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Calling the Emperor's Bluff

September 16, 2006

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

What do Henry Kissinger, George W. Bush, Charles Krauthammer, George Soros and the Pope have in common?

They are all Illuminati talking heads and, except for Soros, last week they were all beating the drum  for a completely gratuitous and fatal  "clash of civilizations" i.e. A Third World War.

Soros, on the other had, was actually making sense. Unfortunately, only "Cybercast News Service" covered it.

"Billionaire philanthropist George Soros compared the Bush administration to socialist and communist regimes Thursday while criticizing America's war on terror.

The liberal political activist said the U.S. strategy of fighting a "war" against terrorism is "false" and a "dismal and disheartening situation."

Soros told an audience at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, "We are working with a very false frame when we talk about a 'war on terror,' and yet it is universally accepted.

"Everybody now recognizes that invasion of Iraq was a real blunder, but the war on terror is still the frame that is accepted by Democrats and Republicans alike," Soros claimed. "It is a false, misleading, counterproductive, destructive frame."

I wish Soros' speech represented genuine backtracking and search for sanity by the Illuminati. More likely it is  an attempt by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers to wrest control from the bumbling Bush. While they are most responsible for 9-11 and the war on terror, they want to take advantage of the groundswell against the beleaguered President by creating a false opposition.

One thing is certain. The war on terror is an elite-induced collective delusion. George W. Bush is the "Emperor without clothes." According to the German Intelligence Agency (BND), Bush received three exact prior warnings of 9-11 from Germany, France and Russia, and suppressed them. George W. Bush is the terrorist he warns against.

The German Intelligence Report is authentic in my opinion. The German government was asked  to repudiate it and declined. No one has been able to refute a detail in 4 years.
The Report contains information that no hoaxer would have had. For example, it states that the Mossad financed its 9-11 related operations by dealing ecstasy in the USA. The drug dealing was later confirmed by a DEA report. The Report refers to a secret meeting July 11, 2001 when the US informed Russia and Pakistan of its plans to attack Afghanistan in October.

You cannot watch the new documentary "9-11 Press for Truth" without concluding that the Bush administration is stonewalling on 9-11. The film documents the fruitless efforts of 9-11 families to get credible explanations.
Bush and Cheney act like guilty men: they actually refused to testify under oath at the 9-11 Commission! Afterward, Bush had the audacity to say "I'm glad I took the time." Remember 9-11 was the excuse to rip up the Constitution he was sworn to protect.
The film goes on to reveal another disturbing possibility: that the CIA is still backing the Taliban through the Pakistani ISI. The CIA, like the Mossad and MI-6, represents the illuminati bankers. Their agenda is to degrade the United States by costly wars and fold it into a New World Order. "9-11 Press for Truth" examines how the US let Bin Laden escape from Tora Bora and allowed an air evacuation of Taliban leaders and soldiers from the city of Konduz.

Last week NBC's Lisa Meyer reported that a US military drone was prevented from attacking a large group of Taliban assembled for a funeral due to "rules of engagement." I am against the US-NATO invasion of Afghanistan, but this is reminiscent of Korea and Vietnam, where the US was hamstrung by the Illuminati.

"9-11 Press for Truth" fails to mention the Mossad role but we need to welcome all works that bring some truth to light. This film is part of the effort to pin all the blame on Bush and the Republicans, but these days half-the-truth is better than none-at-all. Of course, Larry Silverstein and the New York Democratic Party establishment is also complicit.

In general, the "9-11 Truth movement" is our best hope to restore sanity and resist fascism. It is the child that said the "Emperor has no clothes."The heroes of 9-11 Truth are individuals. Steve in Aspen CO. is showing 9-11 films on the local cable access channel. Joe here in Winnipeg has made thousands of 9-11 DVD's at his own expense and distributed them to strangers.  Neil has a new site which offers streaming videos. We must recognize and support efforts like these. Let's have  workshops, parties or concerts focused on getting the word out.

We cannot understand the world unless we appreciate it is largely controlled by the London-based central bankers who have finagled a monopoly on the credit of most nations. "Money" is an interest-bearing loan to the government that the bankers created out of nothing.  In order to protect this lucrative but larcenous racket the bankers are determined to enslave us using sophisticated means of mind and social control.
Jesse Helms was no conspiracy theorist. But in a speech to Congress Dec. 15 1987, the future Senate Majority Leader warned that the "Eastern establishment" was waging "systematic psychological warfare" against the American people to establish a world government. He traced this drive to the  Federal Reserve System.
Obviously the Illuminati bankers don't believe in a God of Love. The progenitors of Communism, they worship Lucifer whose rebellion against God inspires them to deny  nature (eg. male-female differences) and spiritual realities like truth and justice. They want to define reality for their own ends. They want to be god.  Their latest invention is 9-11 and the war on terror. Exploding this hoax is crucial to the rule of God on earth.
CNN's Jamie McIntyre "From my close-up inspection, there is no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon"
 In an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Soros says Bush's statements reminded him of Hitler.

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