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Jews, Communism, and The Job of Killing Off the Christians Soviet-Zionist-Jewry in Historical Perspectives, Smalls Crane Co., pp. 29-31
In the Soviet Union, the communist party, run mostly for the benefit of its Jewish founders who made up approximately 90% of the founding fathers and administrators of the Soviet Union, hid behind their leftist doctrine which had been designed to undermine Christianity in the name of materialism and social science. These administrators of the Soviet Union who were detailed in reports to the U.S. State Department from Russia in 1919 were instrumental in instructing their cohorts to send out Jewish commissars like Kaganovitch and Beria to kill approximately 100 million White European Christians whom they called "reactionary bourgeoisie" for correctness in 1920-1940. What they meant by "bourgeoisie" were Russia's Christians. In addition to killing the Christian peasants under the materialist aegis of communism, the churches and parochial schools were confiscated or burned as were their Christian towns; the priests were either murdered or sent to prisons, and all vestiges of Christianity were as nearly as possible expunged. Once the Christians in an entire area were killed, the Jews brought in new non-Christians, atheists, who were relocated there to re-establish the economic exploitation of the emptied lands in agricultural communes similar to the kibbutzim programs in Israel which were begun at the same time. At this point in history, the Jews and Zionists in power declared anti-Semitism to be a capital crime, because the Christians who were being killed by these communist Jews in Russia had developed groups to protect themselves and were critical of the Jewish excesses in the matter of their own genocide with whom they naturally refused to cooperate without fighting for their very lives. The accusation of anti-Semitism in Russia became a mandatory death sentence to any Christian fighting against the Jewish oppression of Christianity in the Soviet Union, especially if these Christians even identified the names of the many thousands of Jews in control of their anti-Christian extermination policy. The Jewish-led anti-Christian genocide in Russia was basically a totally Jewish-run and definitely anti-Christian Affair using communism and anti-reactionary programs as the ideological communist "cover" for wiping out Christianity. The Jews basically ran the Russian government and hid behind its skirts as they carried out their murders across the Russian Continent. It was never reported in the United States, because the media was controlled mostly by Jewish owners who were uninterested in exposing Americans to an atrocity by Jews. Only Henry Ford, who own his own newspaper, got the word out, and he was severely criticized as being anti-Semitic for his honesty in exposing this matter of Christian genocide by the Jews. In China, more than 80 million oriental peasants were killed by the Chinese Communist Party which learned from the Russians how to run a revolution. Especially sought out for instant extermination during The Big March and beyond were those peasants who were Christians, Buddhists, or Islamics and anyone else associated with a religion or philosophy or God concept who were non-materialistic in thought. Like Russian Liberals, the Chinese communists did not want "other leaders" and "other systems" teaching their people. Religion in China, as in Russia, was called the "opiate of the people" and, as in Russia, this was used to justify the mass murder of priests, devotees, and other adherents of non-communist religions. Today in China, Christians are still being mistreated, and many churches are inundating the west coast of the United States with Chinese Christian refugees desperate to escape the on-going anti-Christian purges. The great international conspiracies of communism, socialism, liberalism, Masonry, and Zionism were always interconnected and have created all of our world wars, cold wars, economic depressions, and divisive genocidal conduct throughout the world, mainly because their conspirators who have created these agencies of death carried an anti-Christian agenda which was hidden behind the false curtain of secular materialist intellectuality. Those believing there is no international conspiracy going back more than one hundred years cannot explain the existence of the State of Israel without studying the conspiracies stemming from the Zionist World Congress in the 1800's whose final fruit is Israel itself as well as the two world wars, communism, the secret Balfour Declaration under which Zionists promised Britain they would bring the United States into the First World War using their blackmail of President Wilson over his sexual liaisons at Princeton (a la Benjamin Freedman's books), the 3-day communist takeover in Germany in 1919 under Rosa Luxembourg whose Jewish-Communist Conspiracy resulted in the abdication of the Kaiser who crossed into Denmark for safety, the collapse of the German front due to Jewish-inspired leftist armaments production strikes in Germany in the middle of the war, the later Christian genocide of 1920-1940 by the Zionists in Russia, the Jewish-inspired world blockade of Germany in 1933 (see Freedman), and the Jewish-Zionist German diplomatic assassination in Poland in 1937 which triggered Krystal Nacht and the persecution of Jews by the nearly starved Germans. Most of the adherents had little idea they were being manipulated by persons who, in the background, were orchestrating genocide against members of their own societies, and that type of hidden agenda and hidden genocide is a major point in the correct administration of worldwide conspiracies. These conspiracies are also being carried out in America and Europe today where immigration is supported in order to eliminate as many Christian Europeans as possible from the world stage. In reality, these outcomes were planned more than one hundred years ago and outlined in little read but always available Jewish, Masonic, and communist publications composed mostly by Zionist anti-Christian conspirators bent on genocidal acts and world domination by moneyed interests.
Some Pertinent References on this Subject... The Protocols of Zion http://www.pixi.com/~bewise/protocol.html (The anti-Christian Jewish Conspirators speak. Very much like The Prince in aspect, and, although authorship has always been disputed, this does not matter. Most will agree that the methods contained therein are evidently in very wide use today.) The Works of Benjamin Freedman http://www.best.com/~jdulaney/jews.html Benjamin Freedman was a One-Time Jewish Zionist Conspirator who felt guilty and told all. Freedman who was a Jewish conspirator turned patriot spilled the beans on Zionism in the 1940's and 1950's, spending millions in telling the conspirators' stories including the Wilson and Roosevelt and NYC-Moscow-Zionism connections to the American public. The International Jew by Henry Ford http://www.pohlynx.com/~politics/antisemi/internat_jew.html Much maligned, but an excellent starting point bringing out many facts about the Jewish connection to the stock markets, international banking, the Semitic-NYC-Moscow Express, the liberalization of America, and other incendiary historical facts which you will never see in the New York Times. When you realize that Ford owned his own newspaper and the damage done to Zionist conspiracies by that paper, you will understand the deep Jewish need to control all media. Crossposted References Assembled by George V. Cousins for Internet

Jewish Responsibility for USSR Admitted by RavFrand on Tape # 126 "RavFrand" - Rabbi Frand on Parshas Miketz / Chanukah
These divrei Torah were adapted from the hashkafa portion of Rabbi Yissocher Frand's Commuter Chavrusah Tapes on the weekly portion: Tape # 126, Dreams in Halacha and Hashkafa.. Good Shabbos!
The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same
In our own times we have witnessed the decline and fall of another 'ism' - Communism. Many people may not realize to what extent our fellow Jewish brethren originally embraced this `ism'. Jews played a prominent role in the beginnings of the Communist party.
Some Jews felt repressed and isolated by the life of the shtetl and were overwhelmed by the arrival of a new order that promised a better world. Many Jews, who had already left their faith, channeled their religious fervor into Communism. Some Communist leaders, such as Julius Martov (1873-1923) and Lev Davidovich Trotsky (1879-1940) were Jewish. For many years there was a Jewish division of the Communist party in Russia. It was not until the 1930s that Stalin came to power and 'purged' the Jews from the Communist party.
In fact, in our times, when most Russians admit to the bankruptcy of the Communist movement, many of them blame the Jews, saying, "they are the ones who gave us Communism". In a sense, they are partially right. I am not even talking about Karl Marx (1818-1883), but in a sense 'we' made the Communist party.
In this century too, then, large numbers of Jewish brethren embraced another 'ism'. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
Found on ... Rabbi Yissocher Frand's Commuter Chavrusah Tapes on the weekly portion: Tape # 126, Dreams in Halacha and Hashkafa - WWW - April 10, 1998 - Placed Here to Avoid a Possible Lost Link to It...

Report of the Netherland Minister On Jewish Bolsheviks as Criminal Organization in Petrograd
U.S. Gov't Printing Office House Document 1868 (65th Congress, 3d session- file# 861.00/8029):
Report of the Netherland Minister Relating to the conditions in Petrograd.
"Whole Soviet government has sunk to the level of a criminal organisation. Bolsheviks realise that their game is up and have entered into a career of criminal madness."
"I found it necessary to promise that Litvinov should be allowed to leave England at once..."
"The foregoing report will indicate the extremely critical nature of the present situation. The danger is now so great that I feel it is my duty to call the attention of the British and all other Governments to the fact that if an end is not put to Bolshevism in Russia at once the civilisation of the whole world will be threatened...."
"...the danger is also being realised in German and Austrian quarters. I consider that the immediate suppression of Bolshevism is the greatest issue now before the world, not even excluding the war which is still raging, and unless as above stated Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately it is bound to spread in one form or another over Europe and the whole world as it is organised and worked by Jews who have no nationality, and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things."

The above extract was taken from: "Papers Relating To The Foreign Relations of The United States - 1918 - RUSSIA (In Three Volumes) Volume I"
Printing date of the version above was 1931 and is subtitled:
"65th Congress, 3d Session ,,,, House Document No. 1868" The document is also known as "The Oudendyke Report" The above text appeared on pages 674-679 as a subenclosure under "Withdrawal Of Missions and Consuls."

Many Lithuanians Blame Jews for Soviet Invasion
Vilnius, Lithuania - Reuters, Sept. 8, 1998.
"Many Lithuanians … blame Jews for the Soviet invasion, as the early Communist ranks were filled with a disproportionate number of Jews."

Remembering Ukraine's Unknown Holocaust
[How the High Jews in the Soviet Government Killed Millions in the USSR and Still Hide It From Us...]
Archived for Scholarly Study
From the Toronto Sun - December 13, 1998
By ERIC MARGOLIS Contributing Foreign Editor
As Britain's socialist government cleared the way for a gaudy show trial of that Great Satan of the left, Chile's Gen. Augusto Pinochet, the 65th anniversary of this century's bloodiest crime was utterly ignored. Leftists now baying for Pinochet's head don't want to be reminded of the Unknown Holocaust.
In 1932, Soviet leader Josef Stalin unleashed genocide in Ukraine. Stalin determined to force Ukraine's millions of independent farmers - called kulaks - into collectivized Soviet agriculture, and to crush Ukraine's growing spirit of nationalism.
Faced by resistance to collectivization, Stalin unleashed terror and dispatched 25,000 fanatical young party militants from Moscow - earlier versions of Mao's Red Guards - to force 10 million Ukrainian peasants into collective farms. Secret police units of OGPU began selective executions of recalcitrant farmers.
When Stalin's red guards failed to make a dent in this immense number, OGPU was ordered to begin mass executions.
But there were simply not enough Chekists (secret police) to kill so many people, so Stalin decided to replace bullets with a much cheaper medium of death - mass starvation.
All seed stocks, grain, silage and farm animals were confiscated from Ukraine's farms. (Ethiopia's Communist dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam used the same method in the 1970s to force collectivization: the resulting famine cased one million deaths.)
OGPU agents and Red Army troops sealed all roads and rail lines. Nothing came in or out of Ukraine. Farms were searched and looted of food and fuel. Ukrainians quickly began to die of hunger, cold and sickness.
When OGPU failed to meet weekly execution quotas, Stalin sent henchman Lazar Kaganovitch to destroy Ukrainian resistance. Kaganovitch, the Soviet Eichmann, made quota, shooting 10,000 Ukrainians weekly. Eighty percent of all Ukrainian intellectuals were executed. A Ukrainian party member named Nikita Khruschchev helped supervise the slaughter.
During the bitter winter of 1932-33, mass starvation created by Kaganovitch and OGPU hit full force. Ukrainians ate their pets, boots and belts, plus bark and roots. Some parents even ate infant children.
The precise number of Ukrainians murdered by Stalin's custom-made famine and Cheka firing squads remains unknown to this day. The KGB's archives, and recent work by Russian historians, show at least seven million died. Ukrainian historians put the figure at nine million, or higher. Twenty-five percent of Ukraine's population was exterminated. Millions of victims
Six million other farmers across the USSR were starved or shot during collectivization. Stalin told Winston Churchill he liquidated 10 million peasants during the 1930s. Add mass executions by the Cheka in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; the genocide of three million Muslims in the USSR; massacres of Cossacks and Volga Germans and Soviet industrial genocide accounted for at least 40 million victims, not including 20 million war dead. Kaganovitch and many senior OGPU officers (later, NKVD) were Jewish. The predominance of Jews among Bolshevik leaders, and the frightful crimes and cruelty inflicted by Stalin's Cheka on Ukraine, the Baltic states and Poland, led the victims of Red Terror to blame the Jewish people for both communism and their suffering. As a direct result, during the subsequent Nazi occupation of Eastern Europe, the region's innocent Jews became the target of ferocious revenge by Ukrainians, Balts and Poles.
While the world is by now fully aware of the destruction of Europe's Jews by the Nazis, the story of the numerically larger holocaust in Ukraine has been suppressed, or ignored. Ukraine's genocide occurred 8-9 years before Hitler began the Jewish Holocaust, and was committed, unlike Nazi crimes, before the world's gaze. But Stalin's murder of millions was simply denied, or concealed by a left-wing conspiracy of silence that continues to this day. In the strange moral geometry of mass murder, only Nazis are guilty. Socialist luminaries like Bernard Shaw, Beatrice and Sidney Webb and PM Edouard Herriot of France, toured Ukraine during 1932-33 and proclaimed reports of famine were false. Shaw announced: "I did not see one under-nourished person in Russia." New York Times correspondent Walter Duranty, who won a Pulitzer Prize for his Russian reporting, wrote claims of famine were "malignant propaganda." Seven million people were dying around them, yet these fools saw nothing. The New York Times has never repudiated Duranty's lies.
Modern leftists do not care to be reminded their ideological and historical roots are entwined with this century's greatest crime - the inevitable result of enforced social engineering and Marxist theology.
Western historians delicately skirt the sordid fact that the governments of Britain, the U.S. and Canada were fully aware of the Ukrainian genocide and Stalin's other monstrous crimes. Yet they eagerly welcomed him as an ally during World War II. Stalin, who Franklin Roosevelt called "Uncle Joe," murdered four times more people than Adolf Hitler.
None of the Soviet mass murderers who committed genocide were ever brought to justice. Lazar Kaganovitch died peacefully in Moscow a few years ago, still wearing his Order of the Soviet Union, and enjoying a generous state pension.

The USSR/Marxist Anti-Christian Holocaust
Copyright (c) 1998 - Ingrid A. Rimland, Author, November 29, 1998--- The Christian News is a Lutheran/Missouri Synod publication and quite respectable and conservative. For one, it does not run any ads, which means it is not financially beholden, as are so many other so-called "Christian" publications who dance to the tune of the piper.
The latest issue, dated November 23, 1998, page 14, has a very interesting semi-book review of sorts. It is titled The Russian/Marxist Holocaust, and is written by Dr. Albert Jabs, Chair of the Chair Department of Multidisciplinary Studies, at Shaw University, Raleigh, NC. I bring it here in full, with a cautionary note that the last paragraph is very slightly modified since there seems to have been a typographical shift (two lines seems to have been reversed) which I fixed as best as I could. (My guessing at the sentence structure is of no significance to the article itself).
Here is what Dr. Jabs wrote:
The war to end all wars - World War I - did not end the war against people. After the Great War stopped and people danced and cried with joy, a greater war, against civilians, began in the new Soviet Union.
According to recent research by R. J. Rummel (University of Hawaii) Lenin unleashed a chilling carnage, which continued through Stalin and others right up to 1987 that resulted in the death of approximately 95.2 million (Lethal Politics). In other words, according to Rummel, ***more lives were lost in Marxist countries, like the Soviet Union, than had been lost in both World Wars - and this genocide or democide was done by government against their own people.*** (emphasis added)
Rummel has done massive research in genocide and mass murder among nations, and while in teaching World War I and World War II history, I have noticed that some historians are quick to raise the red flag when discussing the Red Scare period after World War I and the McCarthy era after World War II. The paradox is that many historians simply omit Marxist countries, in regard to murders of their own citizens. This culpable omission may be that history is written by left wing historians who may themselves have flirted with the idea that utopian Marxism has something to contribute.
I have heard professors speak glibly about Marxism in my trip to the former Soviet Union, with democide on their own people and others (. . . a verb missing here?) to such an extent that their lives were so much disposable chemicals.
Marxism, in the minds of many who suffered under its totalitarianism, saw it as being worse than Hitler's national socialism, which was bad enough. The Marxism of the early Civil War period (1917) through collectivization, the Ukraine starvation period, the Terror before World War II, and the Terror after World War II and the other historical periods are there for the reader to see.
In view of the devastations, it is difficult to understand how the U.S. and FDR, and England, and Churchill, could have been so duped by arch criminal, "Uncle Joe Stalin", as Roosevelt referred to him, and establish communist hegemony in the heart of Europe. At one time much of what has been stated would be considered to be right wing, but the facts of Rummel are unassailable. Russia at the present time needs to be fed by the US and other nations. For humanitarian reasons, people should be helped, but it would be valuable, even with Russia's nuclear missiles, to know something of its horrific history.
World War I ended yesterday, 80 years ago, but a greater war against civilians now began. I heard (my father) say that the Russian people were essentially like people everywhere. Yet, the intellectuals like John Reed thought heaven was around the corner; it was, but it really was hell on earth.
(end of Jabs article)
Even if the "six million" figure is true - which Revisionists contend it is not - the Marxist Holocaust was almost 16 times worse!
Is it not time that the world be informed? And is it not time that the world understood why Third Reich Germany threw an entire generation into the war to stop Marxism from overrunning Europe?
I say today there would not be a Europe, had Germany not fought that war! Chances are we would not be alive, had Germany not fought that war!

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