developing countries energy resourses).

STEP 3: Follow the British 300 years ago and import “only” commodities and sell “only” finished products.

STEP 4: Deplete your trading partners’ commodities “before” they have developed industries to utilize them. For example, China’s trade imports with India are mostly iron ore while China protects its own iron ore mines for future use.

STEP 5: Ban domestic export of rare earth minerals for exclusive future use.

STEP 6: Join WTO while creating regulations that protect local industries and prevent imports.

STEP 7: Force foreign companies in China to cough up their technologies while falsely promising enticing them with access to Chinese markets. Steal the technology, improve upon it, call it Chinese.

STEP 8: Keep the RMB artificially low in order to manipulate and increase export demand while protecting against imports. Flood trading partner markets with low cost finished products that destroy or discourage local industries from forming in trading partners’ countries.

STEP 9: Use the economic might including trade relations to influence world politics like Nobel Prize.

STEP 10: Sell below cost communications systems worldwide that can be interrupted in times of war.

STEP 11: Once the economic war China has begun destroys the tax bases of countries around the world, begin the military war of expansion.

History will record in 2010 - As the US fought the outmoded military war with Korea, Iran, and others, China silently built up it’s power. China bate and switched and “outsmarted” it’s opponents through lop sided trade deals. And, won the economic war only to begin the military war. Millions died. China expanded. The world lost it’s democracies and Asia went the way of Hitler’s dre
You know... being a superpower isn't all its cracked up to be.

Most nations end up hating you no matter what you do and eventually you go broke.

For example, when you pick sides in other nations' wars, one side instantly hates you. In time the other side will come to despise you too because you didn't help them in exactly the way/timeframe they wanted or they resent you because they are unable to help themselves.

It ain't a lot of fun and the rewards you get are endless involvement in faraway wars, disdain from foreign intellectuals who will see you as overpowered and heavy handed, attacks from religious fanatics who see you as corrupt and weak, and hostility from enemies and "allies" alike. Oh yeah... and mountains of un-repayable debt.

Hopefully you'll truly help people along the way. Doing thankless things like taking the lead in humanitarian disasters like the Haiti earthquake, fighting malaria and hunger in Africa, or funding massive medical efforts in third world countries to confront or eradicate chronic diseases. These are necessary endeavors only a superpower can effectively perform but they are also costly and you won't get any credit for them.

So good luck on your rise.
Enjoy it while you can.

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You know... being a superpower isn't all its cracked up to be.

Most nations end up hating you no matter what you do and eventually you go broke.

For example, when you pick sides in other nations' wars, one side instantly hates you. In time the other side will come to despise you too because you didn't help them in exactly the way/timeframe they wanted or they resent you because they are unable to help themselves.

It ain't a lot of fun and the rewards you get are endless involvement in faraway wars, disdain from foreign intellectuals who will see you as overpowered and heavy handed, attacks from religious fanatics who see you as corrupt and weak, and hostility from enemies and "allies" alike. Oh yeah... and mountains of un-repayable debt.

Hopefully you'll truly help people along the way. Doing thankless things like taking the lead in humanitarian disasters like the Haiti earthquake, fighting malaria and hunger in Africa, or funding massive medical efforts in third world countries to confront or eradicate chronic diseases. These are necessary endeavors only a superpower can effectively perform but they are also costly and you won't get any credit for them.

So good luck on your rise.
Enjoy it while you can.

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How tough are the Chinese when it comes to war? Can they really stand up against the US military?American's talk a lot of trash but statistically speaking if China chose to cut America off we would suffer far more than our generation has ever. You know... being a superpower isn't all its cracked up to be.

Most nations end up hating you no matter what you do and eventually you go broke.

For example, when you pick sides in other nations' wars, one side instantly hates you. In time the other side will come to despise you too because you didn't help them in exactly the way/timeframe they wanted or they resent you because they are unable to help themselves.

It ain't a lot of fun and the rewards you get are endless involvement in faraway wars, disdain from foreign intellectuals who will see you as overpowered and heavy handed, attacks from religious fanatics who see you as corrupt and weak, and hostility from enemies and "allies" alike. Oh yeah... and mountains of un-repayable debt.

Hopefully you'll truly help people along the way. Doing thankless things like taking the lead in humanitarian disasters like the Haiti earthquake, fighting malaria and hunger in Africa, or funding massive medical efforts in third world countries to confront or eradicate chronic diseases. These are necessary endeavors only a superpower can effectively perform but they are also costly and you won't get any credit for them.

So good luck on your rise.
Enjoy it while you can.

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Maybe we can get China to distroy Washington DC.. I'm sure both countries would be better off for it.

How is that "change you can believe in" working for ya?USA is suffering from insecurity because tent cities are growing and stamp collectors? food stamp collectors are growing? Tea party are restless, sovereign citizens are restless..and they can't do anything except whine about China's slave wage? USA should sell her gold holdings..The amount of censorship on this thread is more proof that the US has a greater enemy in our midst than any foreign power one could imagine. And I thought the Chinese censors were bad! Who are you that would delete one of my comments then refuse to post my last one? Please move to China where such nonsense is encouraged.China is the new RULER OF THE WORLD.
forget fraud usa - a country of thives who stole land from Indians.China is so poor, Chinese tourists spend billions in London alone for shopping..China is so poor China bought Greece's debt..portugal..and US treasuries..and because of these, China is being raped internationally by the US led gangs..slave wages? China is the leading buyer of those branded cars from Europe..China is so poor, US government is blackmailing the country.
I respect Ron Paul. And believe me when I say that's rare for me to respect a politician. As for Palin...that fool needs to go back to Alaska. I've got as much confidence in her as I do a dead battery.For a long time we were taught to fear the Soviet Union, now we're being trained to fear the terrorists, and some are promoting the idea that we should fear the Chinese, a nation that is spending less than a tenth of what we spend on our military. When FDR said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself," too many of you weren't listening...Let's get back to the fearless attitude that made this nation creative and fully alive, and leave the fear mongers where they belong, in the turbulent worries of their own tortured conscience.If Obama will honestly ask China to write-off some of the debts..China might agree, instead of threatening China with those aircraft Carrier groups and F-22..China is shivering in fear with USA's mafia like diplomacy..blackmailing is never good...someone lamented why with the oppression in Xinjiang, muslims are killing US marines? Well, because those in Xinjiang know they are just pawns and their enemy is US led axis of allies? LOL..axis of allies.
I am a 21-year-old Chinese woman. I was born in China. I came to the USA when I was 17. Let me tell you something about. The men of China, like the men of any other nation of the world, will favor girl-children over boy-children. China is just as anti-boy as all other parts of the world. This means girls can do whatever they want to boys and boys are not allowed to defend themselves. If a boy stands up for himself against a girl, the adult male on-lookers will form a lynch mob and seriously-injure the boy.

When my girlfriends and I were aged 10 to 13, we would exploit this anti-boy sexism and bully boys. To make matters worse, this is the age group in which girls are stronger and more aggressive than boys. We stopped bullying boys when we turned 14. At 14, us girls softened up.

Anyways, when us girls were ages 10 to 13, we did some very cruel and disgusting things to boys and we got away with it. We bullied boys because we were bored of schoolwork. Our boredom turned to violence, which we directed against boys because boys were easy targets.

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Why criticize China ?
They create 500,000 to 900,000 jobs a month for their people. What's our problem ?I am voting with my wallet...I try to buy nothing anymore...oil money goes to our enemies...imports from china goes to our enemies.....lets pay our enemies to kill us....China does EVERYTHING right. @#$%. We can't win this one. But then, we are not even trying.we chinese just trying to live peace. why west powers always have to be bully us? they already have such big ***** and we have small *****. Obviously we cannot meet their standards so we try run country our own way. Why such big country in west still need come bother us everyday?China owns a lot of our debt. Pray that it doesn't call it in. We will be bankrupt and at its mercy (and it doesn't know the meaning of mercy).one more sign the us is tanking. we think the recession/depression is over because china's imports to the us are going strong. how are our exports doing?????????????? the us is flipping over. just like the old gold fish in the bowl. we'll soon be in the toilet thanks to the self-serving government. hey, let's worry about giving illegal immigrants benefits.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In the 1950's the communists said they would take over the united states without firing a shot, looks like it might happen.The American "Middle Class" can only afford to buy "Made In China" goods because they has given too much of their Wealth to the "Very Rich". The "Very Rich" could afford to buy "Made in the USA" goods but their Stocks wouldn't pay as high Dividends. The US "Middle Class" will soon become the US "Mexican Class". The Good News (according to FAUX News) is when $1 US = 1 Peso the Chinese will start Outsourcing to the USA. Then "Boo Hoo Beck" and his Listeners will really have something to cry about.America has been OUTSOURCED to EVERYONE!! We as a Nation will fall if we don't STOP corrupt American Corporations!!!! and STOP Obama!!!The leaders in China do what is in the best interest of their country. The leaders in the US do what is in the best interest of multinational corporations.While China controls its booming economy, America struggles with gays in the military and tax cuts for the rich! Certainly looks like that diet of salt and fat and watching lugs run into themselves trying to move a ball is the road to success! No fiddling while the counrty burns here!Stupid Americans & other countries should be ashamed of themselves to give away their manufacturing jobs & even their money to China. Just to save a little money for consumers & make huge profits for the importers. You will receive the right punishment for your self-serving actions shortly.
Truth Has Fallen and Taken Liberty With It

Good Bye: Truth Has Fallen and Taken Liberty With It 2008 08 13 robertsbig

Paul Craig Roberts Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Americans have bought into the government’s claim that security requires the suspension of civil liberties and accountable government. Astonishingly, Americans, or most of them, believe that civil liberties, such as habeas corpus and due process, protect “terrorists,” and not themselves. Many also believe that the Constitution is a tired old document that prevents government from exercising the kind of police state powers necessary to keep Americans safe and free.

Most Americans are unlikely to hear from anyone who would tell them any different.

I was associate editor and columnist for the Wall Street Journal. I was Business Week’s first outside columnist, a position I held for 15 years. I was columnist for a decade for Scripps Howard News Service, carried in 300 newspapers. I was a columnist for the Washington Times and for newspapers in France and Italy and for a magazine in Germany. I was a contributor to the New York Times and a regular feature in the Los Angeles Times. Today I cannot publish in, or appear on, the American “mainstream media.”

For the last six years I have been banned from the “mainstream media.” My last column in the New York Times appeared in January, 2004, coauthored with Democratic U.S. Senator Charles Schumer representing New York. We addressed the offshoring of U.S. jobs. Our op-ed article produced a conference at the Brookings Institution in Washington, D.C. and live coverage by C-Span. A debate was launched. No such thing could happen today.

For years I was a mainstay at the Washington Times, producing credibility for the Moony newspaper as a Business Week columnist, former Wall Street Journal editor, and former Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury. But when I began criticizing Bush’s wars of aggression, the order came down to Mary Lou Forbes to cancel my column.

The American corporate media does not serve the truth. It serves the government and the interest groups that empower the government.

America’s fate was sealed when the public and the anti-war movement bought the government’s 9/11 conspiracy theory. The government’s account of 9/11 is contradicted by much evidence. Nevertheless, this defining event of our time, which has launched the US on interminable wars of aggression and a domestic police state, is a taboo topic for investigation in the media. It is pointless to complain of war and a police state when one accepts the premise upon which they are based.

These trillion dollar wars have created financing problems for Washington’s deficits and threaten the U.S. dollar’s role as world reserve currency. The wars and the pressure that the budget deficits put on the dollar’s value have put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block. Former Goldman Sachs chairman and U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson is after these protections for the elderly. Fed chairman Bernanke is also after them. The Republicans are after them as well. These protections are called “entitlements” as if they are some sort of welfare that people have not paid for in payroll taxes all their working lives.

With over 21 per cent unemployment as measured by the methodology of 1980, with American jobs, GDP, and technology having been given to China and India, with war being Washington’s greatest commitment, with the dollar over-burdened with debt, with civil liberty sacrificed to the “war on terror,” the liberty and prosperity of the American people have been thrown into the trash bin of history.

The militarism of the U.S. and Israeli states, and Wall Street and corporate greed, will now run their course. As the pen is censored and its might extinguished, I am signing off.
The chinese government does things that takes care of its nation. the U.S. government does things that takes care of the heads of multinational conglomerate corporationsIn less then 5 years, middle class americans will be employed by Chinese, Indian, Brazilian and other rising
stars for a less than minimum wage. They will also purchase most of americas prized heritage and subject
all employees to accept their culture and who is to blame? Yourselves!!! For letting your government get
away with the sellout of america. I would like to be here to experience the forthcoming change but sadly
it is not included in my destiny. I do wish the best for a failing America but we had our moment in time and let it go so easily. Can no one actually see the handwriting on the wall? This, like everything in life is part of
the cycle and the cycle never ends but it changes. Look back in history, since the beginning of man.
Every President since Regan should be arrested and tried for treason.

The richest 10% own 90% of the wealth of this country and they are moving it out of the country...China, India, israel...Americas wealth is being sent overseas...The next generation of Americans are screwed...they have no future. all of this was forseen, but our our so called leaders sold us out so that they could get rich.

down with all of them...this is not the America I fought for.Every President since Regan should be arrested and tried for treason.

The richest 10% own 90% of the wealth of this country and they are moving it out of the country...China, India, israel...Americas wealth is being sent overseas...The next generation of Americans are screwed...they have no future. all of this was forseen, but our our so called leaders sold us out so that they could get rich.

down with all of them...this is not the America I fought for.The "cost of production" is a measure of a society's efficiency. The number includes food, housing, education, pensions, government overhead, etc. The current standard is set by China and India. In these ultra-low wage countries, the cost of production is about $10 per worker per week. If a location does not compare, then commerce relocates.
Corporate America is killing our country with their greed but at the end the wealthy Americans will hurt more than anyone which is coming .God will serve justice !while they get trained over there, then, they move here for a hirer paying job. India is taking over our middle classWe keep sending our sons and daughters to fight foreign wars, supposedly to defend the USA. But this country feels no obligation to these kid's futures. That's just not right.Congress must pass legislation to force American companies to return manufacturing facilities back to the U.S or face massive tariffs as punishment and same thing with the high pay jobs outsourced .Why are we making China rich they are communist and potentially our enemy , make them too rich and they may use that wealth to conquer us. The India,s are pulling money from our country in the trillions ,wake up folks our Congressmen and CEO,s are selling our country and ruining our lives.Well are you happy Free Trade and Less regulations and propoganda Tea Baggers? thanks to your new GOP Tea Bag Militia leaders this will continue to happen the enemy is from within and the enemies are our Fellow Americans not hiring usAnyone remember who those d******ds were who voted in NAFTA? And the same corporate mentality is at work still: profits above all! Screw the American worker to please the stockholders and fatten the obscenely rich elites. A writer in the article says foreign markets have a "middle class not saddled with debt". WE used to have a middle class, but no more! And the disappearance of it is DIRECTLY related to our govt's incredibly short-sighted foreign policies.
Obama has the battle of a lifetime ahead of him.
Big business dug their claws in deep during the last administration
Those that believe in the "republican " view of things have missed one vital point .
It has gone way beyond conservative v liberal .
Republicans aren't republicans anymore , any shred of decency in the old party has been replaced by full on corporate greed.
Dare say some of our allies are licking their chops waiting for that to happen.
The USa would still be a formidable military adversary , but why fire a shot when our own business leaders are giving us up.
The time is coming when there will be a very real collapse of our economy.
It has not sunk in to enough people yet.
It might hit home when their children & grandchildren come looking for help.
What Obama has to sell is the grand idea of America first.
Good luck with that.
It's an awful lot like the sinking of the Titanic.
A grand idea that literally sank with almost all hands because of elitist views class distinction & arrogance ,