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Kristine said (December 16, 2012):
Hi Henry. I´m not so sure this massacre, and it´s "meaning", should be taken at face value.
There are some who are calling the Sheik-murders, the Batman bloodbath, the Oregon mall shooting, the Sandy Hook catastrophe, the Brandon Raub kidnapping … – not only government-military black psy-ops - but drills, fakes, dramatizations to add to our trauma. If you really look into it and dig deeper there is some evidence that this drill analysis is, admittedly, crazy-seeming, but correct. They are using "live coverage" on the NEWS to horrify us without shedding a drop of blood. How ingenious.
Think about the Gabriele Giffords case: there was no blood at the scene. There are various you tube videos documenting this staged act - up close.
Some have asserted that the same "actors" are used again and again in these murder mock–ups. Evidence concludes that perhaps they are right. There is extensive coverage of this very topic on you tube. (See: adam3176 for some profound insights).
Never having consciously thought too much about it at the time, I was always subconsciously troubled by the fact that Giffords made herself so rare after the alleged disaster. I mean, they talked about her incessantly, but you never actually saw her taking steps toward that "miraculous recovery". If indeed she was shot in the head, it is certainly tragic for her. If not, it is tragic for us, the duped, the dazed and the disoriented. I think it´s time for us to get – dis-enchanted.
Someone pointed out the apparent fact that the Sandy Hook "lone gunman" (it´s always a "lone, masked gunman") shot himself. How convenient. Evidently the bodies of "the dead" were left in the classroom for more than half a day. There are various inconsistencies in the stories of "eye witnesses".
Suddenly, there was a church service for all of them, which seems to have been used as a platform to foment rage against – you guessed it – gun ownership in the United States. And all of this widely publicized. It just seems all too perfectly planned, premeditated. Especially when Christmas is right around the corner.
Look at the Bat Man case, too – James Holmes looks nothing like the man with the goggle-eyes and orange hair, who bears a striking resemblance to Brandon Raub. It´s no coincidence either that there is a media black-out on this story, which is indubitably a cover-up for the much larger scandal of Libor, unearthed by Holmes´ father.
It is staggering to think about the lengths the tyrannical US government goes to cover up it´s own criminal tracks. What a show! No Hollywood scene and treachery, played out on TV as actual historical fact, is too cruel and base for them. No, that´s what they do, that´s what they´ve done – because that is what they adore. And if we believe and trust in them, we are all going to be goners. This is what they are reckoning with. We must resist that temptation, if we are tempted at all..
More and more, we are confronted with Hollywood. Not only at the movies, but in "real life". It´s getting difficult to separate truth from fabrication. It´s getting more and more ugly and grotesque. It could be that we are meant to get so confused that we rely ever more on a communications system that is rotten to the core and lying through their teeth like the thieves and butchers that they are. That is why it is all the more important to turn off your TV and open your own mind to apprehend the truth of these matters. Shut off your brain, open your heart and turn on your instinct.
I urge you to look more deeply into these issues. Think about this: Sandusky, Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook. What does that mean? Something big is building up here, and it does not look good.

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