Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Vatican's Corrupt Banking Practices

By Sherman Skolnick

Skolnick COMMENTARY #001 ========================
Hi. Sherman Skolnik, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, 9800 Oglesby.
At one time the Pope owned three major banks in America: New York, Chicago and San Francisco.
In New York, St. Peter's banker, Michael Saddona (sp?) ran the Franklin National Bank as a huge gambling device and money laundry. Result? The bank collapsed in 1974 and was taken over by a group of European banks with the Vatican losing *part* of their grip.
Saddona was sent to an American prison for fraudulent banking. Later he was extradited to Italy on more charges. He began talking too much. The Pope silenced him in an Italian jail -- *murdered* with a poisoned cup of coffee. (By the way, the same method they used to murder Chicago mayor Harold Washington, a poisoned cup of coffee, and replaced him with the Vatican's man of trust, Richie Daley.)
Saddona and his confederate successors also ran, for the Pope, the Continental Bank of Chicago. All the Catholic churches of the Western Hemisphere run their money through that bank. After all, the archbishop of Chicago is also the treasurer, for the Church, for all of North America, Central America and South America.
In the early 1980s, Continental Bank, through their holding company owed some $20 billion to the Japanese, including their mafia, the yakusa (sp?) who had put in slight capital. Continental could not repay, so the Japanese in May, 1984, started a run on the bank and its holding company, Continental Illinois. Result? A consortium of banks, headed by J.P. Morgan and Company, took over -- with the Pope losing *part*, but not all, of his control.
The Morgan banks are the front for British royalty and the Queen, who for over 100 years always had a director sitting to supervise Continental. Through Continental Bank, however, the Vatican continued to oversee Panama's General Noriega, and his joint, secret business deals with George Bush. So, when the U.S. invaded Panama, Noriega naturally sought refuge in the Vatican Embassy and branch of the Vatican Bank. The U.S. military used psychological warfare, including super hard-rock music to drive him out.
The Justice Department's record grabbers have descended on Continental Bank, seeking to destroy incriminating records that would put President Bush in the same jail cell with his CIA business partner, General Noriega. By the way, Panama, under General Noriega was the only country in the Western Hemisphere run by a dark-skinned person. Noriega was popular with the bulk of those *in* Panama, who are people of color. It was only the small, white aristocracy *there* that wanted him removed. They used the branches of worldwide banks there to skim off loot from dope and gun running. Noriega was really just a small-time, semi- independent tyrant.
Helping supervise Continental Bank has been the Vatican's man of trust, Chicago federal appeals judge Walter Cummings (sp?), for many years also chief judge and major stockholder of the bank. Judge Cummings steers cases in his court to fellow banker/judges -- which is most of them.
For many years the major owners of Bank of America and their holding company were the Jesuits and the Vatican, and their long- time cronies, the Rothschilds (sp?). Like Continental Bank up until 1984, they owed tens of billions of dollars to the Japanese and the yakusa, who own most of the other sizeable banks in California. In the late 1980s, Bank of America was faced with a run, so they have quietly given over most of the control to the Japanese.
Although the Pope has lost much of the control of the three banks in America, the pontiff continues as the major owner in nuclear power utility firms, including Commonwealth Edison and Florida Power.

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