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We are different...
Our bank, Sovereign Trust started out as a common-law trust in Blaine, Washington. Sovereign Trust was conceived from the outset as a humanitarian organization to help people as a debt elimination group. We have grown since then. As a "trust", Sovereign Trust has always been a "bank" when we started converting debt into assets. To start doing business as a 'bank' in any country, the bank must have a bank charter. That's what we did; we got our charter. Well, what is a charter? It is simply a piece of paper, a contract, an agreement, between people to people, or people to bodies of people (as in corporations). This charter is simply a manifestation which made Sovereign Trust to be openly recognized as an entity, doing lawful business as a 'bank' in accordance to the provisions of the charter granted to Sovereign Trust by the Indigenous peoples of the land.  Sovereign Trust is one of the first 13 sovereign banks created by sovereign people living under the banner of One Sovereign God.

Sovereign Trust became a bank when it received its charter from the Tuscarora Nation, one of the few indigenous nations in North America that never surrendered its sovereignty to a non-indigenous (man-made) nation created by former British expatriates that now call themselves the United States of America. Sovereign Trust is one the first thirteen incorporated companies in the Tuscarora Nation registry to receive a bank charter under the Tuscarora Banking Code promulgated at Indian River [MI] on June 2006.

What makes us different?
First of all, look at our website, it doesn't even look like the typical 'bank' website where you would find the usual bank products such as term deposits, CDs, credit cards, lines of credits, mutual funds, insurance schemes, etc.  As a bank with a Sovereign Charter, we take our mission seriously, we are the custodians of our people's trust. We are different because Sovereign Trust is also 100% debt-free. We do not need to borrow any money from other banks to finance our operation. And because we are debt-free, we are able to lend money usury-free, we do not need to lend money with interest.
We are not a bank chartered under state or federal statute and therefore we are not under the control and domination of the Federal Reserve or the American Banking Association or any other banking cartel or institution. We are free; we deal direct with international bankers.

While North American banks are getting wiped out, Sovereign Trust is building up and getting stronger everyday. The other banks are dying because these banks have essentially destroyed and bankrupted their only true source of credit - the people, their account holders, the people who put all their trust in these banks. This is just like the mothers eating their young, hence wiping out their future generation then expecting a bail out from the governments each time they ran out of capital. These paper Titans made a mess of themselves like the way they ran the entire Titanic North American banking fleet into mega-icebergs. This is how they are turning the once almighty USD into mere toilet paper money. Their entire convoy, the high and mighty banking fleet just hit the mother of all icebergs, a hopeless situation we call insolvency. They have more debts than assets.

The entire North American banking system is bankrupt, so they asked the US Congress, another bankrupt entity to help patch things up as if such a temporary patch will hold forever. It took three generations to get us to this stage. Such a band aid approach cannot heal the wound that is causing the hemorrhage.  The big banks turned to the politicians because these guys doesn't know anything, none of these guys know anything at all about banking. The congress didn't know what to do so the banks turned to the congress for help. A typical scenario. They know they cannot turn to the people because the people know what they are going to do, we the people would have simply allowed these banks to die a very SWIFT agonizing death because that is what they have done to us. The same people who financed the politicians are now financing the banks. Nice, this is what we call team work. The only sad thing is that the people are really not part of their team. We are simply spectators, we pay for the tickets (the money) with our blood, sweat and tears, our energy, our labor, our credit.

"Let there be money"
Recently, the world has seen the recent bail out of $850 billion or so "money" (the real amount is top secret) to be ordered into existence by the U.S. Congress at a time and date to be determined. They are still deciding how to bake this bread without having the recipe and the basic ingredients to make the dough. The IOU will be created by the congress (against the wishes of the people), created under the credit or expense of the public, who in itself is broke because the banks and the tax men made the people broke, they left the people with nothing but negative credit, they left more people homeless than natural disasters. This is like the end of the everlasting enigma - what came first, the chicken or the egg? What does it matter when neither the chicken or the egg no longer exist? The bankers and tax man  fried and ate them all up - both the chicken and the eggs. They are now eating each other out, like cannibals, now they want to eat us, the people too.

To add more insult to injury, those who made our lives miserable were paid millions of $$$ in bonuses. They stole our money, they made themselves bankrupt, they ransacked and looted their own treasuries and then they paid each other well while people are losing their jobs, their homes and other valuable possessions.  

The question we should ask now is this; if the government is bailing out the man-made paper Titans, who is bailing out the public? After all the public gets to pay all the bills, not the banks or the governments because supposedly these paper Titans are broke. Who's going to bail them out if everyone is broke? Who's going to work for the money? Who else can create the credit but the people? It is always the people who end up using their blood sweat and tears money in order to keep the Titans afloat until at least 2012.

Because Sovereign Trust is one of the few organizations with positive unencumbered assets, we are one of the few that are bailing the people out of their economic misery. We do this by helping them pay off their debts.  We have members across Canada and USA. The recent turn of events made it possible for Sovereign Trust to provide a multitude of banking services normally available only to international clients. Every member of Sovereign Trust is deemed international clients - offshore and out of the legal jurisdiction of the overlapping countries.

Being debt-free, Sovereign Trust has become a haven of rest for people with hard assets. Being chartered under a sovereign charter, Sovereign Trust deals direct with all major banks on the same level. No other bank in North America has this advantage; we are not governed by centralized banking cartels. Hence we have the capability to provide optimum guarantee that all assets under custodial deposit with Sovereign Trust shall remain private and free of government intervention or scrutiny because we can move these assets around with impunity, as long as we do it with legal intent and purpose. We have no problem giving to Caesar what is Caesar's, we have no problem paying tribute where tribute is due. 

The above paragraph made the STATE OF WASHINGTON and THE PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA feel like hungry crocodiles, they all want to know where ST gets its money? How can we afford to undertake such a very expensive project? They even published libelous materials about Sovereign Trust hoping we would come out like angry hornets by filing lawsuits against them before their corrupt judges so they can easily criminalize us in their courts, where they can violate their own laws at will such as what they have always done. Why go to their courts which are only mere collection agencies of their money masters - the banks they 'licensed' and now they must protect against the likes of Sovereign Trust? They want us to reveal where our assets are being kept, who are we dealing with, who are our members and supporters?

As a bank with a Sovereign Charter, Sovereign Trust is not under the jurisdiction or control of these man-made 'states' and 'provinces' that are not true representatives of the people. We are not interested in buying their permits and licenses. We are not interested in paying for our own slavery.

All banks and trust companies chartered under the Tuscarora Banking Code can operate freely without unnecessary interference from the Feds and other central banks. As a bank with a sovereign charter, Sovereign Trust only need to deal with the U.S. Department of Treasury and other nations' treasuries. We only have to deal with the Feds when we physically transport our monetary instruments to ABA banks for acceptance.

What really makes Sovereign Trust different is that we are able to provide instant liquidity into the economy by injecting fresh "money" into their dried up  system. We do this through various humanitarian endeavors, particularly, the Mortgage-Rescue Program designed to help those who have been evicted from their homes and those who are about to be evicted. These are the people who need to be bailed out, not the banks who took the people for a ride then they threw the people overboard when their credit ran out. After the banks have sucked the people's credit dry, the remaining dinosaurs are now eliminating each other through mega mergers and acquisitions that made banks that have existed for centuries to be wiped out by a simple stroke of the pen. Survival of the fittest? More like survival of the most corrupt.

If the governments will not bail the people out, Sovereign Trust will. We do not need any government to bail us out. There is no license required to do good work. The 'state' and 'provincial' governments that are trying to have us buy their 'licenses' are not giving out licenses for us to do good work. Licensing is not about making sure that banks are licensed to do good work such as making sure that banks do not end up having more rights than the people. Only those who intend to profit out of evil need a license, such as charging usury (interest), creating money out of nothing and then foreclosing on the collateral, usually high priced items like homes and vehicles if the borrower of his own money cannot pay the licensee for the money it created out of nothing. We are different because it is unlawful for us to charge usury. This is the code of conduct we follow.

There should be no licensing required to do what is right and lawful, licensing is only required for those who do wrong.

While banks in the US are withering with no money to lend, Sovereign Trust is able to provide fresh-cut, good clean funds to our members. This is because we understand and have respect for our only true source of credit - God first, then our members. There's more to Sovereign Trust than meets the eye. We are more than a bank. We are Sovereign. We are different.


Our US address:
936 Peace Portal Drive #1
Blaine, WA [98230]

Our address in Canada:
#155 - 6832 King George Hwy.
Surrey, BC [V3W 4Z9]

The above-mentioned addresses are postal mail box addresses intended only for receiving incoming mail from our members and business partners. These addresses are not to be construed as 'store fronts', offices, or banking institutions. We do not conduct any trust or banking business in these addresses. Sovereign Trust is a private bank and therefore, all of our business is conducted in private between ST and its members in private. ST does not conduct business with 'consumers' or members of the 'public'. ST only deals with ST members and approved JV partners. Everyone who might be interested in doing business with ST must contact ST privately.

This is for your information only and is not to be construed as a solicitation for funds or the sale of any securities. These transactions are based on private placements and do not come under the governance of the SEC. This transaction is not under the United States Securities Act of 1933, or The Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and Regulations thereto, or The Investment Company Act of 1940 and the Rules & Regulations thereof. Sovereign Trust is not registered with the SEC or NASD as financial advisors or dealers in securities per The Investment Advisers Act of 1940. This is merely for the informational and educational purposes and benefit of qualified accredited investors approved by Sovereign Trust only.

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