Tuesday, April 9, 2013

1800: Johann Gottlieb Fichte writes: There is a powerful nation spreading its wings throughout Europe which stands in an ongoing war with all other nations, and many citizens of Europe are suffering because of them, and that is the nation of the Jews.
1866: Tsar Alexander of Russia puts restrictions on Jews and forbids them from holding Govt positions. (He did this because they were plotting to depose the Tsar & Govt) The Jews carry out their first assassination attempt against the Tsar.
1879: The Jews try a second time to assassinate the Tsar.
1881: International Jewish Bankers imposed economic sanctions against the Russian Empire, hoping to cause the peasants to revolt. The Jew Hesia Helfman succeeds in blowing up the Winter Palace killing Tsar Alexander II. With this Russia fell into turmoil and desperately needed money, the Russian Govt approached the Rothschilds for a loan. In exchange for, a) demanding Russia make a pact with France and, b) lifting all restrictions against the Jews, and c) allowing them to hold Govt positions again. The Russians got their money. The Franco-Russian Pact was made to ensure the Rothschilds would get their money back.
1887: Lenin's brother Alexander was executed for trying to murder Tsar Nicholas of Russia.
1893: 26th March. The German Jews led by Rafael Loewenfeld form an organisation to 'force through their demands for German citizenship and against 'anti-semitism'. This group later called itself the 'Zentralverein deutscher Staatsbuerger juedischen Glaubens' or The Central Organisation for German citizens of Jewish Beliefs. (They moved into Germany from Kasachstan and then demanded they be made German citizens)
1898: The first Zionist Congress was held in Basel Switzerland under the leadership of Theodor Herzl. Zionism is the political arm of Judaism and it was formed to fulfil Jewish political ambitions, which included the aim of gaining Palestine as their homelands. It is claimed, Protocols of this meeting were kept and these became known as 'The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion'. The US Banker Jakob Schiff began financing the Russian Revolutionaries.
1901: Jewish Revolutionaries, still trying to undermine the Tsar, began a series of assassinations of Russian Politicians. By 1906, they had already murdered 6.
1903: The Jew Vladimir Ulyanov assumes the name of Lenin and takes control of the Bolsheviks. Leading Jews meet in Brussels to co-ordinate Bolshevik Plans and revolutionary ideals.
1904: In another attempt to destroy Russia economically and sow the seeds for a revolution, the Rothschilds involve Russia in a war with Japan.
1905: Tsar Nicholas II introduced wide sweeping Land reforms, giving large areas of Land back to the Farmers. The Bolsheviks countered by telling the people this was just a bluff and started a Revolt against the Tsar led by the Jew (Lev) Trotsky. Troops loyal to the Tsar put down the revolt.
1906: The Russian PM Stolypin was assassinated by the Jew Mordecai Bogrov.
1907: Bolsheviks hold another Congress in London, of 312 Delegates 60% are Jews
1909: The Jew Yevno Azev attempted to assassinate Tsar Nicholas II, but was caught and executed.
1912: Switzerland. The assassination of Austrian Archduke Ferdinand is planned by a group of Bolshevik Internationalists. The Plan is to initiate a war between the European Royal Families and in the ensuing confusion create Anarchy and Revolution and overthrow them. Polish, French and British Internationalists all hope to benefit from the Revolution. France & Britain want Germany destroyed as an economic power and the Poles hope that Russian forces will be driven out of Poland.
1914: The job of Assassination is carried out by a Serbian group calling themselves 'The Order of the Black Hand'. They carried out the murder, but they are merely puppets and did not plan the attack.
1914: WORLD WAR ONE breaks out. Jews living in Germany were living well under the German Kaiser so the Jews in Russia moved en-masse to the western Border of Russia and began to support the German War effort. Tsar Nicholas had them forcibly moved away from the border back into the cities where they immediately started agitating against the Tsar. The agitation and sabotage resulted in extreme food shortages in the cities, further fuelling the unrest. Although the Russian Troops were promised weapons from Gt Britain the Rothschild-financed Vickers-Maxim Company deliberately held back supplies of weapons which did two things: a) The Russian Army was slaughtered and weakened and b) the Tsar was blamed for all this...these events helped prepare the ground for Revolution.
1916: Germany is winning the war, UNTIL German Zionists approached the British War Cabinet and offered to bring the USA into the war IF the British promise to give them Palestine in return. Lord Balfour fulfils this promise by giving Lord Rothschild the BALFOUR DECLARATION. US Zionists then blackmailed President Wilson (who was in debt $40.000 to Mr Samuel Untermyr) into going to war with Britain & France against Germany and Austria.
1917: Hoping to get the Russians off their back on the Eastern Front, the German Govt helped 224 Bolshevik Revolutionaries cross by train into Russia. Of the 224, 170 were Jews including Lenin, Martov, Karl Radek, the rest were armed bodyguards. In Germany, the All-Jewish organisation calling itself the 'Alldeutschen Verband' (The all German Club) led by Otto Arendt distributed pamphlets claiming that WWI was started by them as a war of Jews against Germans.
1917: The BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION begins in Russia. Determined to destroy the Tsarist Monarchy the Bolsheviks were funded with more than $US 20, million from the US Jewish Bankers Jakob Schiff and KUHN-Loeb. The whole Tsarist family is arrested by the Revolutionaries. German & Austrian Forces free Poland from Russian Forces.
1918: A group of Bolsheviks led by the Jew Yakov Yorovsky murders the captive Tsarist family including as many relatives as they can capture.

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