Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Did Adolph Hitler Have Two Fathers?

By Clifford Shack

According to the evidence presented in the latest research that has been posted on the Internet
in recent years, Adolph Hitler's father, Alois Hitler was the illegitimate son of Baron Salomon
Meyer Rothschild, head of the Vienna branch of the famous bank.

It is known that Viennese police regularly hushed-up Rothschild's abuses with regard to the
women in his employ. Before the Nazis assassinated him, Austrian Chancellor DoUfuss
managed to uncover the records that proved that Hitler's grandmother, Anna Maria
Schicklgruber, was a servant in Rothschild's Vienna mansion. Her employment was terminated
when she became pregnant, presumably through Baron Rothschild. She returned to her home
to Spital, Austria where she gave birth to her son, Alois Schicklgruber. Alois later changed his
name to Hitler presumably to hide his origins.

Alois would marry Klara Polzl and go on to father Adolph Hitler or so the story goes.

One researcher disagrees with this version of Hitler's origin. One researcher is witness to
evidence which sheds new Ught on the identity of Hitler's biological father. Author, Rabbi and
Dayan (Judge), Marvin S. Antelman, had received testimony during a court case in which he
presided that Hitler's biological father was not Alois Hitler. Antelman, author of "To EUminate
the Opiate, Volumes I & II", had learned through testimony, that Alois Hitler was not Adolph
Hitler's father - but stepfather.

According to "To EHminate the Opiate, Volume II", Hitler's parents, were both connected to
the Frankist/Sabbatian movement based upon the teachings of Jacob Frank and Shabbatai
Tzvi, both considered false Messiahs by mainstream Judaism. Hitler's parents, according to
Antelman, had participated in at least one of the movement's ceremonies. A ceremony that
involved sex among its members. The ceremony occurred on a hoUday known as Tisha B'Av or
the ninth day of the month of Av.

In Judaism, "Tisha B'Av" is the darkest day on the Jewish calendar, commemorating the
destruction of the First and Second Temples. The solemn day is observed by Jews as a day of
fasting and prayer. However Frankists celebrated the day with joy and sex. The ninth of Av
was the birthday of the movements founder Shabbetai Tzvi.

(According to the Talmud, the Messiah would be born on Tisha B'Av.)

Shabbetai Tzvi was thought to be the Messiah by the majority of the Jewish world in the

seventeenth century. His popularity lasted about 18 years. The Frankist Sect, which was rooted
in the messianic mission of Shabbetai Zvi (despite his conversion to Islam), celebrates the day of
his birth with sex rituals involving incest and adultery.

According to Rabbi Antelman, Adolph Hitler was conceived, in Vienna, during a Frankist
celebration of the Ninth of Av, which took place on July 20th, 1888. Adolph Hitler was born 9
months later on April 20th, 1889. According to Antelman, Adolph Hitler's biological father
participated in that ceremony of July 20th. Antelman identifies him as a wealthy "Hungarian"
Jew who was born in 1861 and died on September 21, 1928. According to Rabbi Antelman the
man died in New York City and his first name was Abraham.

Upon hearing the testimony, given under oath. Rabbi Antelman made a commitment not to
reveal the family name of Hitler's biological father so as to prevent his descendants any
embarrassment especially since one of Abraham X's descendents had become quite prominent
within the American Orthodox Jewish community.

It was Hitler's step-father's biological father's relatives that secured Hitler the pivotal role he
would play on the world stage. Revealing Abraham X's identity would accompUsh nothing to
our understanding of who Hitler was and how did he manage to wreak the havoc that he did.
His Rothschild connection explains everything to one wise in the methods and goals of the
Shabbatean/Frankist core of the Masonic lUuminati.

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