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Jewish 90% Democratic Party Voting Record
From Jews and American Politics, (an Historical Apologia Which Seems to Be Written for Jews)
by Stephen D. Isaacs, Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, New York, 1977, page 158.
In 1964, the Republicans did even worse among the Jews by nominating ultra "Conservative" Barry Goldwater. It did not matter that Goldwater's father was Jewish (Goldwater was raised as an Episcopalian). To most Jews, conservatism equals anti-Semitism.
Lucy Dawidowicz, the historian, has written that:
The Jewish experience in the Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires established even more emphatically what Jews had learned in Western Europe: that the political right was at best conservative, avowedly Christian and committed to the preservation of ancient privileges; it could, and often did, become reactionary and even anti-Semitic.

Ernest van den Haag put it another way:
"To the Jewish mind, the Gestalt of the rightist requires anti-Semitism no matter whether they are: they ought to be."
Sixty-Nine percent of all Americans voted against Goldwater; 90 percent of American Jews voted against him.
Yet despite strong reasons to vote against the Democrats, more than eight of every ten Jews cast their ballots against the Republicans' nominee, Nixon. The real was to come four years later--when many Jews would cry over whether they might be turned to pillars of if they pulled the Republican lever.

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