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Jewish Power in Russia
"It is no wonder, if the Russians nowadays compare their situation with the past, come to the conclusion that the present power is again Jewish and therefore so horrible."
A Cry From Russia!
At 10:44 06.09.1998 -0700, Yuriy Kirienko wrote (via email)

On the Judicial System of The New World Order.
Help is needed! Millions of people could die of hunger like in 1919 when the jewish goverment there murdered up to 80 Million people. It can and it will happen again. Even worse, what will happen if One Million decided to "go west"? What will Germany do? Shoot them? And where will they stop? In Londons Hyde Park? An Austrian Newspaper published an interesting story about the seven King Pins of Russia today. Those parasites who fly to Vienna, London, Paris or New York to purchase a diamond ring for 1 Mill US$ while at home, people die of hunger and dont have enough money to bury their dead. In the wintertime they go skiing at the Arlberg or Zurs with their whores and spend easely 160 US$ for a bottle of champain. Anybody who knows who of the following names of the Group-7 are jewish or has a jewish background pls let us know. The most powerful Jew is Boris Beresovski who has according to the US Magazine Forbes about 3 Billion Dollars alone. Then comes:
Abramovich Beresovski (owner of the main Russian TV stations, newpapers, industrial monopolies, suspected chief of the Israeli-Mafia, better known as the Russian Mafia)
Wladimir Potanin (Oneximbank) non-Jew
Michail Chodorkowskij (Menatep Bank) Jew
Pjotr Awen and Michail Fridman (Alpha Group) - Jews.
Alexander Smolenskij (Agro Bank) non-Jew
Wladimir Gusinskij (Most Bank) Jew
In addition to the Jews in Jelzins Goverment. Lets disclose thoses Israelis who run Russia into the ground and could cause another world war. Behind that all ist the Hungarian-American Jew George Soros again who run South Africa and East Asia into the ground. Wake up before its too late.
It all begun in 1917:
"Every ordinary Russian faced a Jew as his judge and as his executioner. Where ever the Russian went, he met a Jew in a superior position to him."
"If for the tsar regime the officer, the aristrocative official or the bureaucrat in uniform was typical, then in the new bolshevist revolutionary power the Jewish (lettic) commissioner, rarely speaking Russian, leather jacket wearing and machine gun carrying, became a typical occurance in the street. (45) ... But anyhow, outbreaks of destructive, criminal and pathological potentials, which had accumulated within the Jewish community, turned out in motion in the first years of the Soviet Revolution ...The problem was, Jews had taken power for the first time in Russian history. And for the first time they appeared not as victims, but as offenders... However, the horror of the revolution, of the civil war and the repressions following cannot be seperated from the reign of terror, carried out by the Jewish commissioners. Quite typical were Jewish revolutionaries like Jakov Bljumkin, a leftist socialist, who in 1918 shot the German Ambassador von Mirbach. This neurotic adventurer had been accepted by the Tcheka as an reward for his services to the Bolshevics. Nadesha Mandelstam stipulated in her memoirs how Bljumkin showed blank death sentence forms to a horrorfied crowd in a Kiev Café. He boasted, that he was able to insert any name he wanted onto the preprinted death forms. Mandelstam described him as a mixture of murderer and intellectual - not a typical character of that era. (47) ...
To an impartial person like the historian Boris Paramanow, living in New York, the Jewish presence of power was so impressive, that he asked himself, whether the promotion of the Jews into leading positions had been a ‘gigantic provocation’ to the Russian people. (48) ...
The eager participation of Bolshevic Jews in the subjugation and the destruction of Russia was disproportionate. It was a sin which carried its own retaliation (58)... There are Jews now everywhere and at all levels of power [after the revolution of 1917). The Russian people saw the Jews in charge of the Tsaristic City of Moscow, where the new soviet power was concentrated and also as the commanders in the Red Army ... (58) ...
Every ordinary Russian faced a Jew as his judge and as his executioner. Where ever the Russian went, he met a Jew in a superior position to him. It is no wonder, if the Russians nowadays compare their situation with the past, come to the conclusion that the present power is again Jewish and therefor so horrible." (60)
Sonja Margolina, (Das Ende der Lügen) The End of the Lies, Siedler Publishing House, Berlin 1992 (numbers in brackets refer to page numbers in the book).

(London) 8.12.1996, Section 7, page 2
Jew praise
Although Lenin was a political monster, he was an enemy of the Jews. He was aware of his partly Jewish origin, many of his close associates were Jews, he often spoke of Jews in favourable terms and he opposed anti-Jewish attitudes. Andrew Wilski, Tunbridge Wells, Kent
Lazar Kaganovich, Stalin's Jew for implementing the Holocaust on Russia's and the Ukraine's rural population. He planned and organised a genocide on millions of farmers and peasants.
kgwtch.gif (27323 Byte) "Lazar Kaganovich's rage aimed at first on the class enemy, the kulaks (peasants). He succeeded to exterminate the entire farming and peasant population in the Soviet Union"

Der Spiegel, 35/1991, page 151
(picture: The Jew Kaganovich)
The situation in Russia 1998:
"It is no wonder, if the Russians nowadays compare
their situation with the past, come to the conclusion
that the present power is again Jewish and therefor so horrible."

Russia is ruled by the so-called G7. Boris Yeltsin is acting as their stooge:
"I don't need a post in government. I need power, and that has been given to me now." The Israeli Beresovski (photo) in Der Spiegel 4/1997, p. 125. brsvki.gif (28867 Byte) "Beresovski is a member of the G7 circle ... The banker Potanin is one of the two no-Jews in the G7 group." Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 29.1.1997, p. 3.
"The »Russian Mafia« has become the world's Criminal Super Power. Its way is paved by corpses. 352.000 murdered victims in only four years time. A criminal world record." (Jürgen Roth, Die Russen Mafia, (The Russian Mafia) Rasch und Röhring, Hamburg 1996, covertext.)
Prof. Rudi Dornbusch, member of several research instituts and consultant to The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, annotated on the Russian situation laconic: "Beresovski has just stolen too much money." (FAZ-Magazine, Sep. 25, 1998, p. 58)
The so-called Russian-Mafia is headed exclusively by Israelis. The Forbes-Magazine had suspected Beresovski to be the top boss of the Israeli-Mafia World Organisation (called Russian-Mafia). "The security chief in the Kremlin (Beresovski) is an Israeli citizen", states the Jewish Chronicle (Nov. 15, 1996, p. 8), but at the same time he holds key positions in Yelzin's government.
"Economists estimate that since 1992, more than £90 billion has been exported illegally from Russia. Favorite destinations are Israel." (The Daily Telegraph, London, Jan. 30, 1997, p. 16.)
onasis.gif (64719 Byte)
The Daily Mail (London) Nov. 6,1997, page 3
Primakov: Russia's "first Jewish PM"
Jewish Chronicle (London) Oct. 2, 1998, p. 5

al_prim.gif (41375 Byte)
Two Israelis, running the world: Front: Madeleine Albright (alias Jana Korbel, Secretary of State - USA).
Back: Yevgeni Primakov (alias Jona Finkelstine) Foreign Minister of Russia, since early September 1998 Prime Minister of Russia.

The power in Russia is in the hands on two Israelis: A. Beresovski (more secretly, but the real power player) and Primakov (the man officially in charge, acting as Prime Minister)

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