Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mr. Idiot (Assuming you are not just a paid up traitor)
If the people relinquish their guns, then we will be at the mercy of criminals and the criminal organization passing as government (not that there is much difference). This will open the door for the centralized government to get hold of the food supply (Just like Stalin and Mao did). And all they need to do then to suppress dissenters is to starve whole communities to death.
Unless you have living under a rock (or have the intellect of one) you will notice that this administration is using techniques learned from the Stalin administration. As I predicted they are using psychiatrist to take away the guns from veterans. The next step, if they ever succeed of taking away the rifles, would be to take control of the food supply and starve away dissidents.
Of course they will blame other things (bad crops, the economy, war, etc), But it will be done on purpose as it consolidates their power.
That is what they will do if idiots such as yourself do not wake up.
Again, I am calling you an idiot. As the alternative would be to calling you a traitor. I might be wrong. But I choose to never blame evil for what stupidity can explain.

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