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The Real Debt Debate isn't Happening
March 3, 2013

This article updates "Piggies Squeal While Illuminati Tighten Noose" (June 24, 2012) Truth doesn't
 change just because we ignore it.

The US was pulling out of recession because, unlike Europe, it did not embrace austerity. But with sequestration, that threatens to be undone.

"Economic crises have been produced by us for the goyim by no other means than the withdrawal of money from circulation."
-- Protocols of Zion, 20

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

The $85 billion in decreased spending mandated by "Sequestration" is another example of how we are accomplices in our own enslavement.

We need to stop playing the fool in this charade. If someone tried to charge us a penny for every breath we took, we would rebel. Oxygen doesn't belong to anyone. It is our birthright. The same applies to the money supply (currency.) It is a medium of exchange, like a coupon. It is created out of thin air, and has no intrinsic value. Its value lies in what we can exchange for it.

Just as we are entitled to breathe, our government should be able to create money without incurring a debt to anyone. But under the Federal Reserve fraud, it appears as "debt" to the private central banking cartel and needs to be paid back with interest. This is the real debate and it is not happening. We should rebel.  The government does not need these bankers to create the money supply.

As we have seen clearly, the money supply is the tonic needed to make the economy grow. It is oxygen to the fire. Grow the money supply- grow the economy.

Inversely, according to Bloomberg, "the $85 billion in spending cuts are expected to reduce U.S. gross domestic product by 0.6 percentage point in 2013. Yet this observation is misleading: The actual economic damage is compounded by the other deficit-reduction measures that have already slowed growth, including a 2 percent payroll tax increase. All told, economists expect the sequestration plus last month's fiscal-cliff deal to slow the pace of GDP growth by 1.5 percentage points. That's no small change for an economy growing about 2 percent a year, particularly one that appears to have lost steam in the fourth quarter of 2012."

"Consumers, who last month began paying an extra $15 a week on average in payroll taxes, are already feeling the pain. Wal- Mart Stores Inc. (WMT), Burger King Worldwide Inc. (BKW), Darden Restaurants Inc. (DRI) and Kraft Foods Group Inc. (KRFT) have lowered earnings forecasts because of sluggish sales. The National Retail Federation says it expects almost 50 percent of consumers to curtail spending because they have less take-home pay. The gloomy spending mood is perhaps best summed up in internal Wal-Mart e-mails obtained by Bloomberg News: "Where are all the customers? And where's their money?"

Elsewhere the Office of Budget management has warned that the spending decreases will be "deeply destructive" to the economy and defense.

I am not an economist and therefore not in the thrall of the central bankers.  As I have said before, there should be no such thing as "sovereign debt."  Currency (credit) is just a medium of exchange like a coupon. Governments can create as much as they need debt-free to make the economy hum. Markets will determine their value relative to other currencies.

But the Illuminati bankers have created all currency in the form of a debt to them. Our society is wholly complicit in this fraud. Everybody in position of power or influence owe it to their collusion in this racket. 

It is not American, Greek, German, French or Spanish banks that are getting the bailouts. They all got the virtual "money" from the Illuminati families. The banks are just fronts for these families.

These families don't need the "money" back. It was created out of thin air. Debt is just a mechanism for plundering what's left. The taxpayers of these countries are being saddled with this fictional debt and becoming debt slaves.

By accepting this fraud, they are enslaving themselves. The Illuminati bankers instigated 9-11 as a pretext to erect the prison walls. Now they use debt to built the prison cells.

I am not advocating wasteful spending but rather expanding the money supply at a rate necessary for economic health.


As we have seen, the Cabalist Jewish bankers (the Illuminati) have a long-range plan for the ascendance of their "Messiah."  Actually the anti-Christ, he will be "the King of the Jews" to be selected from the House of Rothschild. Most Jews are not privy to this plan. 

The Illuminati Jews realized it will not happen by itself. The first step was the re-establishment of the State of Israel. The Rothschilds did this by colonizing Palestine and engineering the Dreyfus Affair and Nazism.

Now, the Rothschilds will bend the nations to their will by means of debt. Moses relates the basic principle in Deuteronomy 15:6: "Thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow; and thou shalt reign over many nations, but they shalt not reign over thee."

The book, Elijah, Rothschilds & the Ark of the Covenant continues: "Note that this is not a suggestion given in the Scriptures. It is a command from the God of Israel. Lending upon usury is how to possess the land." (175)

"Lending on interest for consumer and emergency needs became a virtual Jewish monopoly in Western Europe between the 12th and 15th centuries...As security, real estate was most preferred. In this way Jews acquired in pledge houses, vineyards, farms, villages, castles, towns, and even provinces. " (177)

 "The rise of absolute monarchies in Central Europe brought numbers of Jews into the influential position of negotiating loans for the various royal courts. The phenomenon of court Jews now continued into Europe. The nost famous included Lehmann, Oppenheimer and Goldschmidt in Germany and Austria." (180)

"Jean Izolulet, a member of the Jewish Alliance Israelite Universeile wrote in 1932: 'The meaning of history of the last century is that today 300 Jewish financiers, all masters of lodges, rule the world." (183)

"Vatican City came under Rothschild influence in the early 19th century...Pope John Paul II admitted the Roman Catholic Church is still tied to the Rothschilds...In Sept 1979, the Pope revealed the Church had $50 billion invested in various Rothschild banks..." (191)


We have the dubious honor of witnessing the consummation of a centuries-old plan for world tyranny based on satanic megalomania and demented Biblical prophesies.

The Illuminati could not succeed without our determined self-deception and collaboration. Humanity is infected by a death wish. 

Our would-be masters are proving that we are too venal, craven and stupid to be prosperous and free. They have ensured humanity will miss its Divine Rendezvous. However, there is still hope for some individuals.


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Comments for " The Real Debt Debate isn't Happening "
Brian said (March 4, 2013):
The oxygen metaphor is a perfect illustration of exactly what is happening, and to further it I'll say that the Illuminati exist because they are the greatest hypnotists the World has ever seen.

But their hypnotic trick is so fundamentally simple, it is startling how the trance, or I should say, the nature of being in a prolonged trance-state has its grip on humanity.

It's like being at a show, and the hypnotist has a member of the audience come up on stage. He puts the person in a trance as he hands them an onion and asks him if he likes apples. The person says, "sure". The hypnotist says, "take a bite". He bites into it and goes,"hmmm, delicious".
After he's brought out of the trance he sees the audience laughing, and is told what happened. He's incredulous at first, and then he and the audience are amazed at this power.


The trance has us conditioned to shrug and say, "that's just the way money works." But the truth is so simple in seeing how fragile a soap bubble this state really is. And you have to know that in their "heart of hearts" (figure of speech - we know they don't have any), they are trembling, and can't be entirely confident that we'll never wake up to the ruse until it's too late, which is why things are ratcheting up now.

This is why it's imperative for people reading this to tap into their creative skills to do what we can in at least an attempt to turn on the light bulbs of our fellow humans.

Even though we're well aware that many have succumbed to a sorrowful indifference, and have little hope of waking up until a 2x4 slams them upside the head, this is no time for people who are aware to be even worse than them with an assumed fatalism.

Dan said (March 4, 2013):
I think we have to look at the economic downturn from the point of view of the 1% who control the world. Their Globalization model requires all nations be brought on par (more of less) with the lowest common denominator. US consumer disposable income (in their view) has to be brought on par with Mexico.
For consumers in the US, this will be experienced as high inflation - rising prices for goods - shrinking dollar value.
The idea that the President and Senate are concerned about this "downsizing" is - well - sad. How can anyone still be so naive? The politicians sold us out 30 years ago.
The key to understanding what happened after WWII is that they freaked out at the exponential increase in population. The Earth can sustain it, but not with 1% monopolizing the wealth.
Their only course is to cull the herd by billions of people. Every nasty thing we've been seeing put into place amounts to locking down the human race and proceeding to cull.

George said (March 4, 2013):
"We [are] witnessing the consummation of a centuries-old plan for world tyranny based on satanic megalomania and demented Biblical prophesies."
I must heartily disagree with the assumption upon which Bible prophecy and Moses is brought into this article. First, let's make the Biblically accurate distinction between the oft-apostate theocracy that was Israel before the Cross, and the rejecting/rejected, non-theocratic devastation that it was afterward--until this day. Second, Deuteronomy 15:6 is not a command from God to theocratic Israel to tyrannize and oppress anyone or any nation. 'Reigning' over other nations does not necessitate such attitudes and policies--even with usury. And again, politically, this is an extinct theocracy being described--nothing to do with any 'nation of Israel' that may be invented in modern times.
The corruption we have today is not caused by the Bible--it's from us.
"Also, thou shalt not oppress a stranger, for ye know the heart of a stranger, seeing ye were strangers in the land of Egypt." -Exodus 23:9

Barry said (March 3, 2013):
Romania is a perfect example of how for Zionist extremists & their Masonic & Judaised "christian" collaborators will go to grab power & stifle dissent. It is happening in America, with numerous real critics of the regime being bumped off or shuttled off to die the the federal gulags, for example attorneys Richard Barrett & Edgar Steele, journalist Andrew Breitbart, et als. Regaining the nation will not be easy or pretty, if it happens.
I consider it silly to say (As JG did) that the Eisenhower & Kennedy regimes were any kind "legionary state" or offered any kind of actual push back against the leftist agenda & Zio-domination.
Eisenhower was a protege' of Bernard Baruch's who was chosen to lead Allied forces in the European Theater solely on his compliance with the globalist agenda to destroy Germany & build up the Soviet Empire, not on merit or ability.
MacArthur & Patton were eliminated. Eisenhower appointed 33rd deg. Illuminist Earl Warren to Chief Justice of the Supreme court, sealed files on Communists in the Fed govt., and used troops to forcibly integrate public schools against the will of parents, kids, & school boards.
People in Romania's neighbor, Hungary, who took Ike's pre-election rhetoric too seriously soon discovered that Ike's tough talk meant nothing when patriots were left high & dry and butchered by the Soviets. Kennedy's administration was rife with Illuminati/CFR globalists & integrationists, but his fate was sealed when he chose Zionist LBJ stooge for his running mate. Once LBJ was sworn in, the ADL & other leftists had everything on their list handed to them on a silver platter. So much happened so fast for the far left under Johnson that it made the previous decade look like push-back, but is was not- it was only slower advancement.

Henrique said (March 3, 2013):
That's exactly the key to it, it seems ( I'm no economist as well ). But the amount of units in circulation is, in fact, what really determines the usefulness and efficiency of money; when it's performing it's main ( and I think the only legitimate ) function as a mean of exchange, a lubricant.
But it has rarely been like this, and only in very rare emergency situations as in that Austrian city ( Worgl ) where Silvio Gesell's experiment of free money was implemented for a while and recovered the City's finances to a point in which the Austrian central bank panicked and shut down the whole thing - before it could set an example. But for the most time, the essence of money has been made to be debt, always to the same people, and this has created all sorts of unnecessary suffering and aggravation all over.
Gustavo Barroso's book Brasil, Colônia de Banqueiros ( Brazil, Colony of Bankers ) details the loans made here ( with International bankers ) during the supposed "Christian" Empire and throught it all the way to the birth and beggining of the Republic ( 1889 ); catastrophic deals in sequence, one worse than the other, plunging the country and keeping it in calamitous debt. Interesting detail: all contracted with Jewish moneylenders in London and Paris - Rothschilds used to give Brazilian bonds to their daughters as gifts. So much for the "Christianity" of the freemasonic Royal Family ( that still lives ), they're all collaborators at the top, it's all one system with many fronts. BTW the great Queen of Albion is sick I hear - I hope she dies.

Wade said (March 3, 2013):
You are precisely correct in your analysis of the "privately owned" Federal Reserve printing money and making money out of thin air and then that money becomes a debt the American people owe including interest and compound interest. My God the mafia never had a deal that good.
JFK issued and executive order in June 1963 that took this racket away from the Illuminati bankers. He printed dollars through the treasury that was debt free money and backed it with silver. The money was called "Kennedy dollars". In less than six months JFK was murdered in Dallas. The executive order was never repealed, but as soon as Vice President Johnson got the report over the phone that JFK was dead the printing of debt free money stopped immediately. Now JFK had aggravated these very powerful people in several other ways, and these other ways are always used as the excuse for his murder. The executive order of June 1963 and the subsequent printing of debt free money was THE REASON for his murder. But you don't say it because that reality would lay at the feet of Illuminati bankers this horrible crime. It would also implicate many government
officials and the news media in his murder.
Once the Illuminati bankers got away with the murder of arguably the most popular President of my lifetime, they were of course, emboldened to stage the Tonkin Gulf lie etc. etc.. I believe the Illuminati bankers were pleasantly shocked by the fact that the vast majority of the American sheeple proved that they would believe any lie (no matter how ridiculous)
that came over T.V. news. This set up a myriad of false flag incidents, since the JFK murder, that have been used to put this nation in the desperate condition we are now experiencing.
In closing, let me remind your readers that Lincoln printed debt free money called "green backs" and he was shot in the head too.
In my opinion the worst scum on earth is the American news media. Absent the complete abdication of the news media's responsibility to tell the truth....the vast majority of the trouble this nation is in could never have happened.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at
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