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Hurricane Sandy: Definitely a HAARP Storm

Hurricane Sandy: Definitely a  HAARP Storm (October 28, 2012) Before getting into this, I need to clarify that when I use the word HAARP, it is a catch-all phrase for the various weather modification systems, sort of like the word Kleenex.

And now I am just going to cut to the chase.

Sandy is an impossible storm. The Washington Post reported that Sandy has had a peak negative pressure of 934 millibars.

That is an impossibly low pressure for a storm as weak as Sandy. 934 millibars is a pressure consistent with a strong category 4 hurricane.

Yet Sandy peaked at category 2, and despite presently being at around 950 millibars, which is smack dab in the middle of a strong category 3 hurricane pressure wise, Sandy is now struggling as a tropical storm tenuously scraping the bottom of category 1 wind speeds.

This is an oddity that just does not add up, an oddity which pegs Sandy as being a nearly failed weather modification attempt rather than a genuine event.

The proof is in the fact that Sandy's performance is not living up to the negative pressure readings.
 The concept is simple, or at least I will try to make it simple, by going over what makes a HAARP storm a HAARP storm, and a hurricane a hurricane.

How a hurricane works:

Warm and humid air rises off the surface of the ocean, and proceeds upwards through the eye wall. The more heat you have on the surface of the ocean, the more humidity you have.

Heat makes air lighter, which causes it to rise, obviously, but the missing mechanic in a HAARP storm is the fact that absent a warm surface temperature on the ocean, you don't get the water vapor.

Water vapor is also lighter than air and it displaces air. Humid air is lighter in weight than dry air, so it rises better and produces higher wind speeds.

Now the complex mechanics of it all -

A natural hurricane then gets all of its boost from the negative pressure caused by the rising WARM AND WET air at the eye wall, and this negative boost originates at the surface of the ocean.

So the winds in a natural hurricane are built from the surface of the water, all the way up the eye wall by air that is both WARM AND WET.

A HAARP storm functions differently. Instead of having warm moist air rising from the surface of the ocean that is damp and therefore lightweight to begin with (a double rise potential) , a weather mod machine warms a column of air across a distance spanning from a few hundred feet off the surface of the water, to many miles in altitude.

The combined negative pressure is built in a zone starting thousands of feet up and never quite reaching the surface of the water. If you only have the mechanic of a low central pressure, and that low central pressure lacks the assistance of light weight water vapor laden air originating at the ocean surface, the low millibar reading won't do as much as it would if it had the assistance of warm and moist air that is lighter than dry air contributing to the rise potential.

And that is why Sandy is scraping along with wind speeds tenuously hovering between tropical storm and hurricane potential when it's pressure readings clearly mark it (at present) as a strong category 3.

Fortunately for America, election day is at a time when the oceans have cooled too much heading into winter time to contribute a lot of humidity to a hurricane. They can try to HAARP up an October Surprise all they want, and I think it's gonna be nothing but a big fail.

Even if they manage to fake a sizeable storm surge from a HAARP induced low pressure zone, they are not going to have enough water vapor in the air like they would with a natural hurricane to deliver the apocalyptic pounding they want.

They will get some results, and there will no doubt be some flooding, but overall I predict this storm is going to be an enormous fail. I think it would be better for them to save face and just push it out to sea.

Who knows how the media will portray it though

It's going to be easy to put up a bunch of pictures and videos of places that had stopped up sewers, and say it all flooded. There will no doubt be some flooding if the thing makes landfall.

There will probably be a few downed trees and termite eaten bungalows that will serve to provide a decent photo op. The strategy they appear to be using is to have the ocean air, which is always moist to some degree, bump up against a rock solid cold front right as the "hurricane" makes landfall, and the combined results from that scenario could be unpredictable.

There may be damage from tornadoes and super cells, and not a hurricane. But super cells like to own their environments, and there will be enough of a spin remaining in Sandy to interfere with their development.

Things will be unpredictable in this un natural arrangement. So though I am skeptical of the outcome being what they really wanted, there will be something, and it will be an interesting thing to watch.

It could spawn large tornadoes, without supporting super cells, along with mega snowstorms. Even with that in mind, I am skeptical about much happening at all.

I was right about the media faking it.

Take a look at this silly girl in a canoe! This is a media setup, including the needless boat in the background no doubt. WHEN do people in the city come up with a rowboat impromptu when golashes will do the job? The funny part of this is the fact that the news anchors called her on the B.S.!

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