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The Jewish Origins of Christianity
Reverend Mageson666

"In 380 C.E. Emperor Theodosius declared Christianity to be the official Roman state religion, and all Pagan cults were forbidden."
And the long night began and most know the rest as it is blood soaked history.
But this article deals with how the Jews created Christianity in phases and gained power in the ancient Roman Empire in general. To get to that point, the Jews created this ideology in Alexandria- the Jew York of its era.
Jews were among the earliest occupants of the newly founded city of Alexandria, beginning in the fourth century BCE. With further influxes later at the invitation of the Ptolemies, as revealed by the ancient historian Stabo (63/64 BCE-24 AD/CE), Alexandria represented by his time the greatest commercial center in the world. Alexandria during the first century of the common era was thus a thriving metropolis that extended out in all directions and that influenced people around the Mediterranean, including in the important field of religion.-
First-century Alexandria vied with Rome to be the greatest city of the Roman empire. More then a half a million people lived in its cosmopolitan four square miles. It was a major center for international trade and shipping.-
It seems clear that the Jewish population of the city was large and spread out in all of the five areas...-
So sizable was the Jewish population at Alexandria that Philo, a member of one of the wealthiest Jewish families (and wealthiest families in the Empire -think Rothschild rich) in that metropolis estimated that by his era Jews constituted some 50 percent of the city. Moreover, the Jewish population at Alexandria was so large and powerful that Jews possessed "their own treasury and court of justice."
Many Jews in that city were "Hellenizing," in that, as Jews do today, they adopt and lived within the culture or cultures around them, in this case the Greek, which was dominant during the era in question. As The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia sates:
It was in Alexandria that the Jews first came so powerfully under the influence of Hellenism, and here that the peculiar Graeco-Jewish philosophy sprang up of which Philo was the most notable representative.-
Indeed, Hellenistic Judaism had its "chief seat" at Alexandria where also the Jewish Bible was translated into Greek and called the Septuagint.-
One group of Hellenizing Jews, or rather, "Hebrews of a fashion," was deemed the "Therapeuts," a type of monastic community centered at Alexandria, with similar groups elsewhere around the Mediterranean. The Therapeuts at Alexandria were first mentioned by this name by Philo in his work De Vita Contemplative.-
The term "Hellenizing" is in reality subverting, i.e. Neo-Cons, Ann Randian Liberals, etc. The Jews started to work creating a hybrid form of their agenda to entrap the Gentiles with and thus morph and bring down their culture. A Trojan Horse, so to speak. No different have they have done today on many levels. A sneaking cancer.
Interesting enough the Essenes, another jewish sect, are considered to be the "spiritual cousins" of the Therpaeuts. Charming.
Despite their differences, the Therapeuts resembled the better known Essenes in several important aspects, including their renunciation of personal wealth and their abolition of slavery. Like the Essenes, they also wore white robes and maintained the Sabbath. They also spend much time in prayer and study of the Jewish scriptures.
In the Ancient Lowly: A History of the Ancient Working People, C. Osborne Ward, a political economist at the U.S. Department of Labor, provided an interesting and practical take on the Therapeuts. . . . They were members of very powerful and "business guilds" and "unions" of working class people. Citing various inscriptions, Ward sought to demonstrate a "Solonic Dispensation," which constituted a "vast organization" that equalization of mankind served as a "veritable vehicle of emancipation of slaves..."-
This is simply proto-Communism. It can be 139 B.C. or 1919 A.D. The Jewish agenda is always the same. The Jewish author Otto Weininger, admits in his work "Sex and Character", on page 311
"The Jew is an inborn Communist."

The talk of freeing the slaves is a joke as in the Roman Empire. The Jews as later on with the African Slave Trade ran all the majority if not the whole Slave Trade. The Roman writers remarked of how ghoulishly the Jews slavers would follow the Roman Army on Campaign to obtain as many slaves as possible and how cruelly they treated their slaves once they had them.
In reality this rhetoric is designed to recruit the slave classes which were large and the general lower classes would use them as radical battering ram against Roman authority. No different then the Jews would do with Communism and the "proletariat." Keeping in mind the Jew creates the problems in society to offer the solution, their rule. Problem, Reaction, Solution is the Jew tactic.
This "Solonic dispensation" that Ward suggests became Christianity represented as a "vast system of trade unions over the world."
Describing these brotherhoods as found in Egypt and elsewhere, Ward remarks:
The principal name by which they were known, not Coptic but Greek, was Therapeute, an association closely allied to the Essenes.
This is important. You are seeing the fact that the jews were operating this proto-Communism/xianity in an organized network across the empire in a collective aim to spread it. No different then later on when the Jews in Russia were taking orders from the Jews in New York or London, etc. The Jews operate as a global network and brotherhood against Gentiles.
Interestingly, at one time, except for the Jewish groups, the majority of voluntary or Gentile associations were banned by Julius Caesar, but were later reinstituted by Augustus.
Ben Klassen wrote that Julius Caesar was a Jewish puppet and the Jews wanted to create the position of Emperor to consolidate power in a central position they can control with ease, as Rome was a Republic at the time of Caesar.
This makes sense, given that the Jews by that time were in control of the majority of wealth in the Roman Empire just as they are today with their control of the global banks and banking/corporate system, which gives them control over the Gentile Nations.
Who do you think Caesar borrowed the vast sums of money he did to win the mob with massive displays and games and fund his armies and wars? Caesar not only hunted down and attacked the Naddred's even sailing all the way to they Holy Isle of Britain to launch a failed assault. But he also burned the Library at Alexandria and sacked it.
Who benefits from this? Gentiles? Hardly.
I believe the attacks on the Naddred's were due to them being outside of Roman control so thus the Jews could not subvert them like the evidence shows they were doing to the Gentile schools within the Empire. So they wanted them destroyed and weakened.
Later with the spreading of the Christian virus, the Naddred's were brought down by identical subversion in Britain via the Culdee sects, and then when weakened beyond hope, killed off by the Christians just as they did to the followers of Serpis before.
A repeat of identical tactics are still being used today by Jewish Christianity against the Hindu culture: The Fraud of 'Christian Ashrams'
Dishonest Christian evangelism in fake Hindu cultural garb

What they were doing and did to the Gentile or Pagan Mystery Schools in the Roman period is what they did to the Free Masons later on.
*Note for Spiritual Satanists: The enemy is trying this towards us today with fake "Satanic organizations."
In our present analysis showing extensive comparisons between the religions of the cultures around the Mediterranean and beyond, it bears repeating that the "various confraternities"-the religious associations, which included the Therapeuts, Essenes and Nazarenes. . . .
Considering all the factors, it appears that in the Egyptian Therapeuts we possess a Jewish religious community that was evidently part of a massive brotherhood and that was Hellenizing bringing into its doctrines the beliefs of Pagan religions as well including and especially the Egyptian.-(My note; Subverting the Gentiles)
It is apparent from the purported remarks of the emperor Hadrian in a letter to his brother-in-law Servianus around 34 AD/CE, as related by the Pagan writer Vopiscus circa 300, that the Jews at Alexandria were very involved in the worship of Serapis, as were the Christians. Over the centuries that this letter has been translated, scholars of certain sensibilities have found it expedient either to expunge various parts of it or to denounce it as a forgery.-
(My note: "Involved" with the worship of the Gentile God Serapis, they where not even hiding their infiltration of the Gentile Pagan orders.)
What just did the Jews do to the Gentile followers of Serapis once they have gotten what they wanted from their weakening and subversion of the host culture?
In 391 C.E. the Patriarch (Commissar) of Alexandria, Theophilus, summoned the monks to arms and turned them against the city of Memphis and the great shrine of Serapis, the Serapeum, the main temple of the Osirian-Isis religion. The attack was akin to ordering the destruction of the Vatican. Egyptian (Satanic) priests were massacred in their shrines and in the streets. The ferocity of the violence consumed priests, followers, and the Egyptian intellectual elite of Alexandria, Memphis and the other cities of Egypt who were murdered and their temples and libraries destroyed. The institutional structure of Egyptian religion, then more then four millennia old, was demolished in less than two decades.
Hadrian writes on the issue of Jews as well: They are a most seditious sort of people, most deceptive, most injurious; their city is wealthy, rich, and [their land] fertile and no one is idle.... Their only god is money, and this the Christians, the Jews and all people adore.-
The Jewish branch of the Therapeutae, contrived to create an equivalent mythical god-man of their own in Jesus Christ.-
Regarding the Therapeuts, Christianity and Hadrian, noted historian Edward Gibbon (1737-1794) states:
The extensive commerce of Alexandria, and its proximity to Palestine, gave an easy entrance to the new religion [of Christianity]. It was first embraced by great numbers of Therapeutae, or Essenians, of the Lake Mareotis, a Jewish sect which had abated much of its reverence for the Mosaic ceremonies....It was in the school of Alexandra that the Christian theology appears to have assumed a regular and scientific form; and when Hadrian visited Egypt, he found a church composed of Jews and of Greeks, sufficiently important to attract the notice of that inquisitive prince.-
In Philo (X,83) we find a Therapeutan precentor, or "ecclesiastical dignitary, sometimes an administrative or ceremonial officer," existing also within Judaism and passing over in Christianity.
On their locations of Therapeutan order as presented by Philo in "On the Contemplative Life" but also in other treatises, Conybeare comments:
Are we to suppose that systemata of the same types as that which Philo proceeds to describe, were found all over the inhabited world? Or was the one settled on the Lake Mareotis, to which the best persons resorted from all quarters, the only one? I think the truth may lie between the two suppositions. There may have been such societies in several of the great Jewish communities scattered round the Mediterranean, e.g. in Cyprus, Corinth, Tarsus, Colossae, Antioch, Rome, Smyrna and elsewhere.
The ancient Romans wrote that the Christian mobs were funded, lead and organized from local Jewish community synagogues within the empire. They also called Christianity "a sect of Judaism."
He also writes:
That there were many such societies elsewhere, is quite credible, if we bear in mind the wide dissemination all around the Mediterranean of Greek Judaism, and the widespread propaganda of the religion which, in Philo's day, had been in progress for at least two centuries.

Thus we see that Conybeare was of the educated opinion that the Therapeutan systemata of rudilds, as he translates the term, were spread around the Mediterranean, emanating out of headquarters at Lake Mareotis.-
Lake Mareotis is basically the Frankfurt School of the ancient world.
As we can see, at the time of the alleged founding of Christianity, there existed all around the Mediterranean- at the very places where Christianity took root, in fact- religious brotherhoods with very much the same tenets, doctrines, hierarchy and structure of the later Christian effort. These widespread brotherhoods included those by the title of "Therapeuts".... Which possessed a distinctly "Christian" feel about them- such as we noticed even in ancient times.
One Catholic writer who insisted upon the connection between Philo's Therapeuts and the Christians was Eusebius during the fourth century. In The History of the Church (2.17), in speaking of "Philo's account of the Egyptian ascetics," Eusebius remarks:
"Whether he invented this designation [Therapeutae] and applied them, fitting a suitable name for their mode of life, or whether they were actually called this from the very start, because the title Christian was not yet in general use, need not be discussed here."

The reality, however, may be that the Therapeuts morphed into Christians because it was they who essentially created much of Christianity, with no "historical Jesus"....
de Bunsen remarks:
"...Stephen, Paul and Apollos we regard as promulgators of the universalist Alexandrian (read jewish) Gnosis of the Essenic Therapeuts, as applied to Christianity."

Dr. Grant states:
"The best precedent for the Christian schools of Alexandria seems to lie...among the Therapeutae by the Mareotic lake, described in Philo's work On the Contemplative Life.... Such Therapeutae would be ready for Alexandrian Christianity."

By now it's obvious the Jewish infiltration happened over centuries in the Roman world and happened no different than how they did and do it today. Same old Jew yesterday or today.
Communism, Christianity, Capitalism in all there forms are nothing more then the Talmud in action.
Julian you are not forgotten, even today, comrade.
Long live the Fighters!
Eternally bound by blood, forever plus a day.
Hail Satan!

--Rev. Mageson666
The Christian Mass and How it Ties into Jewish Ritual Murder

Main Reference
Christ in Egypt, The Horus-Jesus Connection by D.M. Murdock


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