Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hidden Jews: A Secret Phenomena of History

By Clifford Shack

Both World War I and World War II were both operations born in the minds of Investment bankers
and their lawyers. Why? The answer is simple. The civilized industrial world was to be revamped to
receive a new source of energy. Oil. The adjustment from coal to oil required much planning on the
part of the people who were responsible for maintaining the established, civilized industrial world.
This planning was necessary if those with the power were continue to hold the power once the great
energy transfer from coal to oil was completed.

With the discovery of oil in the Middle East, the source of the new energy, the empire above the oil-
soaked ground needed to be brought down. New "countries" had to be brought into existence over the
land to introduce a tighter order over the human population living above the oil pools. Political
structures had to be introduced in addition to strict mind-controlling religious "ideologies" designed
to control the great masses of populations. Only through strict control over the minds of the masses
would establish the necessary stability needed to extract and transport the new energy.

Political and religious puppets needed to be selected and trained to lead the masses of the oil regions.
Ethnic conflicts among the populations needed to be neutralized. Political stability was to be had at
any cost. Human life was but a small price to pay.

Balance of power politics needed to be introduced together with the great public fears so necessary in
controlling the masses. The masses are best controlled through fear. One country threatening another.
One people threatening another. The masses would support the puppet governments out of fear.

The keystone of the operation to secure the Middle East was the State of Israel. To the world Israel
seems an enigma. How can so small a country be so important. The standard answer is that Israel is
the beacon of democracy in the Middle East. A friend to the West, Israel can be counted upon to
maintain stability in that very important part of the world and therefore is to be supported at all costs.

There is another extremely important role that Israel plays in the Middle East. It is capable of playing
this role because of the nature of its inhabitants. It is inhabited by Jews. If a Jew is anything a Jew is
an enigma. Jews in general don't even know who and what they are. The brightest minds have been
debating the question "What is a Jew" and "Who is a Jew". Even among the Jews themselves there is

Who is a Jew?

Years ago a movie was made called "Exodus" based on the book by Leon Uris. It is a book about the
early days of Israel. When it was still known as Palestine. There was a time during the second World
War when Jewish immigration was restricted. The book centers on the fate of the ship "Exodus" and
its load of "illegal" Jewish immigrants. The hero of the story was Ari ben-Canaan a member of the

Jewish miltary underground. In one scene he is speaking to a British officer whose task it was to keep
Jewish immigrants from reaching the shores of Palestine. The British officer had no idea that ben-
Canaan, played by Paul Newman, was a Jew. He boasted to ben-Canaan that he "could spot a Jew a
mile away". At the moment that the officer made that statement, ben- Canaan pretended that he had
gotten something caught in his eye. The British officer peered into ben-Canaan's eye in an effort to
find the dust. So much for the man who could spot a Jew "a mile away".

That movie scene reveals the key in understanding the value of Israel and it's people.

Jews can be found in every corner of the world and between those corners. They come in every shape
and size and color. There are American Jews, English Jews, German Jews, Iraqi Jews, Syrian Jews,
Egyptian Jews, Russian Jews, Chinese Jews, Japanese Jews, etc. etc. In many cases the only way a
person would know that a Jew is a Jew is if the Jew reveals himself as a Jew.

The British officer was certain that he was speaking to a non-Jew. He was purposely fooled.

Throughout Jewish history their have been Jews who have felt the need to purposely hide their
identity. In the bible, Jacob hid his identity to steal the blessing that his father intended to bestow
upon his brother Esau. His father, Isaac, being blind was fooled by Jacob. Jacob covered his smooth
arm with a goat skin to give Isaac the impression that he was bestowing the important blessing upon
his son with the hairy arms.

The story of Purim involved a Jewess named Esther who hid her "Jewish" identity in an effort to
thwart an empire- wide plot to destroy all the Jews on one day. The Jewess Esther, who had married
the King of the Persian Empire at the time had hid her identity until the moment when she was able to
appeal to her husband to abandon the royal decree of genocide and implement a new decree to
destroy the enemies of the Jews responsible for the plot. Darius II, the son of Esther and her husband,
the King of Persia ruled the civilized world when his father died. By definition, Darius II was a Jew.
He had a Jewish mother. He was a Jew that ruled the world.

Queen Esther was the patron saint of Marranos or Crypto- Jews. In 1492, when the Jews were given
the choice of conversion to Christianity or expulsion, some Jews chose to convert. Many of those
Jews practiced Judaism in secret. While appearing to be devout Christians publicly they maintained
the Jewish identity secretly. They were able to continue this dual-identity for generations. This trait is
particularly important to this study.

The most famous spy in Israel's history was Elie Cohen. He was able to infiltrate the highest political
circles within Syria. He became the close friend and confident of the Syrian president. All the while
he was able to send back to Israel intelligence concerning Syrian defenses that allowed Israel to over
run Syria' s defense in the Six-Day War.

Elie Cohen was eventually found out and publically hanged. The question remains. How far could he
have gone in Syrian politics. Is it possible that he could have one day be elected leader of Syria?

Are Queen Esther and Elie Cohen merely isolated examples of the successful exploitation of the

"Hidden Jew" phenomenon?

The answer to this question is simple.


As a matter of fact the hidden Jew or Crypto-Jewish phenomenon in history may be prevalent in
history for all we know. To think this impossible would be underestimating the power of the Jew.
Underestimating the power of the Jew, I must say is an attitude prevalent among non-Jews
throughout the ages.

Throughout the ages, those exploiting this phenomena managed to refine it to an art form. The
greatest tactic of ensuring the secrecy of hidden Jewish affiUation is for the hidden Jew to persecute
other Jews. After all, logic dictates that a persecutor of Jews cannot be Jewish. Once the possibility of
Jewish affiliation is eradicated from the target population the "hidden Jewish" subject can proceed to
commit unspeakable atrocities on behalf of Jewish and other "hidden" Jewish masters. Such was the
case with Hitler and Stalin as discussed elsewhere.

I have found a pattern among many of the crypto- Jews used to front for the global elite. There always
seems to be a vague uncertainty as to the identity of their fathers. In short, they are bastards. Usually
the illegitimate sons of powerful men, products of unions with dignified,usually attractive woman of
humble origins. Quite often, woman who who work for them in some capacity-a chambermaid, a
laudress, a courtesan...

We've all wondered why Israel never assassinated Yasir Arafat?

Check his family tree. I did. Grey area there. He fits the mold.

On the other hand, history has had its share of crypto- Jewish "good guys" too. The Ust of Who's who
in the Crypto-Jewish world is astonishing to say the least.

Can you tell a Jew a mile away...?

You want to say "Yes!"

Are you sure?

You want to say "As sure as the pope is Catholic..."

Are you sure...?Who's his father? Did his mother work for a Jew?

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