Monday, March 25, 2013

CAN'T WE START TO TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN PROBLEMS HERE AT HOME AND LET THE REST OF THE WORLD TAKE CARE OF THEIRS ???Wall Street and American corporations continue making record profits and paying themselves HUGE bonuses. CEO compensation is up 27% for 2010 -- the largest pay increases in history. The richest 400 Americans have more wealth than half of all American households combined while the effective tax rate on the nation’s richest has fallen by half in the last 20 years. And the top 1% control 40% of the nation's wealth.

Two-thirds of American corporations pay ZERO income tax while hiding massive profits in off-shore accounts. And, as the United States fights two colonial wars over oil, speculators and oil companies haven driven oil and food to prices unaffordable for many Americans. And still our government gives BILLIONS in billions in tax breaks, loopholes, and handouts to oil companies, drug companies, insurance, agri-business, banking and corporations while underwriting and protecting Wall Street banks at taxpayer expense.

Meanwhile, the backbone of America has been all but crushed with ZERO wage growth over multiple decades and nearly 30% of Americans unemployed or underemployed. Forty-five MILLION Americans live in POVERTY, record numbers of veterans are HOMELESS and HUNGRY, one of every four American CHILD LIVES WITH HUNGER, millions have been THROWN INTO THE STREETS by the nation's banks while millions of our nation's youth suffer under PREDATORY student loans, and the only credit to most is USURY or none.

YET we're going to BALANCE THE BUDGET on the backs of the WORKING CLASS, ELDERLY, CHILDREN, VETERANS, POOR and most VULNERABLE??? America DOES NOT have a budget crisis -- it has a MORAL and RESPONSIBILITY CRISIS. Our government has undeniably sold out the public interest while the rich and elite continue stuffing their pockets at YOUR EXPENSE.


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