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The History Of The Emergence Of Shi'ah Religion From appearance, it is difficult to distinguish between the adherents of Islam and Shi'ah. However, once examined more deeply, especially in terms of aqeedah, the difference between the two is like oil and water. Making it impossible for them to be united.
Hundreds Of German Troops And Missile Defense Arrived In Turkey, The Roman Forces Gathered Near Sham, What Will Happen? HATAY, Turkey – The conflict in Syria apparently makes the thaghut regime of Turkey, which is secular, in fear. It requested for reinforcements from its terrorist master America, Holland and the newly arrived Germany to send in the war troops and missile defense in order to prevent the spread of the fighting there.

Monday (21/1/2013), after traversing a sea journey, the Patriot missile defense system belonging to Germany has finally arrived at a port in southern Turkey, “Germany started unpacking missiles at Iskenderun Port, Province of Hatay at 7 AM,” said the report by NTV television station.

Still according to the report, next the Patriot missile defense system will be taken to the South of the province of Kahramanmaras by road. The day before, hundreds of German soldiers who would be operating the Patriot missiles had already arrived in Turkey.

“Around 240 German soldiers arrived at the Incirlik Airbase, in Adana and they will continue the journey to Kahramanmaras Province, the location where the German Patriot missiles will be placed,” said the report by the Anatolian news agency.

The arrival of two Patriot missile systems and hundreds of German soldiers was at the request of Turkey, which proposed for the deployment of Patriot missiles along the borderline of the country which borders with Syria. Turkey worries, the artilleries from the war in Syria between the Mujahideen and thaghut Bashar Al-Assad, would enter into Turkey's territory. The presence of NATO missiles in this region has prompted protests in several countries in the region.

The Romans and The Muslims in Sham

Battle after battle between the Mujahideen in Sham (Syria) and the thaghut regime of Bashar Al-Assad is no different from the other battles between the Mujahideen and the local thaghuts who are helped by the thaghut from the Roman nations, namely the battle between the haq and batil.

However, it cannot be denied that Sham is a place which Allah endows with the abundance of barakah (blessings). And it is the place where, as reported by Rasulullah SAW, Al-Malhamah Al-Kubra takes place, i.e. the great war between the Muslims and the Jews along with the Crusader international – Roman nations.

As Rasulullah SAW said:

“Judgment day will not happen before the Roman troops come to the battlefield in A’maq or Dabiq and then they are confronted by the forces from Madinah (Muslims) from the best of the inhabitants of the Earth on that day….etc.” (HR. Muslim: 5157, Ibnu Hibban in his Saheeh: 6813 (15/224)

Sheikh Yaqut Al-Hamawi rahimahullah said:

“A’maq is mentioned in the hadith about the conquest of Constantinople. He said: “And then the Roman forces go to A’maq and Dabiq. And perhaps there is also a Hadith in the form of jamak (plural) and what is meant is Umuq. Namely a district (small town) near the town of Dabiq between Halab (Aleppo) and Anthakiah.” (Mu’jamul Buldan: 1/222).

Dabiq is an area in Syria near the border with Turkey

Narrated from Yusai bin Jabir: The wind was blowing in Kufah, a man came whose utterance was simply: “Ya Abdullah bin Mas’ud doomsday has come.” Then he sat down and leaned back and then said: “Indeed, doomsday will not happen until the inheritance is no longer given and no more rejoicing with the ghanimah.” He signaled with his hand towards Sham while saying: “There will be enemies who gather to attack the Muslims, then the Muslims gather to resist them.” I said: “You mean the Romans?” he answered: “Yes. At that time, a terrible war will happen…..etc.

Does the gathering of the Roman nations – Crusaders in Turkey's border with Sham (Syria), where their intention is to stem the existence of the Mujahideen and the Muslims after the collapse of the thaghut regime of Bashar, indicate that Al-Malhamah Al-Kubra (great war) will happen?. Wallahu a’lam bisowab.

Allah SWT says:

“And prepare against them whatever you are able of power and of steeds of war by which you may terrify the enemy of Allah and your enemy and others besides them whom you do not know [but] whom Allah knows. And whatever you spend in the cause of Allah will be fully repaid to you, and you will not be wronged.” (QS. Al-Anfal : 60)
Year 2013, The Mujahideen Flourish All Over The World, Allahu Akbar! It has been reported by The Global Terrorism Index (GTI) that the year 2013 is the year where the number of “terrorist” (read: Mujahideen) 'spawns' is soaring in the entire international world. Indonesia is ranked 29th in the order of the countries that rapidly grow in producing 'spawns' of Islamic fighters who want to establish the Islamic Shari'ah. The first in the list of countries that are very dangerous to America and its allies, in the emergence of Mujahideen, is Iraq. And then following second in the order is Syria, there are a lot of militant youths who are prepared to welcome the future of Islam with jihad.

And then followed by Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, Algeria, Tunisia, Philippines, Thailand, the countries of Western Europe and Eastern Europe. Also appearing are the Islamic Fundamentalist movements from America and Australia which made into the list which is quite shocking to the Western World. The assumption of poverty as being the cause of such rapid growth of Islamic fundamentalism was rejected by the GTI. They analyze that it is not poverty that causes the world public to become radical, but there is an ideological impulse that triggers.

“From our research, not all countries that have low income are susceptible to terrorism. There is another factor that causes the high number of the acts of terror,” said Kellilea from the GTI.

Islamic Fundamentalist movements that developed monumentally was prompted by the 11/9 2001 attack. Starting from that attack, until 2012, the number of soldiers killed is massive.
Keep In Mind, Those Who Endeavor To Establish The Daulah Islam ARE NOT TERRORISTS!!!

Many media today inform us that the movements of Islamic radicalism are referred to as terrorists. This needs to be re-examined, what actually is the meaning and definition of terrorist, and then who are the real terrorists who are terrorizing thousands of people throughout the world? Certainly this needs to be understood by those who do not understand. There are also many from among the Muslims who bears the title 'scholar' and 'terrorism observer' who state that the Mujahideen are terrorists, whereas they, the Mujahideen operate on the foundation of the orders from the the Qur’an and the Prophet's Sunnah, which had also been performed in the past by the Prophet's companions and followers. If so, those observers are, as if, smarter than Allah and His Rasul.

The order to enter into Islam in kaffah and steer clear of the laws Thaghut can be found in the Qur’an, thus many of the Muslims are starting to realize that the establishment of the Shari'ah of Islam is a commandment from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

Establishing Islamic Shari'ah In Majemuk (Pluralistic) Country Is Still Relevant

Many presume and have a bad preconception that the Islamic Shari'ah is intended for Muslims only, that is not the case. The Islamic Shari'ah is also for those who are non-Muslim, they are still protected under the Islamic government as long as they adhere to the laws and regulations of Islam and pay the Jizya (like the zakat for Muslims). However, many people today stigamtize that the Islamic Shari'ah is not relevant due to the condition of the population that is majemuk (pluralistic) and diverse. Islam regulates all those, whose law is better? Is it the man-made law or the law created by God, The Creator of All Mankind? As long as the Qur’an and Sunnah still exist, it is also that long that the Islamic Shari'ah will be championed!!!
January 22, 2013
January 21, 2013
24 foreign trainers, puppets killed, 31 injured in Kabul battle KABUL, Jan. 21 –  Kabul operation after nine and a half hours came to a successful end with all four heroic Mujahideen laying down their lives for their country with indomitable courage today at about 2:30 p.m. local time, a recent report from Kabul province indicates. The operation started at about 5:00 a.m. after the team of brave Muhammad Nabi known as Siraj coming from Ghazni province, Aamir Khan known as Abu Bakr from Jalalabad, Habibullah known as Omair from Kabul province and Abdul Latif from Baghlan province stormed the police Academy and the adjacent building where foreign terrorists trainer Afghan to be terrorists with heavy and small arms and explosive vests and hand grenades. The four loins of Islam bravely fought back the joint enemies and their reinforcements for more than 9 and a half hours, killing some 24 invaders and their puppets and wounding a further 31 until the last Mujahid Abu Bakar embraced Shahdat (martyrdom). (إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ)   Surely we belong to God and to Him shall we return.

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