Sunday, March 24, 2013

One of Peter the Great's orders was worded as follows: "I would rather see Mohammedans and heathens in my country than Jews. The latter are cheats and scoundrels. They do not have permission to settle and set up their affairs here. Despite my instructions, they are attempting to accomplish this by bribing my officials."
Yelizaveta Petrovna, the daughter of Peter the Great, issued the following order: "All Jews, both men and women, irrespective of their position or wealth, must immediately go outside the borders of Russia..."
"Along the Course of the Millennia"
Published by "Molodaya gvardiya", Moscow
1. The repatriation of the Jews out of Russia and into other countries must be furthered in accordance with what the Jews freely state to be their intention.
2. Zionism must be acknowledged to be guilty firstly of the criminal seizure of power during the revolution of October 1917, and secondly of the occupation of Russia by the Zionists.
3. Zionism must be acknowledged to be guilty of unleashing the Red Terror, the Civil War and the genocide of the Russian people.
4. Zionism must be acknowledged to be guilty of robbing the Russian people, destroying Russia and reducing the Russians to a state of humiliating poverty by imposing the Zionist yoke.
5. Zionism must be acknowledged to be guilty of creating the Zionist Communist economy, in which a deficit of basic goods is artificially maintained in the interests of Zionist rule, while the inhabitants of Russia are compelled to stand in ignominious queues in empty shops to obtain the most necessary items.
6. Efforts must be made to place Zionism on public trial.
7. The Zionists must be deported out of Russia.
From the Programme of the Russian Party of Russia.

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