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Re: Gaddafi's son: NATO's goal is to control Libya's wealth

[1] Many thanks to Andie531 for posting these two videos. What an excellent combination!
It isn’t just Libya’s black gold (oil) that the West wants, but Libya’s “blue gold” – that Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System, the only fresh water source of its kind that remains in North Africa and the Middle East, a region now experiencing a permanent drought. As famine sets in (famine has already begun in East Africa) that Libyan aquifer will become as valuable as gold. Two French water firms, the largest in the world (Veolia and Suez S.A.) want to own that aquifer, since they will make countless billions in profit from food grown from the water. Many books have been written about the escalating global water wars. Every IMF or World Bank loan is issued on the condition that the victim nation sells its water supplies to private investors. The human race can survive without oil if necessary, but not without water.
And of course the international bankers wanted to make an example of Khadafy for proposing an alternative to their control of world currency. Plus, Khadafy challenged France’s control over its eleven former colonies in Africa. He also tried to set up Africa’s own satellite communications network. Plus, he was a socialist who provided free education, free medical care, free housing, etc to the citizenry.  
[2] Saif al-Islam Gaddafi speaks English, as does his father, Moamar Khadafy. Syria’s Assad speaks English better than both -- but the Western media will not interview these people, since an interview would “humanize” them. Nor will the media outlets owned by the Gulf oil sheiks (e.g. Al Jazeera). Only RT will interview these people.
[3] Even people who question the attack on Libya believe the lies that Khadafy is a “brutal dictator.” The proof? There is none. Likewise, there is no proof whatever that Syria’s Assad has ordered or condoned the killing of unarmed protesters. Every claim against Syria’s government is sheer propaganda from anti-government “activists.” Look at any article that vilifies Assad from any media outlet you like, from any country you choose. Without exception the media sources are always “activists” who have an incentive to lie.
And yet, 99.9% of the Western masses believe these media lies. No matter how many lies are exposed (e.g. WMDs, 9/11, etc) the masses ALWAYS fall for the next lie they hear.
“Assad is massacring thousands of peaceful demonstrators.” The proof? There is none. Zilch. Zip. The only people killed in Syria are terrorists supported by Israel, Turkey, and the USA -- plus those terrorists’ victims.
Even reoeats most of the lies about Khadafy and all of the lies about Assad.
[4] Syria has been targeted for several reasons:
> Syria’s government does not participate in the global banking system.
> The Russian base at Tartus (in the Mediterranean) must be eliminated.
> The alliance between Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas must be broken.
> Iran must be further isolated.
> The West wants Syria’s oil. Syria is #32 in world oil production. It produces 440k barrels per day, refines about 240k barrels a day, and has 3.16 billion barrels of crude in the ground.
[5] The second video begins with Ramsey Clark, 84, condemning US wars. Clark was US attorney general from 1967-69 when the Johnson administration was radically expanding the US war against Vietnam. He played a role in the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, but he also prosecuted draft resisters. Wouldn’t it be nice if people like this developed their moral consciences while they are still in office? President Jimmy Carter launched the bloody civil wars in El Salvador and Nicaragua, propped up Manuel Noriega in Panama, and helped trigger the beginning of Iraq’s eight-year war with Iran.
[6] I’m glad that Viola Plummer mentions Zimbabwe, whose leader, Robert Mugabe, has been continually vilified by the West because he would not submit to the IMF and World Bank. Hence the international bankers crashed Zimbabwe’s currency.
[7] Cynthia McKinney spoke in the video.  I voted for McKinney in the 2008 Presidential election, and I would vote for her again if she were to run. You may think this is absurd because McKinney only got 0.12% of the vote, but that kind of thinking keeps decent people from ever being elected. I wish people would vote for who they think is the best person, and stop trying to guess who others will vote for.
[8] I agree with much of what Louis Farrakhan says (even though he’s a demagogue), but I become annoyed when he needlessly lies. For example, he claims in the video that Khadafy in his Green Book said that “the Black race shall prevail throughout the world.” Khadafy never made any such claim about Blacks. Indeed his Green Book never mentions race at all. It simply refutes republican (i.e. representative) government as a sham that destroys true democracy, and always leads to plutocracy. The Green Book says that today’s parliamentary-style governments are shams. For Khadafy the only genuine democracy is fully participatory democracy, and the only freedom is a genuine participation in power.
[9] Farrakhan criticizes Russia and China for abstaining from voting on UN Res 1973. I agree. Khadafy wanted to end his contract with Italian oil company Eni, and give the contract to Chinese firms (which had 30,000 employees in Libya). That’s one reason why Italy supports the attack, and lets NATO use Italian bases. Another reason is that Libya’s new (privately owned) central bank was set up through UniCredit SpA, an Italy-based banking organization with over 40 million customers and operations in 22 countries. Prime Minister Berlusconi claims he never supported the attack, but he was “forced” to go along with it. Lies, of course.
It’s too bad that China lets itself be pushed around by the US military. If China resisted, it would put certain limits on US aggression, the way the USSR put certain limits on US aggression. Still, China is winning on the economic front, and defies the WTO. (Not that I admire China. It’s a nation of sweatshops.)
Farrakhan says (and I agree) that if Russia and China really wanted to, they could call for a vote on a new UN Security Council resolution to stop the attack on Libya.
[10] Farrakhan says to the West: “You like war? Great. Allah will give it to you, like you’ve never seen.” Yes. On one side will be the USA, Europe, Canada, and all the nations that readily participate in the international banking system. On the other side will be everyone else.
[11] In the video, Farrakhan quotes the Biblical book of Ezekiel. I dismiss all Jewish filth, including the 40-some books of the Old Testament, plus everything in the New Testament connected with the Jew Paul. If I were a Christian, then the only part of the Bible I would consider worth reading are the first four books of the N.T.
[12] Farrakhan frequently mentions Obama. I think Obama will be re-elected, regardless of how much he is hated, since the only vote that counts is that of Jews, Wall Street, and weapons makers. Jews have questions about Obama, but Wall Street and weapons makers adore him.

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