Saturday, April 13, 2013

It seems like all this administration has on their agenda is to get our guns. To make this huge deal out of Sandy Hook when Obama never did anything to solve all the violent gang related deaths including children in his home town of Chicago. What don’t those black children matter to Obama or is it that a state with the harshest gun bans have done nothing to curb violence if anything has left that city open to more violence because the criminals know the people are unarmed and unable to protect themselves. The slogan should be ,” Guns in the right hands lowers crime .” If we only knew the true story and the government involvement in Sandy Hook? The government needs to worry about our economy, the dollar is about to collapse and all they can do is concentrate on our guns. They are arming DHS to the teeth but want our guns and they expect us to trust them?

The agenda is total fire arms ban, if any legislation is passed it will fuel more and more gun issues. Give them an inch and they will take a mile as the saying goes. Any laws that are passed involving fire arms is in violation of the 2nd ammendment. Therefore these laws if passed will be null and void whether it is State or Federal. The Senate and Congress should understand that if you vote for any fire arms legislation you will greatly lose your position in the next election. Obama will not win this one and it is a total shame that we have people like this who BOTHERS the people of this country. We do not won’t gun bans or registration, can you hear us ??.

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