Wednesday, March 20, 2013

US terrorist troops abduct 75 civilians, martyr 1 in night raids KAPISA, Feb. 07 - An innocent villager has been martyred and another fatally injured with 75 more detained by the invading in night raids carried out by the US terrorist troops in Afghanistan's eastern Kapisa Province, Mujahideen official say.
The latest night raids what were the invasions by the foreign terrorist forces involving 30 houses took place in Tagab district of Kapisa yesterday night and went on till the morning hour of Thursday in which besides murdering an innocent local and wounding another and kidnapping as many as 75 helpless locals, the enemy inflicted severe damages on the civilians robbing the villagers of their cash, jewelry and other valuables.
The night raids come as Mujahideen due to cold weather left the villages and was a proper opportunity to for the American cowardly troops to torture and go to any length they good go to make lives of the Afghan local miserable in absence of Mujahideen.
The US-influenced media be it local or international has turned a deaf ear to all this, publishing nothing to be of some comfort to the civilians suffered in such acts of inhumane terrorism, however, the same mainstream media make every effort to defame Mujahideen and pin whatever blames there are on Mujahideen to tarnish their name.

February 5, 2013

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