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Revolutionary Activist Of Syria: Muhammad Mursi

Is Not The First To “Sell” Us With His Political Rhetoric   

Shawwal 20, 1433 A.H, Saturday, September 08, 2012
HAMAH, Syria – The Mujahideen of Islam from various Jihad groups and the Free Syrian Army in Hamah province did not miss observing the development of the latest political situation in the Middle Eastern region. The outcome of the meeting between President Mursi and Ahmadinejad in Teheran during the Non-Aligned Movement Summit became one of the focuses of their observation, remembering its impacts on the jihad of Islam in Syria.

One of the activists of the Syrian revolution in Hamah, Sirajudin Al-Hamawi, wrote his message to the Muslim nation of Syria addressing the outcome of the said meeting between Mursi and Ahmadinejad. The following is the translation of the message of the revolutionary activist as published by the Islam Al-Murasilun website and other Syrian revolutionary websites.

O great Muslim nation of Syria: Mursi is not the first to "sell" us with his speech!
One and a half year ago, we heard Erdogan said that he would not let a second massacre from happening (in Syria). At that time, we cried in happiness as we felt there was someone who's willing to stand on our side. After that, his words turned into smoke bubbles, we do not see its realization at all!

Over a year and a few months ago, we heard the government of Saudi Arabia talked about sending aids for Syria. We screamed in happiness and said thanks to them in our demonstrations. After that, their words turned into sheer mirages!

Over a year ago, we heard the Arab League asserted that they would not allow more bloodshed in Syria. After that, we did see any action whatsoever!

A year ago, we heard Britain, America and France asserted that Bashar Assad had lost his legality and it would not be long before he lost his power.

Six months ago, we heard the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf said that they would proceed, and arming the Free Syrian Army is an obligation. After that, we did not see any action at all!!!

We have heard many other fiery words and khutbahs, on the ground reality, we do not see any action whatsoever, (from politicians like them) to help us and save our children, as well as our mothers.

Today, we are also hearing the khutbah by President Mursi from Teheran, which devastates our hopes… the same thing as was done by Erdogan, Saud Al-Faisal and many other great ranters.

The honorable President of Egypt… indeed this country (Iran) which has slaughtered us, expelled us and supported the regime of Bashar Assad… cannot be trusted. As does Bashar Asad, this country (Iran) is very expert in deceiving, performing taqiyah and creating traps.

O my nation, forsake the words… we need to do actions…

The Arab leaders, since decades ago have already talked about the issues of Palestine… as a matter of fact, they are only adding losses to the Muslims of Palestine. They have been doing a very big conspiracy. They have said, "Don't you guys forsake the White House, don't you also forsake Teheran, Qum and Tel Aviv."

And so some people who are fanatic with the party of President Mursi want us to trust that Mursi is able to evade some distance away from the American-Zionist plans in the region (Middle East). How unfortunate is the ummah (Islam) who, because of their ignorance, become the laughing stocks of other ummahs.

And then, there will be hidden impacts, so do not be deceived by their speeches. They said that in the coming few days, a four-sides meeting will be held: between Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey, to dictate a peaceful solution with which the regime of Bashar Assad can get out of the crisis with as minimal losses as possible. Perhaps with an independent State (for Shi'ah Nusairiyah Syria).

While the Muslim nation of Syria will continue to suffer wounds, burying the corpses of the Shuhada's and mired in the swamps left behind by malice of the Nusairiyah regime. Then they will appoint as our leader a new Karzai and his lackeys, namely the "shamans" of the National Transitional Council, the Dawalibi camp and those like them. And then this biggest revolution in history will be "aborted", in return for a very cheap price, a few dollars.

O great nation of Syria… is it for this that thousands of Shuhada's are sacrificed, people are imprisoned, driven out and children are slaughtered???

Our hope is very big on Allah, the Almighty, the One, Who has assured goodness to His Messenger sallallahu 'alaihi wa salam for the nation of Sham and the people of Sham. After that our hopes rest on the awareness and understanding of our nation that is resilient against the dangers of this conspiracy. Our hopes rest on the belief of our nation that the conspiracy is aimed at destroying our religion, the essentials of our goals and our standard principles.

The first in the list of our standard principle is ruling with the law of Allah, and then freeing ourselves from the dependency and copying of the West, as well as the East, and then liberating Palestine, be it the territories of the land or the seas. This is the thing that rattles them and due to that, their agent i.e. the regime of Nusairiyah are murdering, slaughtering, burning and destroying us to the greatest extent possible.

But no way.. no way… They are creating deceptions, but Allah is also responding to their deceptions and creating deceptions and Allah is the best creator of deceptions. The doors of jihad and ribath have opened in the country of Sham and they will not be closed until Allah perfected his affairs.

O Allah, send down Your help that You have promised. O Allah, send down Your help that You have promised. O Allah, send down Your help that You have promised. Do not, even for s second, give us to others besides You, and do not also give us to our own selves.

Sirajudin Al-Hamawi

Translated and S
ubmitted by a Mujahid

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