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Is It A Coincidence That Hitler's Birthplace, Branau-On-The-Inn, Was Located Along The Rothschild's 19th Century Trans-Continental Paris-Vienna Courier Route?

By Clifford Shack

When Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo, Nathan Rothschild, the head of the House of Rothschild, obtained the first news of Napoleon's defeat even before the British government itself. It is said,
the banker informed the British government of the victory then proceeded to the London Stock Exchange where he made a huge sum of money. The Rothschilds owed their success, in large part, to
their safe and fast couriers.

Their courier network linked the five Rothschild banks of London, Paris, Frankfurt, Vienna and Naples. The Rothschilds extended their courier service to some of their clients as well. (In June 1841,
Queen Victoria assured Leopold Rothschild that she "always" sent all her letters to Germany "wh. are of any real consequence. ..thro' Rothschild wh. is perfectly safe and very quick." )

"All this meant that the Rothschilds were in a position to provide a unique news service to the European elite. Major political events as well as confidential information could be relayed from one city
to another well ahead of official channels. Nathan's early news of the outcome of Waterloo was only the first of many such coups. .."(pg. 235 The House of Rothschild:Money's Prophets 1798-1848,
Niall Ferguson)

In our efforts to penetrate the mystery of Hitler's secret origins, understanding the Rothschild's early courier system will prove quite useful.

What determined the nature of courier route utilized for the day-to-day communications of Europe's greatest banking empire.

Intelligence gathering was one major consideration in determining the courier route. Important business hubs like Munich would not be excluded from the Frankfurt- Vienna route. The Rothschilds
had a great interest in the affairs of Munich. Incorporating the city into the courier route from Frankfurt to Vienna was an obvious necessity. Heading east towards Vienna the couriers would pass
through the city of Linz, which lied along the Danube corridor midway between Vienna and the German-Austrian border.

The German- Austrian border brings us to another very important point. Another vital aspect of the courier system was safety and nowhere would safety be more threatened than at a border crossing.
Secure border crossings were crucial to safe and secure courier transport. The last thing the Rothschilds needed was a nosy customs official snooping around their courier pouches. Rothschild business
was simply that- Rothschild business. Europe itself would often depend on those deployed couriers.

How the Rothschilds managed to keep border officials in line is an interesting topic of discussion. Of course there was bribery, however there was an even better way to insure the loyalty of a border

Adolph Hitler was born in 1889 on the German-Austrian border in the Austrian border town of Brannau-on-the-Inn. Brannau is situated on the Inn River midway between Munich and Linz. A key
border crossing between Germany and Austria, Brannau is the gateway for travel between Munich and Vienna. Travel from Frankfurt to Vienna through Munich couriers would enter Austria at the
Brannau crossing.

Why was Adolph Hitler born in Brannau? At the time of his birth, his father, Alois, was the chief customs official at the Brannau border crossing. This fact is quite curious as there is strong evidence
that Hitler's father was the illegitimate son of Baron Salomon Mayer Rothschild, head of the Rothschild family's Vienna branch.

The Rothschilds made good use of the hushed members of their family. August Belmont, the top American Rothschild agent (before J.P.Morgan) is long suspected of being an illegitimate Rothschild
son. While August had a head for finance, others like Alois Hitler (Schicklgruber) were given livelihoods compatible with their aptitudes within the family business, in Alois' case he appears to have
been trained in the military as a runner. His training would complimented his work as a Rothschild courier. Later on he was promoted to the post of chief customs official in Brannau. (It is interesting
that Adolph Hitler was a runner during World War I. Was he following in his father's footsteps? If not for his discovered oration abilities, making him a prime political candidate for future
Rothschildian plots, he probably would have found himself working within the family courier or intelligence network as his father more than likely did. . .

Did the Rothschilds have other illegitimate sons installed as political leaders of historical consequence? Were there there other historical leaders that were trained within the Rothschild courier

Was Josef Stalin's father just a well-connected cobbler or was Stalin's father a Rothschild?

You decide.

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