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Getting To Know The Deviated Doctrines Of The Nusairiyah In Syria   

Shaban 18, 1433 A.H, Monday, July 09, 2012
Not many Muslims know about the events that are taking place in Syria. Many among the Muslims think that the savagery of the Syrian regime is solely based on political interests to save the regime of the Baath Party, the Socialist Party which has gripped the people of Syria for decades by the force of arms.

The savagery of the Baath regime in Syria is indeed also downplayed by the ideological and religious factors. In this case, the Baath Party has been dominated by the Nusairiyah group since the era of Hafizh Al-Asad.

The Nusairiyah group is a part of the extreme Shiah sects which have been declared as murtad from Islam by the entire ulama's of the Muslims. So, the extreme Shiah regime is today displaying its savagery against the majority of the people who are Muslim, i.e. the Ahlus Sunnah wal Jamaah. Peaceful demonstration versus the barbarity of the military in Syria is truly a battle between two religions: Islam versus Nusairiyah.

No wonder, when Iran which professes the religion of Shiah Imamiyah (it can also be called Shiah Itsna Atsariyah or Shiah Ja’fariyah) is intense in providing military, political and economical supports to the Shiah regime of Syria. Two extreme Shiah groups have met to finish off a common enemy – the majority of the Syrian population who profess the religion of Islam i.e. the Ahlus Sunnah.

When coupled with the power of the Shiah Lebanon (with the Hizbul Laata militia – a slippage of its real name, Hizbullah), the power of Israel and Christian Lebanon which are also hostile towards the Ahlus Sunnah, then the Sunni people of Syria are in the midst of being besieged from every angle.

Muslims worldwide are supposed to continue to give support to the struggle of the people of Syria, just as their support for the struggle of the Muslim people of Egypt, Tunisia and Palestine. It is wajib (compulsory) for the ulama's and figures of the Muslims to expose the guise of the Nusairiyah of Syria, until the wala’ and bara’ of the Muslims are getting clearer.

The Fatwas of the Ulama's Regarding Nusairiyah

The following are the fatwas of the ulama's of Islam which explain the reality of the Nusairiyah group and the Baath Party.

The Nusairiyah is one of the extreme Shiah groups which emerged in the third century Hijriyah. Various kafir religious sects such as Bathiniyah, Ismailiyah, Buddhism, and the kafir sects originating from the Majusi religion merged into the Nusairiyah group. Nusairiyah can be found mostly in Syria and the countries neighbouring with Syria.

Nusairiyah traces its group to someone named Muhammad bin Nusair An-Numair, who claimed himself as a prophet and declared that Abul Hasan Al-Askari – the 11th Imam of the Shiah – is God who has sent him as a prophet.

The teachings of the religion of Nusairiyah are established on the basis of corrupted aqeedah (creeds) and rituals of ibaadah(worship) that are obsolete, i.e. the results of intermixing the teachings from Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. Among the astray aqeedah of the Nusairiyah group are:

• An extreme individual cult towards the personage of the sahabah, Ali bin Abi Thalib by believing that he is the Rabb (God The Creator, The Life-Taker, The Sustainer, The Governor of the universe), Ilah (God who has the right to be worshipped), and the Creator of the heaven, earth and the entire creations. Among the forms of worship to Ali is bin Abi Thalib is the slogan of their religion:
“No God has the right to be worshipped except Haidarah (a lion, the title of Ali) the trustworthy warrior.

No hijab (barrier) upon him except Muhammad As-Sadiq Al-Amin (the honest and trusted).

And there is no way to him except Salman Dzul Quwwatil Matin (the owner of the mighty power).”

• They believe in reincarnation, namely believing that if a man dies, then his spirit is separated from his body and enters the body of another being, whether it be the body of a human being or animal, in accordance with his deeds.
• Among the principal teachings of their aqeedah that is so entrenched is their intense hatred and enmity against Islam and the Muslims. As a form of hostility and hatred against Islam, they nicknamed the sahabah, Umar bin Khathab with the title “Iblisul Abalisah” (the king of iblis). As for the level of iblis after Umar, according to their belief, is Abu Bakar, and then Uthman.
• They forbid visiting the grave of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) because beside his (SAW) grave are the graves of the sahabahs, Abu Bakar As-Siddiq and Umar bin Khathab.
In the past, the presence of this astray religion of Nusairiyah was limited to a place in the land of Sham and they were not given the opportunity to hold a position in the field of administration, as well as in the field of education based on the fatwa of Sheikhul Islam Ibnu Taimiyah.

This continued until eventually the French colonialists invaded the countries of Sham. The French gave it a new nickname “Al-Alawiyyin” (descendants or supporters of Ali bin Thalib), giving them a chance to inhabit the countries of Sham extensively, and appointing them as holders of important offices in the Government of the French colonialists in Sham.

As for the opinions of the ulama's of Islam about the Nusairiyah group, they have declared that Nusairiyah is a group that has gone out of Islam (murtad), because their religion is established on the basis of shirk, the belief of reincarnation, the denial of the life after death, paradise and hell. Sheikh Ibnu Taimiyah had been asked about the status of the Nusairiyah group, so he answered:

“The group called Nusairiyah and the entire group of Qaramithah Bathiniyah (one of the extreme Shiah sects) are the people whose kufr are worse than the kufr of the Jews and Christians. In fact, their kufr are even more serious than the kufr of the mushrik people.

Their (the Nusairiyah and Qaramithah Bathiniyah) dangers against the Muslims are greater than the dangers of the Kuffar who are fighting against Islam, because they show themselves as the people of Shiah who are loyal to the ahlul bait in front of the ignorant Muslims. Whereas, in truth they have no iman in Allah, His Rasul, His Book, the commandments, prohibitions, rewards, punishments, paradise, hell, nor a rasul before Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

They also do not believe in the teachings of the rasuls (apostles) and the Abrahamic religions of the past. They just take a portion of the words of God and the words of His Rasul known among the ulama's of Islam, then they performed misguided ta’wil which they invented and claimed to be the knowledge of the bathin (inner self).”

Sheikh Ibu Taimiyah continued his answer, “It is already generally known that the coastal parts of the countries of Sham felt into the hands of the Christian forces (Crusader army) through them (the Nusairiyah group). They always helped every enemy of Islam. According to them, among the biggest disaster that has befallen them is the victory of the Muslims over the Tartar forces.”

(Desas/Hilal Ahmar)

Translated and Submitted by a Mujahid
Sheikh Ghayyats: Assad's Regime And Israel Conspire To Help Each Other
JAKARTA - Sheikh Ghayyats Abdul Baqi explained that, for a long time, there has been an evil conspiracy played by the Assad family regime of Syria and the Zionist Israel to secure Israel and destroy the Muslims, thus it not surprising that Bashar Assad is so cruel towards the Muslims.

“In the past, Hafez Assad had banned the Muslims of Syria from fighting against Israel,” Sheikh Ghayyats said in a press conference entitled “Syria Calls You”, in the Da'wah Islamiyah Council of Indonesia, Kramat Raya, Jakarta (17/6).

Moreover, the father of the current Syrian President or Bashar Assad according to Sheikh Ghayyats, had long been slaughtering the Muslims in Syria.

“Hafez Assad himself had killed Muslims, where the reality is, it was more than the murders committed by Israel against Muslims,” he said.

In fact, the sophisticated and modern weaponry owned by Syria have never been used against the power of the Zionist State.

“But on the contrary are used for killing the innocent Muslims of Syria,” said Sheikh Ghayyats.

Sheikh Ghayyats continued that, it is these facts that must be uncovered, that there has been a conspiracy between Israel and Assad since long ago to mutually aid and secure the interests of both countries.

“And the fact is that Israel is supporting the rule of Assad,” he concluded.

As is known, that in 1982, Hafez Assad had massacred 100,000 Muslims in Syria and the incident is better known as ‘The Hama Incident’.
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