Friday, March 22, 2013

Indonesia: Why Not Be Sovereign In Dealing With America?   

Zul Qa'dah 13, 1433 A.H, Monday, October 01, 2012
JAKARTA, Indonesia – Oftentimes, Indonesia positions itself in front of America as a : "slave". It does not dare to position itself as an "equal", parallel to America. Due to that, Indonesia always position itself under the shadow of America. Especially in the era of President SBY's administration, the position of Indonesia is increasingly "dependant" on America. Indonesia, today should have been doing steps that are more independent, as a sovereign State.

The era of the "Cold War" has ended. The whole global structure has changed. Today, new regionalism appears . Here in Indonesia, the whole foreign policy have to be changed, which would be more “on par” with any country, including America, and not becoming a "slave" to countries that are traditionally referred to as "Super power".

Indonesia, with its very strategic geopolitical position, and very abundant natural resources, can become a 'leverage value' in the scene of politics globally. Indonesia should no longer be a dairy cattle (milk cow), and it should be able to manage the natural resources and those very great assets, and it should use the 'leverage value' in confronting any power in the world.

However, the government of the sovereign Indonesia is not capable of positioning itself in a seemly manner in the scene of politics globally, and it continuously becomes the dairy cattle, and it only tails the so-called "Super power" nations. Indonesia has lost the initiative in coping with the world changes, and is only capable of running the scenarios of the big nations.

Indonesia, during the "Cold War" era, had its share in running the politic of "containment" against Communism. Indonesia annexed East Timor, after the visit of the American President, Gerald Ford, who replaced Nixon in 1977, and Indonesia was successful in eradicating Communism without any direct support from the American military.

Compared with the American military invasion of Indochina, which aimed at conducting the containment of Communism, Indonesia did not require the direct support of military invasion in dealing with Communism. But, Communism in Indonesia which was the third force, could be destroyed in just a very short time.

Today, America is transferring its military might to Asia Pacific, and makes Australia become the center of force of its new military base after Philippines was seen as no longer effective. The future Asia Pacific is predicted to become an arena of contest for influence and military between America, China, India, as well as the appearance of new regionalism. Due to that, America is strengthening its might in Asia Pacific.

The recent visit by the American Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, brought a very clear message about the possibility of Indonesia becoming the new partner of America in confronting the waves of change in Asia Pacific and the strengthening of the domination of China in Asia Pacific, and America is building new partnership with Asian countries in handling the rivalry with China.

However, the most important point from the visit of Hillary Clinton is that, it will further plunge Indonesia into a new alliance, which will be very disadvantageous for the future of Indonesia.

America will surely attempt to change and reduce the strength of Islam, just like the policy it has already implemented in the entire Islamic world. America continues to push Indonesia to carry out the “dirty” war against terrorism and the militant forces which are viewed as threatening the national interests of America.

America only wants to be partnered with Muslim countries where the governments have become a part of the American interests, including governments that are considered moderate, no longer hostile towards the American interests, as well as that which upholds the values of secularism, democracy, liberalism.

All these will become the main goals of the American government, while continuing to exploit the natural resources possessed by Indonesia. America wants to get the legitimization from Indonesia, which is a country where the majority of its population are Muslim.

The colonialist character as a capitalist and imperialist State will never go away. Even though America is already bankrupt today, and no longer being a "Super power". The government of Indonesia should have dared to reposition itself and take a stand against the hegemony of America. Not continuing to make America as its idol.
Translated and Submitted by a Mujahid

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