Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Israel" OWNS this country.  Israel -- Zionists -- own our Congress, our White House, our newspapers, our TV networks . . .   Things are so far gone that the US government even holds Jewish religious services at which Jewish prayers are said; the US government pays US government employees to attend those services.

Here is another recent, graphic example:  Wall Street Journal employee Daniel Pearl was an Israeli citizen.  When he was kidnapped, his parents, who are "Americans" living here in the US, asked the American press to keep Pearl's Israeli citizenship a secret.  The American press complied. 

It was the Israeli newspaper, Ha'aretz, that broke the news.  (See Mark Bruzonsky's  "PEARL WAS ISRAELI CITIZEN," February 23, 2002.  Bruzonsky cites Ha'aretz. 
<http://www.MiddleEast.Org />.   Here is the Ha'aretz URL for "Pearl's father: 'Israeli connection' could hinder investigation,'" March 19, 2002:

In other words, there is more "Jewish" control of the press here in America than in Israel.  Get the picture?  This country, not Israel, is the center of the Judaic Empire.  And we're supposed to be amazed at the "news" that Israel spies on us?

The current big news splash seems to be the arrests of Israelis, allegedly made by the FBI.  Fox News broke the story.

As to the FBI:   Most of us still remember that the FBI was one of the organizations under whose auspices the Waco Holocaust occurred.  To this date, the FBI is still covering up its mass murder.

How much chance is there that the FBI has suddenly metamorphosed from an organization of liars,   torturers, and child murderers into an organization run by good-guy patriots?  No chance whatsoever.  Yet Rivero buys their "good faith" arrests without question.

As to Fox News:  Fox is owned by the Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, which has assets of approximately $50 billion US. .  Murdoch is arguably the world's most powerful Zionist media impresario.  He has invested heavily in Israel and he co-chaired the 2001America-Israel Friendship League black tie dinner, at which Ariel Sharon spoke.  See "Corporate America stands by Israel," Jerusalem Post, June 27, 2001.

What chance is there that Rupert Murdoch would do anything to harm the cause of Zionism?  No chance whatsoever.  Yet Rivero buys Fox's "good faith" Israeli spy news coverage without question.

Now, as to the philosophy of the Fox/News Corporation:  A few years ago, one of Rupert Murdoch's TV stations in Florida was involved in a dispute with the Monsanto Corporation.  Two reporters at the local station, WTVT, had written a Monsanto expose.  When Monsato complained to Fox, the story was spiked.  A Murdoch manger, David Boylan, was sent from Fox to handle the flap.  The local WTVT reporters told Boylan that their valid news story was being stifled.  The London Observer wrote:

"Boylan's reply broke with all the traditions of the Murdoch empire. In a moment of insane candour, he told an unvarnished truth which should be framed and stuck on the top of every television set.

"'We paid $3 billion for these television stations,' he snapped. 'We'll decide what the news is. NEWS IS WHAT WE SAY IT IS.'"

Digger Still Plays Dirty, London Observer, July 5, 1998,

So that's Murdoch's, and Fox's, interest in the truth.  They own the TV stations.  The truth is what they say it is.  And Rivero serves up what they say, no questions asked.

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