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Most people think that marijuana is illegal in the U.S. because the government doesn't want it's citizens getting high. This is not the reason. The U.S. gov't allows it citizens to get drunk. What's the problem with getting high? Alcohol has many more issues than pot, yet it is pot that is illegal. Why? People have been scratching their heads over this one for quite some time. It just doesn't appear to make any sense at all. This is because most of us are not Global Elitist control freaks. If we were...we would understand that legalization of unrestricted marijuana cultivation in the U.S. is the Illuminati's worst nightmare.

Just the image of a tiny hemp seed is enough to send an Illuminist into a cold sweat.

Why? First a little history....

Henry VIII required the cultivation of one quarter acre of hemp for every sixty acres of land under tillage, for maritime purposes in England.

The British began cultivating hemp in its Canadian colonies in 1606, cultivation began for Virginia in 1611. The Pilgrims introduced cultivation to New England as early as 1632, they learned about the cultivation of hemp from the Native Americans people.

Did you know that, in American Colonial times, growing hemp was MANDATORY? The tiny little hemp seed was the very foundation of civilization back then. It was the first of the "Grow Laws."

The first hemp laws in America were passed in 1619 and they were 'must grow' laws. If you were a farmer living in America and you didn't grow hemp, you would be jailed or kicked out of the country as a non patriot. These first laws were put in place by the Colonist Government of Great Britain. In 1773 and again in 1776, ( the year the Declaration of Independence was signed).  American made their own must grow laws. At that time, it was one of the most widely used plants in the world.  Fact - Cannabis hemp was legal tender (money) in most of  America from 1631 until the early 1800s. Thomas Jefferson risked his life bring  hemp seeds to America from overseas. Benjamin Franklin, started the first paper mill in America and all of the paper was made out of hemp. Wars were fought over hemp and without it, America never would have won the Revolutionary war.

Foreign trade and a great deal of commerce in general upon it. Ever sail a boat without rigging or canvas? The very word “canvas” is derived from “cannabis.” Without the rope fashioned from hemp, there would be no ships carrying pilgrims,
and without the white man, Native Americans would, perhaps, still be hunting buffalo on the great plains.

Without hemp, the entire slave trade may have never been born. 

Kids in America are taught that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were both Virginia planters. We weren't told that they were hemp farmers. 

Hemp is perhaps the world's most versatile plant.

In the old days, if you owned land and DID NOT grow hemp, you were fined or sent to the stockade.

So, what happened?

The first law against hemp was passed in 1937. This law was totally unconstitutional, but it took until 1968 for the Supreme court to agree that it was unconstitutional. In 1970-1972 American tax dollars paid to find out what to do about the hemp laws. 

Experts came back to president Nixon with this: Hemp is non-addictive, it is not a stepping stone to harder drugs, in fact it should not be in any drug category at all. They said there was nothing bad or dangerous about using hemp. Nixon didn't like hemp and went against what the experts told him and pushed to have laws passed against it on the grounds that it has no medicinal value.

Why are people sitting in jail today for growing cannabis?

I suggest that the tiny hemp seeds are a major threat to the Illuminati. If there were not U.S. laws prohibiting hemp cultivation the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, would have to pack up their show and get real jobs.


The Illuminati rule the globe through a centralized money supply system. The system is intrinsically tied to the concept of energy. Banking essentially transfers money from A to B. Money is an imaginary concept that mimics the characteristics of energy. For the money system to work it needs to work in tandem, with real energy. The source of real energy is fuel.  
Monopolizing fuel is an essential ingredient to the grand scheme of the Illuminati. They must have  centralized, monopolized control over fuel (latent) and its (active). 
There are many things that we all have in common. Movement is one of the most basic things that can be controlled. If our movement can be controlled, then we can be controlled. The first step to acquiring control over a population is to control it's fuel source.

It was why the Illuminati conquest of England was so important (coal) in the 17th century,

 and it was why the Middle East conquest was so important (oil) in the  20th century.

It is the very reason U.S. troops are in Afghanistan today (see TAPI pipeline). 
Fossil fuels are capable of monopolization because they don't grow on trees.

Hemp, on the other hand, threatens the Illuminati system of monopolized fuel because, not only is it an excellent biofuel but it grows like a weed

(because  it IS a weed). A weed is even easier to cultivate than a tree. Weeds are theoretically impossible to monopolize. Anyone with land or NEAR land (everyone)...can grow a weed successfully!

What can be easier? Impossible to monopolize and therefore a threat to the very core of the Illuminati’s scheme, hemp is more powerful than it may seem. 
Where unable to control hemp cultivation,

 the Illuminati simply outlawed hemp thus insuring that their  monopoly over fossil fuels is protected.

 The Illuminati only allow hemp cultivation in areas where they can exercise total control like China.

 The world's biggest producer of hemp is China which is the completely subservient to the Illuminati. China can easily produce enough hemp to fuel the world's needs forever. But China is not allowed to do that. Not now. China grows hemp for all purposes except biofuel. Isn't that a curiosity?

Here is a snippet from a Green article that I stumbled upon comparing the best known biofuel crops, hemp and sugarcane, calling hemp "Even better, but out of reach":

“...hemp is argued to be an even closer-to-perfect biofuel crop than even sugarcane, not least because it requires such little land to grow on. But it is illegal to grow in the U.S. (for the most part), and has not made much more headway overseas. Its limited availability thus makes it an impractical suggestion as a fuel source on a mass scale.”
“Its limited availability thus makes it an impractical suggestion as a fuel source on a mass scale.”
This is so by design. Illuminati design.

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