Thursday, April 4, 2013

DoJ: The Old Conspiracy & Coverup Crowd
    by AL MARTIN

The Wall Street Journal article, ("At Justice Department, a Conservative Takeover Looms" by David S. Cloud, Dec. 26, 2000) attempts to portray DoJ's Public Integrity Divison Chief Lee Radek as some sort of left wing lackey. I find this completely ludicrous.

It should be noted that Lee Radek like many others in DoJ's Public Integrity Section has come out of the CIA. And the CIA is not known for producing left wing lackeys.

The Public Integrity Section came into its own in the mid 1980s to give the appearance in the post Iran-Contra environment that the Government was cleaning up its act. Actually it was part of a DoJ Control Mechanism pursuant to an Iran Contra Coverup.

And what is a "Control Mechanism"?

It suppresses information.

It's a mechanism which harasses and intimidates those who know too much.

It's a mechanism which is used to subvert Congress vis-a-vis congressional investigations.

It's mechanism to seek out and destroy documents.
 The Public Integrity Section's real purpose is to act as a unit within a much larger polticial liability control mechanism within the Department of Justice.

The Public Integrity Section also acts to coordinate the management and suppression of information and the management of political liability with other federal agencies.

Lee Radek has been Chief of the Public Integrity Section for a very long time. He has acted with his confederates within the DoJ, namely Dave Margolis, then Chief of the Domestic Criminal Section and Mark Richards, then Chief of the International Criminal Section of the DoJ.

These three men, operating under the auspices of Deputy Attorney General George Terwilliger, essentially managed the Iran-Contra Coverup for the Department of Justice.

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