Judicial-Inc Shut Down by "Military Order"

After noticing more and more blogs disappearing, I was surprised to find judicial-inc.biz down. This is the message on the site...

In a highly unusual move the Judicial website has been shut down be what appears to be a military order. You have to wonder what was so exciting about a website that basically discusses articles that come off Reuters, the Washington Post, CNN, etc, and adds an opinion.
This really gets down to a 'Freedom of Speech' issue.
Anyone have anymore information??


Did the FBI serve a GAG order on Judicial?

Nothing like freedom of speech, just don't try and practice that right or you'll get kicked off the web or worse.
Poster: brewster
Date: May 16, 2008 10:07:43am
Forum: announcements
Subject: FBI Gag order against the Internet Archive is rescinded
The Internet Archive was served a National Security Letter by the FBI demanding information about a patron of the Archive. The Archive fought it with the help of the EFF and ACLU.
We won.
We can now talk about it, and what it is like to get a secret demand. We hope that this will be useful for the others that will receive these powerful demands.
Washington Post
Senators send letter to FBI (non-secret)
More information:
KQED Audio
OnTheMedia audio
Toledo Op-ed
St Louis Column
SF Chronicle
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Greg Bacon

Judicial Inc

Actually, I find this to be very, very disturbing if it's real. Perhaps we are further along into Bolshevism than we think. Ew my...


The last lead article I saw on there was about the meth lab at the packing plant in IOWA.  Can't even resurect it from archives or cache.

RE: Judicial

I must say, though, that he did have a lot of military info on his site (Skunk or whoever), so there may be a legitimate reason for the military issuing a gag. Who knows...this country is going downtown and this makes that clear. America has been at eternal war (since the Yankees mass-murdered Amerindians and stole their land in Murderfest Destiny): to what end? I find it odd that Zionists destroy any hope of achieving anything by breaking the very nations that support their antics. Perhaps, being Satanic, they simply cannot help themselves.

you know..

..the military uses CRYSTAL METH PILLS TOO! They're called GO PILLS. Some overzealous, cracked out and over-tired zoo.sA pilots bombed 4 Canadians to death awhile back, and got away with it too.
..not-so friendly fire.. fixx the pipe!! er.. kill! kill!! kill4pills!!

The US Army has excellent speed

Back in my service days, someone in supply got hold of some military issued benzedrine.
They were 10 mg pills and came in a foil wrapper that was of course, OD Green.
That stuff was wicked. And pure. It could keep a person alert and very active for at least 24 hours.
Greg Bacon

Sounds like ZOG has the definite plan to attack Iran

or Syria, and they issued the order to suppress the particular web sites that, through conjectural, know WAY too much than U.S. Zionist Occupied Government would care to keep the lid sealed regarding treachery and sabotage using the expendable U.S. Armed Forces for Israel's security.
Fuck Imperial Militant America and Zionist regime of Israel, their days will be numbered when they mess with Iran...and Russia. Shanghai Cooperation Organization. World War III.

By the way, it could be that Skunk got a military gag because...

...he is proven correct speculating that Israeli mercs and Mossad agents run all over Iraq killing and sabotaging American/Coalition military and covert mass-destruction vehicle andbuilding (2/22/2006 Al-Askari Mosque) bombing & IED operations.
I believe this to be a fact, because the more chaos in Iraq, the stronger the reason for U.S. to stay "indefinitely" in permanent occupation. Precisely what the Zionists wanted to surround Iran as a challenger.
When the next false flag attack happen or the attack on Iran/Syria goes FUBAR, there will be a draft reinstated to retrieve the overstretched U.S. volunteer military by overwhelming media propaganda and corrupt AIPAC-bought Washington politicians screaming for blood and revenge.

A few questions for you guys

 So my questions are who has the right to shut a website down? Was Judicial.biz contacted directly by the FBI or Military or did they directly contact the web hoster? Another observation if the Military shut this website down then why would a front page be allowed to be posted? Cease and desist means exactly that- stop everything! So why the front page making a vague accusation? Lastly, why create a public stink when a well timed server attack would accomplish as much without any hoopla? So lets look at the facts:
1. Judicial.biz has a front page with a vague accusation about a military order. (who has the website passwords and uploaded the current front page?)
2. The Internet Archive was served a National Security Letter. (was this in reference the Judicial .biz?)
Lastly what is the connection between the NSL that Internet Archives received and Judicial.biz?

Actually Latin

the owner of the site would still be able to upload to his server, just not the actual site itself. It is the CONTENT that's the problem. If he uploaded some pretty pink ponies I don;t think the Feds would lurch on it.

Ehud follow my logic

Let us imagine that this site is considered dangerous. Lets say some sort of cease and desist order was issued by some authority. Then it would mean that the website owner had to taken down. It is clear that the website is being taken down for some content violation. So why would the "authority allowed a content violator to continue to post? It is doubtful that the Authorities have some sort of website babysitter just waiting to catch this repeat offender. Some smells rotten with this story.

Judicial Inc Kosher Meth

I live in the minneapolis area and if there is a meth lab in Postville IA im sure some of it came up here. I personally have numerous horror stories to tell of people I know who have suffered because of this addiction. Having a brother who is currently in high school, I know that meth is still a problem. The meth lab story has been covered up in the mainstream so far and it is possible that this was the final straw  for judicial inc.

The Agriprocessors/ illegal

The Agriprocessors/ illegal aliens/ meth lab story was not the last lead story printed by Judicial Inc.. I think about 6 or 7 came after it. Though I cannot specifically recall his latest story.


Cool, thanks. I do seem to recall that it had been moved back up, after falling to about 6 or 7-- but I could be wrong. He'd been putting up a lot of different entries lately.

Last I saw

Perused it last night.  There were photos of the US military firing squads executing hundreds of WW2 German pows with Browning 1919s at Dachau.  I believe that was the last post.

WorldWarThreeNews (

WorldWarThreeNews ( http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=WorldWarThreeNews&p=r ) says this (and more) over at The Information Underground (which seems logical and important enough that I feel compelled to share it):
has been shutdown by "military order". This, we believe, is because of intelligence pointing to the planned false flag attack on the USS Kitty Hawk. A change of command has taken place on the Kitty. Just as they replaced Admiral Fallon in favor of the Jew, Petraeus.
As I have said elsewhere, the order has already been given. If the Kitty Hawk is attacked YOU MUST wage war, unforgiving and TOTAL WAR against your owners. Period."

What the Fek?

The entire message deserves and requires re-posting:
"Author Message
  WorldWarThree   Post subject: USS Kitty Hawk - False Flag Attack by JewsPosted: Sat May 17, 2008 12:21 am 

Joined: Thu Apr 24, 2008 6:16 am
Posts: 41

 http://www.Judicial-inc.biz has been shutdown by "military order". This, we believe, is because of intelligence pointing to the planned false flag attack on the USS Kitty Hawk. A change of command has taken place on the Kitty. Just as they replaced Admiral Fallon in favor of the Jew, Petraeus.
As I have said elsewhere, the order has already been given. If the Kitty Hawk is attacked YOU MUST wage war, unforgiving and TOTAL WAR against your owners. Period.
Regardless of whether she is attacked or not, total war must be your undying objective.
Do not let these Americans be attacked.
Who rose for the children of Waco, the children of the Murray Building (OK City) or the people of the Twin Towers? Cut the coward by his throat as he tells you to stay put! Cut him by his throat as his worthless cowardly bones see our children perish. The coward DOES NOTHING for our children. Nothing!
And if spreading awareness of this attack does not stop it, then wage complete and unforgiving war against them. You MUST NOT let your countrymen die. String up the soothsayer and the coward by his neck. This we demand. They are useless eaters who want to feed off our muscle and courage and preach their worthless word while REAL men die; while REAL men protect their right to speak their useless bullshit!
Their greatest art has been to pacify us.
We forbid that even a kind word is given to these criminals unless it brings your blade closer to their neck!
Thirty-thousand children die each day in light of these criminals while they spread Depleted Uranium all over the Middle East and poison our people by food and water.
Those who attempt to pacify us will be blotted out with them. We prefer that their bellies will be opened so that they should be hung by their intestines. But deal death to them as you see fit!
YOU may not see real freedom but our children MUST SEE IT!
- John"


I never saw the Dachau POW article, but I remember the Kitty Hawk article and how it was the target because it was being decommissioned in 09 - cheaper to sink it in the Gulf. That may have been the last article I saw, but I remember reading that Kitty Hawk stuff somewhere else too.

I've said it before that putting your instincts out on the net on these false flags really could be spoiling their plan. Worse that can happen is you'lll be wrong, and we've all been there before.
Hell, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Well said, and here's the

Well said, and here's the link to worldwarthreenews' comments: http://theinfounderground.com/forum/index.php , in case some of you fine, real people (CMM, CoZ, Grim, Greg, Rhiannion, etc., etc., etc.) ever find the time and the desire to pop in over there. (At least they haven't thrown me out yet, and I'm striving not to step in it too often, because another very fine and real forum it is indeed.)

Judicial-Inc's Host, Blue Host, says...

This morning, i contacted Blue Host, on their live chat forum, to ask about the suspension of Judical-inc.
This is their reply:
Dawson [4:45:29 AM]: Type in your MAIN DOMAIN name if you have an account with us. Ask your questions in FULL SENTENCES as each answer may take 2 to 4 minutes.
FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [4:45:29 AM]: I am trying to find one of my favorite sites on the web that is hosted by Bluehost, but can;t access the site, due to a message from Bh about the account being suspended. The site is called Judicial-inc.biz When will the site be un-suspended?
Dawson [4:50:35 AM]: Let me check that.
[4:51:32 AM]: The owner has to contact us about that one.
[4:51:49 AM]: We don't have a date for it to be unsuspended.
Greg Bacon

Judicial is an old website, so this is odd

The latest articles were on a possible False Flag attack on a US carrier - the Kitty Hawk. The Juba sniper has gone wild in hits, and some theories like the OKC bomb are becoming very popular
To just suspend a large website, with no notice, ia highly unusual.


For my money it's the Kitty Hawk story that got the site down. A story about Zionist drug runners is interesting but hardly unusual for Judicial, whereas the Kitty Hawk thesis would be enough to get the fascists hopping.
An aged carrier heading to the breakers, relieves the flight officer in disgrace. That ship was going to be sunk on route, and judicial and others are spoiling the plot. If they are as confident in their criminality as they seem, they'll sink it anyway. We may know what's goin on, but most don't. 911 was forecast by truthtellers and fiction, but that didn't stop them levelling the buildings.
Supremacists are supremely arrogant. If they go ahead I hope the US military wakes un enmass and starts to gun these vermin down in their lairs.


Light M. [2:03:28 PM]: Hello how are you today? FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [2:03:28 PM]: I am trying to find one of my favorite sites on the web that is hosted by Bluehost, but can;t access the site, due to a message from Judicial-inc.biz the account being suspended. Moreover they have posted this message on their front page"In a h Light M. [2:03:46 PM]: Sorry since you are not the account owner I cannot give you any information relating to the suspension of there site FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [2:05:37 PM]: I guess my question is - Is it suspended? THEY HAVE A FRONT PAGE UP. Light M. [2:06:04 PM]: Cannot say FIRST TIME SALES QUESTION [2:06:10 PM]: aNYWAY THANK YOU FOR YOU HELP

Military Order?

In a democracy and certainly not under the US Constitution there is no such thing as a "Military Order".
If there is anything in this it is a clear sign that the US citizens have to fight for their rights as citizens.

10/17/2008 update

GoDaddy is the registrar of the domain name 'Judicial-inc.biz' and they suspened/revoked the domain.
In a 1 in 100,000 you can get a host pulled, but the odds of getting a domain name suspended is one in a million. The first thing you do is transfer the domain to a safe registrar, but GoDaddy locked it.
GoDaddy donated $4.5 mill to McCain and Judicial was getting 2000 hits a day on it's website about mcCain.