Saturday, April 13, 2013

what has changed that made america more violent?
#1. the systematic mass-drugging of our nations kids by big pharma.
#2. hollywood movies that glorify violence.
#3. violent video games that are used as babysitters.
#4. a working-wage crisis that has forced mothers into the workplace, leaving the kids without a solid family structure.
#5. a drug-war where kids grow up with violence as a way of life.
#6. UNNECESSARY wars that have desensitized the people to horror and branded anyone in the military a “hero”, regardless of heroic deeds.
#7. an economy that has most people on-edge and worried about their future.
#8. a simple way of life exchanged for hustle and bustle where saving 5 seconds off your commute is more important than the lives of others on the roadway.

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