Saturday, April 13, 2013

Well, the morons are at it again; What this kind of legislation will end up accomplishing is creating an entire sector of law breaking citizens.
As with all things the government gets involved with this will only provide endless piles of paperwork and delays from the time you “decide” to buy a gun and the date you are “allowed” to receive it. This will result in even more (under-the-table) sales since people will simply NOT want to go thru the hassle of all the “new” bullshit.
So, instead of making the gun culture safer (in the governments eyes) this will only heighten the backdoor sales.
It’s all about the control. And just like EVERYTHING these idiots get their fingers into, this will end up backfiring by making illegal sale a “common” thing.
Obama, Reed, Feinstein< and all the other liberal jerkoffs will just end up strengthening the "underground" gun culture.
Besides, most of us gun owners have already purchased all the weapons we need and will simply not buy any weapons that have to be subjected to this new "government control".
Way to go morons!

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