Saturday, April 13, 2013

Why should we be punished for what others did. Screw that…. Give me freedom.. Or else.
My ancestors fought and died so we could have the right to bear arms. It’s a privledge that we are allowed this. But it was made that way. A gift from our forefathers that will not be givin back.
Goverments have killed more innocent people then anyone else.

 The Senate needs to be arrested for even accepting or considering such treason PERIOD! but it will continue to be business as usual until we are all in chains or dead including our family and friends, unless we wake up and take care of business.

 They play a waiting game. We walk this back and fire the a$$holes who vote for it. Make them pay or they will certainly be back for more next year.
We know their goal is a complete gun ban.
We change the narrative. This bill does NOTHING to prevent crazies and criminals from getting guns so we demand that armed teachers are in every school. Registration is the beginning of a database for the DHS.
Hell No!

 Our politicians in Washington continue to nibble away our ‘rights’, and they will continue to do so because they do not fear us, they do not fear being physically harmed. As long as a rapist believes that the woman holding the gun will not shoot him he will continue advancing on her.

 Army Officer Warns DHS Preparing For War On American Citizens God, Guns & Guts.
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