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Jewish Grip On Indonesia Since Before Independence
Rajab 29, 1432 A.H, Saturday, July 02, 2011
BANDUNG, Indonesia – Whether or not we are aware of it, the economy of the Indonesian nation thus far is still in the grip of the Zionists. This can be seen from the level of prosperity which remains a mere dream for most people of Indonesia. Despite being endowed with abundant natural resources, it is all enjoyed by other nations instead.

Thus was the opinion of the ICMI (Association of Muslim Intellectuals) Chairman, Prof. Dr H. Burhan Arief, presented in the discussion with the theme “The Jews: Development And Economic Model” at Aula Al-Ma’soem, Bandung, Saturday (25/6/2011).

Burhan added, the indications are also visible from the increasing dependence on foreign aids and the economic system that does not favor the interests of the Indonesian people, the vast majority of whom are Muslim. This was also supported by the presence of the Jewish communities in Indonesia, from the various circles- to the bureaucracies- with that “channel” smoothening further the efforts of the Zionists in Indonesia, including in taking control of the economy.

Burhan then recounted his own experience that he once had a dialogue with a director-general who openly claimed be of Jewish descent. In fact, without any feeling of guilt, that director-general frankly supports the Jews-Israel, which at time was in the middle of attacking Palestine.

“Or simply the obvious, we can see how many social foundations are being financed or having affiliations with the Zionists that are operating in Indonesia,” Burhan explained, while mentioning the names of a number of those foundations.

For that he gives a solution, that the way out is to go back to the Qur’an and Sunnah, as well as the unity of Islamic ummah. Because it bids fair that the Zionists can hardly be beaten if we only rely on intellects, including technological advances.

Meanwhile, in the same event, the historian Professor Mansur Suryanegara also agrees with the views of Burhan. According to Mansur, the Jewish circle existed long before the Indonesian independence. This can be seen from some of the movements that existed at that time, which obviously had their qiblat (orientation) towards the Jews. “Even the preparation of the UUD (Constitution) 1945 and the determining of foundations of the state (Pancasila) were not free from the interference of the Jewish lobby in Indonesia,” Mansur revealed while mentioning the names of several independence notable figures.

While from the aspect of economy, Mansur gave an example, the capitalist and liberal systems which are adhered to until today, show that Indonesia is still under foreign control for the sake of foreign (Jewish) interests. So the motto of justice and prosperity are just a slogan of the rulers.

In tune with Burhan, Mansur also suggested that Muslims should promote the shari'ah cooperation (baitulmaal wa tamwil) as the center of the economic activities of the ummah, so through this way it is expected to be able to revive the economy of the ummah by being free from the riba (usury) system.

“Do not shop at the malls, because it is the same as donating funds for them (Zionists) and shutting down the shops or stall of our neighbors,” he invited. What 's interesting in the discussion was, also demonstrated were several books about the Zionist movements in Indonesia, including the book “SBY, American Jewish Agent? (transl.)” authored by Eggi Sudjana. The plan is that the book will be reviewed next week by bringing in the author.


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