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the TRUTH about the “SIX DAY WAR”

The GREATEST HOAX IN HISTORY was put over on the American people and the world, on JUNE 5, 1967


There is now an accumulating mass of evidence to suggest that the"SIX DAY WAR" was nothing but a 60 Minute BLITZ !
This is a report of the so-called “Six Day War” of an illegally conceived and unlawfully created “State of Israel”, against the Christians and Moslems of the United Arab Republic. In reality,
it was a 60-minute blitz carried out by utilizing the military might of the United States, and carried on by traitors to this nation in high governmental positions, Zionists who are loyal only to the “State of Israel”, and who bleed the Christian American taxpayers to support a nation of Pharisees who persecute other Christians.

The Birth of a Pariah State

The very birth of this illegitimate 'State of Israel' depended on lies. It was founded on a lie, and its existence has been perpetuated by nothing else but one treacherous lie after another.
First, these people who call themselves “Jews” are remnants
of those tribes who elected to remain in Babylon after the tribes were released from Babylonian captivity, with a mixture of Asian Mongoloid-Turco-Finn ancestry, and who live by their own evil Babylonian Talmud. Literally, they are all Satan worshippers, humans through whom Satan can accomplish his work on earth.
Second, Palestine was never their homeland. Their homeland
is the Khazar Kingdom hidden in the Ural Mountains of Russia. After their seizure of the Holy Land following World War II, they forced the Christian and Moslem Palestinians, whose ancestors had been its inhabitants for seventeen centuries, out of their own homes, confiscated and destroyed their property, and eradicated most Christian shrines. Since practically all news media is now owned by Khazars, their vicious cruelty to the rightful inhabitants has been carefully concealed from the American people.
Third, the Zionists base their claim to the Holy Land on another lie, a lie promulgated down through the centuries and insidiously sold to the Christians, that they are all “God’s Chosen People”
The Israelites of the Old Testament were the Chosen People, having been chosen to be an example to other tribes.

A Declaration of War

Few Americans have ever heard of the Balfour Declaration .
This infamous agreement was promulgated in 1916, when
Great Britain and Germany were at war. Germany had won
the war in autumn, but in a connivance between Lord Balfour
of the British War Cabinet and the World Zionist Organization, Palestine was promised to the Zionists in return for railroading
the United States into war as England’s ally to defeat Germany.
"Not only did the Satanists desire a defeat of Christian Germany, but also the control of the Holy Land involved much more ",
a President of the World Jewish Congress, Nahum Goldmann, had once expounded before a Canadian conference in 1947 -
“The Jews might have had Uganda, Madagascar, or many
other places for the establishment of a Jewish fatherland, but they wanted absolutely nothing except Palestine; not because the Dead Sea waters by evaporation can produce five trillion dollars worth of minerals and powdered metals, not because the sub-soil of Palestine contains 20 times more petroleum than all the combined reserves of the two Americas, but because Palestine is at the Crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, because Palestine constitutes


A Trap is Laid

The bold Zionist lie about the “SIX DAY WAR” illustrates
the extent to which our monstrous 'State of Israel' relies
on U.S. support for EVERYTHING, ( except manpower ).
It is now known that instead of a "SIX DAY WAR”, as publicized, it was really a 60-MINUTE BLITZ, planned, promoted, and perpetrated by TRAITORS in the U.S.,
who used our military strength to accommodate
all of President Johnson’s Zionist friends.

The Johnson administration practiced the greatest deception on the Arab states to insure the success of this blitz. In the week immediately preceding it, President Johnson himself lulled the Arab states into a false sense of security when, with much great publicity, he extended an invitation to President Nasser to send the Vice-President of the United Arab Republic to Washington
as his personal guest. President Nasser accepted and shortly
started his Vice-President on his way to Washington.

The Great Deception

In the same week, President Johnson had instructed his Vice President Humphrey to proceed to Cairo immediately, as his ambassador of good will to President Nasser. Vice-President
Humphrey was about to leave for Cairo when the 60-minute blitz was sprung on the U.A.R. To more completely throw the Arab states off guard, President Johnson had prevailed upon them to submit the explosive issue of the right of passage through the Suez Canal and the Strait of Tiran to the International Court
of Justice for an opinion and it was agreed that neither side was
to take military action of any description pending that opinion.
While preparations were in progress in Washington to receive the Vice President of the United Arab Republic, while Vice President Humphrey was preparing to board a plane for Cairo, and while peace prevailed along the Suez Canal and the Strait of Tiran, a
U.S. military U2
, high flying photographic espionage plane was secretly flying over the Suez Canal Sinai area, photographing every military airfield and military installation. These photographs were being made for the so-called State of Israel. Prior to the “60-minute blitz” the armed forces of the “State of Israel” had in their possession these photographs pinpointing every military airfield and military installation in this area of the U.A.R.

The U.S.S. Liberty

At this point the U.S.-C.I.A. spy-ship, the U.S.S. Liberty, was introduced into the conspiracy. Like her sister ship, the U.S.S. Pueblo and all of the other 200 C.I.A. spy ships, the Liberty was equipped with the world’s only electronic device which, from a great distance, could render all radar inoperative. Before daybreak on the morning of June 5, 1967, this device was activated, and with the U.A.R.’s radar defense system knocked out, the “State of Israel” was free to attack. 200 jet planes descended on the Suez Canal Sinai area. These planes were equipped with tanks designed to spray L.S.D. 25 gas over the area.
USS Liberty
If indeed the mission of U.S.S. Liberty had also
included jamming of U.A.R. communications,
in addition to surveillance... this covert action would have been essential to initiating and expediting a sneak attack. So if U.S.S. Liberty
had already fulfilled that part of the bargain, WHAT then, could ever possibly account for
the subsequent murderous attack by Israel ?
WHY was our listening ship savagely scuttled on the 4th day of this so called "Six Day War"? Did Israel commit a war crime to hide another?

Surprise Attack

Pilots and crewmembers wore gas masks, purchased from Germany a short time before, and the gas was sprayed over the entire area in the same way agricultural fertilizers are dispersed. The United States Chemical Warfare division and its military use had been demonstrated by U.S. experts to “Israel".
Because L.S.D. 25 is invisible, odorless and tasteless it can be
inhaled without the victim’s knowledge. In ten to fifteen minutes
after the gas enters the lungs, the victim becomes incapable of thinking or acting and is unaware of what has happened to him. He remains under the effect of the gas for twelve to fifteen hours, and its action can be prevented only by a special gas mask.
These 200 planes saturated the area with L.S.D.- 25 gas
in a sufficient quantity to assure that all personnel within
the Suez Canal Sinai area would be rendered incapable of
thinking or acting. All persons lay around as though dead.

A 60-Minute Blitz

Then allowing ten to fifteen minutes for the L.S.D. 25 gas to completely paralyze their victims, the “Israelis” now moved in
with 200 bombers. These bombers were loaded with the most destructive type of bombs, including a secret bomb developed
by the United States for the destruction of airfield runways.
With no sign of resistance from their insensible victims, these bombers swept over the Suez Canal Sinai area several times, destroying every U.A.R. plane grounded on the airfields, then pulverizing sophisticated weapons in the military installations. The so-called “State of Israel” rushed into the area in hundreds
of tanks, with troops wearing gas masks to protect them from
the remainder of the L.S.D. 25 gas that was still in the air.

Finishing Them Off

Reports of what had taken place began to reach the interior of the U.A.R.. Planes and tanks and troops were rushed into the Suez Canal Sinai area to join forces with the gas victims who were now slowly regaining their senses. Prior to that time the “Israeli” tanks and troops had reached the Suez Canal, where they had dug in to remain. The canal was then rendered useless with sunken ships, the primary objective of their “60 minute blitz.”
With their planes destroyed on the ground, all their runways demolished and their weapons pulverized by the bombing, it was hopeless for the U.A.R.’s armed forces to attempt to reconquer the Suez Canal Sinai area. Fighting continued on a limited scale for most of the week. The United Nations arranged a cease-fire.
NYT Headline

Egyptian Airforce Decimated

Israel made aviation history when its airforce struck early on the morning of June 5th. Israel's preemptive strike eliminated the Egytian airforce . Soon after, it struck the Jordanian, Syrian and Iraqi air forces. In the first hours of the war Israel achieved total air superiority. A total of 393 Arab planes were destroyed on the ground. Israel's air to air superiority was assured by the training of its pilots and performance of its French built Mirage aircraft.

It was 8:45 in the morning of the 5th of June 1967. The Israeli
air attack started and in less than 3 hours, Egypt lost more than 227 military airplanes on the ground. The Egyptian reaction was tough, but in fact it came too late, and due to its high losses the EAF couldn’t change much of the course of the war. In six days of fighting, the Egyptian air force flew a lot of sorties, in both air to air, and air to ground missions, scoring more than 25 aerial victories, destroying a lot of Israeli ground targets. By the end of the war, the EAF succeeded by help
of air defense in downing about 72 IAF fighters.

The Coverup

In the first hours of the day of the “60 minute blitz”, a tense mood of uncertainty had gripped the White House. In weeks preceding the blitz, General Earl Wheeler, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, in person assured President Johnson that if the United Arab Republic were blitzed, they would easily be defeated in 3 or 4 days . Ambassador Goldberg was finally convinced after C.I.A. Chief Richard Helms assured President Johnson that General Earl Wheeler’s estimated time was an understatement of how soon the U.A.R could be defeated. Much could be gauged, however, since prior to this time General Rothschild, one time head
of the U.S. Chemical Warfare Division, had reported to Congress the success of experiments using L.S.D. 25 gas
on U.S. soldiers
, yet until the blitz had actually commenced, President Johnson rose before dawn each morning for the late intelligence reports and had called in his crisis command for
long rounds of conferences.( take CIA report cum grano salis )

It is easy to understand why those involved in the
conspiracy preferred to have a “60 MINUTE BLITZ”
advertised to the world as a “6 DAY WAR.” It was not
wise to let the world know the truth about the part the
UNITED STATES played in this TREACHERY , and it was
wiser to make it appear that the brave little so-called
“State of ISRAEL” had struggled for SIX DAYS before
they had single-handedly defeated the giant U.A.R.,
with Jordan and Syria thrown in for good measure.
The “State of Israel” is well aware that its continued existence depends on railroading the United States into a war with Russia. This will be a third time this nation will be suckered into a war
as a direct conspiracy of Zionist lies. If that is permitted to occur, the U.S is destined to emerge from that war as a defeated nation.
Few people in the world are aware that Zionism is the creator
of Communism. This is the tool to be used for the eradication
of Christendom, which the Zionists have tagged as “Capitalism”
or “Imperialism” to further confuse the issue. Thus has the world been split into two hostile camps, for one to annihilate the other.
That they are past masters of inciting wars, no one who is aware
of their nefarious schemes can deny. Moshe Dayan, ex-gangster
and self styled "General", who was "Minister of Defence" of an armed uprising resulting in the occupation of Palestine and other Arab territory, was rushed to the United States to tell a television audience how “peace could be preserved in the Middle East"
On December 8, 1968, on the ABC network, he was asked how
he believed that peace could be preserved in that area, in view
of offers of Soviet assistance to the Arab victims of Zionist aggression. Without hesitation, “General” Dayan replied -
“All you will come in.” ( meaning US - the U.S. )
...That brief statement leaves nothing to the imagination.
“General” Dayan told his story in the fewest possible words.

A Rothschild Connection

Brigadier General J. H. Rothschild, commanding general of the U.S. Army Chemical Corps Research and Development Command, in a book that he wrote following his retirement, "Tomorrow's Weapons" -(1964), noted - "It is easy to foresee that a military commander under the effects of LSD-25 would lose his ability to make logical, rational decisions and issue coherent orders. Group cooperation would fall apart.... Think of the effect of using this type of material covertly on a higher headquarters of a military unit, or overtly on a large organization. Some military leaders feel that we should not consider using these materials because we do not know exactly what will happen and no clear cut results can be predicted. But imagine where science would be today if the reaction to trying anything new had been - 'let's not try it 'til we know exactly what the results will be'
( from Consumer Reports Magazine - 1972 )

The Nakhleh Memorandum

The foregoing quotation from our mercurial 'General Rothschild' becomes considerably more significant in light of what follows -
from a"Memorandum to the President" by ISSAH NAKHLEH
[excerpt] - In 1967, Egypt was not prepared for war. President Gamal Abdel Nasser moved his forces as a propaganda ploy to pressure President Lyndon B. Johnson to renew the economic aid agreement with Egypt. The Zionists pressured President Johnson to refuse to renew economic aid to Egypt in order to arouse Gamal Abdel Nasser. The Zionists were predicting the steps which Abdel Nasser would take as a bluff and were now preparing to launch their attack to crush Egypt's military power, before the Egyptians perfected their training on the use of Soviet weapons. At the same time, the Zionists were executing their plan of expansion, to occupy the West Bank, Gaza and other parts of the Arab world, in accordance with the Zionist colonial program. Israel was planning its attack while Abdel Nasser
was being lulled into slumber by American and Soviet
intelligence agencies, each one for its own motives.
The proof that Egypt was not prepared or preparing for war is the fact that, in the evening of June 4, 1967, a party was held for the airforce graduates in Anshas (former Farouk palace and gardens), where practically every important officer in the Egyptian airforce and all its commanders were present in that party until the early hours of the morning of June 5, when the Israelis attacked at
4 a.m.. According to unimpeachable evidence, now in our possession, Egyptian agents of Israeli intelligence were able
to put LSD in the drinks and coffee served to the most important officers and top command of the Egyptian airforce. When Israeli airplanes struck at 4 a.m. on
the morning of June 5, most of the Egyptian airforce
officers were asleep...and incapacitated by LSD.

We also have unimpeachable evidence that the Israeli airplanes dropped LSD-25, a nerve gas, on Egyptian forces
in Sinai, and on Egyptian military airports, and were able to incapacitate the Egyptian armed forces. These facts prove
that the Israeli armed forces won the 1967 war by deception, conspiracy, and using the LSD-25 nerve gas. This does not necessarily make the Israeli army "the best in the world."


Brian Desborough, at a "Hidden Mysteries" site, mentions
this account only in passing, as if it was common knowledge -
--"Very few of the Jonestown victims died from poisoned Kool-Aid. The majority of the victims were allegedly sprayed with a sleeping gas discharged from helicopters, prior to being shot or strangled - reminiscent of the SIX DAY WAR, in which Arab troops were subjected to aerial spraying of LSD gas
by Israeli aircraft, prior to being bombed"
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June 5th, 2007 marks the 40th anniversary of that so-called
"Six Day War" - may israel finally get what's comin' to it !

Return of the EAF - Higher and Higher Seeking Glory

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