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L. said (August 29, 2009):
Dear Henry,

Being a recent graduate from a prestigious North American University, I have become more than acquanted at how Satan's agenda is being propagated in the name of "science" and "education". Whats worse, you pay an exaggerated amount for the indoctrination. My advice to University goers: Apply strictly in profession related courses (technical) and stay away from the Arts. Here is what I have to say regarding the major subjects and electives:

Economics: This is more like a spunned belief supplemented by graphs and statistics rather than a science. It relies mostly on the work of Adam Smith (The Wealth of Nations) which was released in 1776 (Year the Illuminati was formed and America became a Republic). Around that same year, Economics came into fashion as a "discipline". Since most students obviously hate the exercise of conscribing prosperity, inflation etc. to some graphs and statistics which can be used to justify almost anything (No Rothschilds are mentioned).
What is taught is of almost negligible practical value whatsoever; and instead establishes Adam Smith's worldview of human beings struggling like critters devoted to nothing but profit.This critter worldview is then polished by graphs and theories, which make it appear to have the blessings of the almighty demigod of science. Unfortunately, many students become influenced. I remember during one class, the professor deliberately mentioned how quotas for "minorities" decrease the total "potential" (everything is potential by the way) pie for everyone. This debate had white students whining and colored students cringing. Current Economics textbooks are painting the public sector and government owned corporations as evil in order to pave the way for complete corporate Enron style oligarchy.

Psychology: Everything from perversion to homosexuality can get its readymade justification in the "science" of psychology which relies on the works of the oversexed wet-dreamer Sigmund Freud who not only saw phalluses in cigars but imposed this belief on all. Then there is Carl Jung, who advance Nazi-Illuminati agenda.

Sociology: Just because some dwellers of some island not in contact with the rest of the world have no institution of marriage and practice polyandry, we are to take them as role models free from the "negative cultural barriers" developed by us. The works of Maud characterise this insight. And by the way, anything including sexual attitudes are "social issues".

Biology: Thought Med students would be safe from indoctrination? Apart from Darwin's dogmatic personal philosophy masquerading as science, New Biology textbooks even feature a a page on Gaia pagan earth worship, an alternate belief being vigorously pedalled by the Illuminati.

Women studies: pure bottled feminism

History: In history, you may be tempted for some research and puzzle solving, but remember that no is listening in University. In fact your views may get you redflagged for your entire career as in the case of a girl I know. I would suggest writing your term paper as you like but then proof read your manuscript and edit out everything that is politically incorrect before submitting.
Submit the original to Makow! Remember that it doesnt matter what facts you have to support your thesis. Just go to your University Hall and look up at the names of the various private charities paying in millions to keep their agenda flowing through. Would the University chose you or them? Currently, most University history textbooks and courses are laden with a high dose of western/ White/American supremacism in order to prepare the West as canonfodder for the Third World War.
One of the ideas being vehemently promoted is The 'New American Century' which resembles a direct offshoot of the Neocon Project for the New American Century. This phrase was initially coined by Time magazine editor Henry Luce (Lucifer?) who styarted this catch phrase in an attempt to rally Americans for fighting for Communism in the Second World War. Prior to that, he was promoting fascism, which would in intermediatory stage towards the transfer to Communism.
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