Monday, April 8, 2013

South Sudan repays Israel with oil contracts

The Zionist regime and US Jewish lobby groups played a major role in the break-up of Sudan, Africa’s largest Muslim state. The Zionist regimes have been working on this plan since 1967 but it intensified after the Islamist took over Khartoum in 1989. Since then the Islamist-backed Gen. Omar al-Bashir regime has look towards Iran as a counter-balance the Jewish evildoers plan to exploit Sudanese oil and water reserves.
Last week, South Sudanese petroleum and mining minister, Dhieu Dau, visited the Zionist entity where he met with the leaders of Israeli oil companies and signed several contracts with them to sell Sudanese oil on preferred rates. Dau indicated the southern government in Juba has decided to sell oil to Israel for later’s continuous support to People’s Liberation Movement fighting against Islamists rulers in Khartoum. South Sudan’s president and leader of PLM, Salva Kiir, visited Israel to pay his respect to Israeli Jews for their help.
South Sudan which came on the map in July 2011, was immediately recognized by United States and Israel. South Sudan government has claimed its rights over 80% (6.6 billion barrel) of Sudan’s oil fields, which it knows the regime in Khartoum will never agree. Furthermore, South Sudan cannot export oil without Khartoum’s permission which controls most of the oil pipeline which runs from the landlocked Southern Sudan to country’s only Port Sudan on the Red Sea.
As long as the pro-Iran Islamist regime remains in power in Khartoum – Israel has a zero chance of exploiting oil or Nile delta water from South Sudan.
Before the Islamic Revolution (1979), King Reza Shah maintained very close relation with the Zionist entity. In those good-old-days, Israel used to receive 80% of its oil imports from Iran at preferred rates. The King was the first Muslim ruler to bless the Jewish occupation of Palestine in 1949 followed by Turkey. Israel’s one president and one top military General were born in Iran. More than 25,000 Jews still call Iran their home.
The Zionist regime has proposed an alternate oil pipeline route to exploit Sudanese oil. The plan calls for building a 1,000 milie long pipeline from South across Kenya to the Indian Occean that would free Juba from reliance on Khartoum’s pipeline and Port Sudan.
Interestingly, while Salva regime is courting Israel against Omar al-Bashir regime – extremist Jewish leaders in Israel are running a vicious campaign against non-Jewish South Sudanese refugees and immigrants.
South Sudanse are predominantly follow Pagan African cults while a small but powerful minority is Christian.
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