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Islam vs. New World Order: Battle Lines are Drawn

January 29, 2002
by Henry Makow Ph.D.

Take a look at "Debka-Net Weekly" for a glimpse of the possible next round in the "war on terror." This Israeli-based "intelligence service" reported this week that Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Iraq have quietly entered into mutual defense and trade agreements. Syria and Yasser Arafat are also partners.
Opposing them, Debka reports Egypt's Mubarak has thrown in with the US, Israel, Jordan and the EU. Apparently, Arafat has been plotting against both Mubarak and Jordan's Abdullah. Debka says Israel is preparing a major offensive against the Palestinians. This could quickly become a regional war.
Time will tell whether this scenario is Israeli propaganda or not. Certainly George Bush has been distancing himself from Yasser Arafat lately and giving Ariel Sharon carte blanche. Saudi Arabia has been critical of this US policy and has hinted at asking American troops to leave. The Palestinian arms ship "Karine-A" demonstrates a direct link between Iran and Palestine. Debka says Saudi Arabia paid for the Iranian arms.
If Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia have indeed allied, it is because they perceive they are the next targets in the "war on terror." The Saudi monarchy may feel it is time to get in sync with the anti American feelings of their population. The web site of the Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia reports that 95% of Saudis celebrated the news of September 11 and that Osama bin Laden is a hero there.
I have ambivalent feelings about the possible confrontation of the New World Order and Islam. On the one hand, I am Jewish and a Zionist. While I do not embrace Israel's every deed, I do believe Jews have a right to a homeland in Israel.
Naturally, I am wary of the nuclear bombs that both Iran and Iraq are preparing. Possibly these regimes need to be replaced.
On the other hand, I believe in God and in a Divine Plan. Islam is a theocratic religion and probably the last obstacle to the barren secular materialist vision represented by the New World Order.
To understand the New World Order, I strongly recommend James Perloff's "The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline". I also recommend "Rule by Secrecy" by Jim Marrs.
These books argue convincingly that an international Elite, centered in international banking, oil, intelligence and foreign services, manipulates world events and is responsible for much of our grief. Anyone who is familiar with the hidden history of the attacks on the Lusitania in 1915, and on Pearl Harbor in 1941 will recognize the fingerprint of the Elite in the attack on the World Trade Center. I'm not saying they necessarily did it; but they let it happen. These attacks are used to drive decent, peace loving Americans into war. War, in turn, is used to enact radical social change, in the present case to seize dictatorial powers, increase defense spending, and bring about Elite world government. If this happens, individuals will have as much freedom to express their divinity as chickens in a hatchery.
"The Council on Foreign Relations", a think tank founded in 1921, is a chief instrument of Elite control. According to Perloff, between 1921 and 1988, 14 secretaries of state, 14 treasury secretaries and 11 defense secretaries came from the CFR. Today Dick Cheney and Condoleezza Rice are members. Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, two Defense Department drum beaters for expanded war are members. Conservative Columnist Charles Krauthammer, a cheerleader for the war on terror, is a member. Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather are all members.
I am not a member. I cannot tell you exactly why Islam may be taken behind the woodshed. But I suspect it has something to do with its resistance to secularization, which is seen in its birthrate. As Patrick Buchanan has pointed out in "The Death of the West," the future belongs to people who have children. Islam puts great value on family. The birth rate in Afghanistan is 7 per woman. It is around 4 in the rest of the Moslem world. It is half that in the US; 1.5 in Canada and Europe. Hence the emphasis on spreading "women's rights".
Another reason is that the Iraq and Iran etc. are too independent. Like Slobodan Milosevic of Serbia, they refuse to obey orders and have to be brought into line.
But the agenda may be to wear down both the US and Islam. For example, Perloff presents evidence that Vietnam was used to destroy the US's faith in itself. It certainly succeeded.
If the above scenario is correct, it should begin to play out almost immediately. As usual these days, I hope I'm wrong.
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