Saturday, April 13, 2013

Droves of people are going to die in one day as soon as they can prevent any retaliation. It’s happened before and now it’s going to happen again. Most of the laws congress makes do not protect the people or the country. Laws do not solve problems. They should always be heavly considered. Most laws passed today are just more bars on the cage we have all been living in. I have had enough.

world governement is fascism . adolf financed alos by roitschild and ingland.
end game – killuminati
here is how we play it put
you will take pur guns
we will prove and i mem it in less than 72 hours that those who sld out 1 amandement rigth and othjers are onvolve in gun deals
in unclean contracts who make business with the collected guns in afrianan countries
or for both sides in this middle east wars
they didn same in ww2
modern times
net times
this time we were faster
i mean we will be avle to prove that those who sold us put got brivory money and who made contrcts with guns from us citizans to ale them for killuminati business intrests to other countries to hostigate and enslave people there

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