Saturday, April 13, 2013

10 – Questions on the Second Amendment & Legal Actions:
1. “Shall Not Be Infringed” language is clear on its face or, prima facie. Correct or incorrect?
2. Is it possible to sue the Government and individual(s) who violate the constitution? (or under Governmental Abuse of Power)?
3. If so, why aren’t there massive amounts of lawsuits being filed for constitutional rights violations in NY, IL and the states who have banned firearms?
4. Wouldn’t a class action suit would allow every American to participate in a legal action against the Government and the officials who have broken their oath of office?
5. What are the ramification of suing the Government?
6. If a lawsuit for Mesothelioma can get its day in court why couldn’t a Civil Rights violation?
7. Wouldn’t preparing & Filing action(s) for Federal Court, hiring a PR firm and placement of TV commercials split up between a multiple law firms be easier?
8. Isn’t farming out work to other law firms currently a standard practice in the legal industry?
9. Doesn’t the Government has more money than, lets say big Pharma to satisfy a successful judgement(s)?
10. Are lawyers scared of the courts? Do the courts ostracized, singled out attorneys who bring lawsuits against the Government?
I would like a lawyer to answer these questions as to why we are not seeing lawyers jump at the chance to make trillions in revenue.

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