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Princess Diana Was Pregnant

Princess Diana Was Pregnant (9/6/1999) Recent French findings have not put to rest the suspicion that a conspiracy was responsible for the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, millionaire Dodi Fayed, and driver, Henri Paul, in Paris on August 31, 1997. The case for conspiracy is familiar enough to those who delve into the hidden side of world politics.

Diana had crossed the reigning House of Windsor, and had taken on the color of an enemy to the throne of Great Britain. Born of the competing Stuart Royal line, she had been a thorn in the side of the British Monarchy virtually from the beginning of her marriage to Prince Charles. She was far more popular than the aloof Charles, and a perception of unfair treatment by the Royal Family only added to already-numerous calls for the abolition of the Monarchy.

It is fair to think that Diana may have been seen by the House of Windsor as becoming dangerously powerful, and as a threat to their future. She was also viewed as a threat to other elements of the British establishment, including the arms industry, whose lucrative business in death was challenged by her calls for an international ban on land mines.

Diana had already been targeted with surveillance and wiretaps by Britain's domestic intelligence agency, MI5, and through the leaking of her private conversations to the press.

At least two persons close to Diana and Dodi Fayed have told the press that the couple were planning on marrying. They had been dating for nine months, and Dodi's purchase of a quarter million dollar diamond ring for her provided additional confirmation.

A marriage to Dodi Fayed would have been seen by the British establishment as an alliance with the Muslim world, and there was the real possibility that Diana would convert to the Islamic faith. Equally important, Dodi's father was billionaire Muhammad Fayed, related to the Saudi Royal Family. He is alleged to have compromised many British politicians through the use of his bribes and other incentives.

Of central importance to the belief that Diana may have been murdered are unconfirmed reports that she was pregnant by Dodi Fayed at the time of her death. Certainly, the birth of a child with Egyptian blood, half-brother to Diana's sons, would have been seen as a devastating event to the rulers of Britain. So far, however, no conclusive proof has been offered that she was pregnant. I have now obtained the closest thing to proof that will probably ever be revealed.

Confirmation of Diana's pregnancy comes from a unique source: through the network of the Middle Eastern religious group called the Sufis. The Sufis are a meditative, mystical offshoot of the Islamic faith, and several members of this group are friends of the author.

In 1998, one of my Sufi contacts, who chooses to remain anonymous, travelled to London to participate in Dhikr, a remembrance of Allah. This ritual was attended by both Sufis and orthodox Muslims. My contact reports that while participating in this ceremony, he met Dodi Fayed's personal physician, a man who is a Muslim, but is not a Sufi. In private conversation, the physician told him that Diana and Dodi Fayed had planned on getting married, and that he had personally examined her and determined that she was pregnant.

If this is the case, why has this physician not come forward and told the press? One can only speculate. Perhaps this information is being kept secret as part of a larger indictment when Muhammad Fayed finally weighs in with proof of a conspiracy.

*** Jim Keith is one of America's best known conspiracy writers, having penned over ten published books. His works include Okbomb, a revealing account of the Oklahoma City bombing, and the acclaimed Casebook On The Men In Black.

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