Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Creating the World's Monsters:
Israel, The Mossad & the Terror Business

By Clifford Shack

The search for the Manchurian Candidate has been over for years. The ability to indoctrinate a person
or a group of people for the purpose of assassination or destruction has been mastered by the
intelligence agencies for years. Of course these assassins or teams of destruction don't realize for
whom they are really working for. They are manipulated from birth. Like laboratory rats, these guys
are raised under conditions that naturally instill hatred. They are taught hatred of the West at the
earliest age. Then those who are particularly susceptible are selected for further special

The single mind-controlled assassin of the fifties and sixties has evolved into the terror groups of
today— all manipulated at the top by Western Intelligence agencies. Raising these terror cells would
be the expertise of special branches of Israeli intelligence on behalf of their Global elitist masters like
The Bilderbergers. Of course who would believe this to be true since Israel has born the brunt of
these groups. Israel can plausibly deny any involvement with these groups. Their secret service
would be the last agency involved here, right? Ugh. . .1 would like to believe that. The Globalist
puppet-state called Israel breeds the poor fodder chosen for groups like Hamas and Al-Queda. Deep
cover agents lead these groups.

How can an Israeli agent mingle with Arabs? The answer is. . . seamlessly. Israelis come from every
corner of the Middle-East. They are quite literally brothers to their Arab neighbors. Israeli agents can
be indistinguishable from the people they are trying to infiltrate or manipulate.

When the time comes these "terror groups" will bring the mighty nations of the world to their needs.

Problem. Reaction. Solution. (See None Dare Call It Conspiracy)

Already members of these designer-gangs have infiltrated the U.S. with suitcase-size nuclear
weapons. September 1 1th was child's play compared to the potential destruction that will rain down
upon us. Our Global masters have an agenda. Will we survive it?

"All these suicide bombings, everywhere- are done by the big M [Mossad]. That's why it is so
controlled- and never spins out of control- and only poor Israeli citizens of no significance get killed.

The terrorists never manage to light Israel on fire- or throw hand grenades into a schoolyard and kill
50 kids. Because it is all controlled and under management. That's why they know who the bombers
are within minutes. That's why Israel puts this disinformation out that "we were warned and tried to
warn them" crap. So as to evade suspicion.

As horrible as is to admit- 1 can't deny the reality of it. The Palestinians aren't that good. Arabs aren't
that good. Israel controls this- and the US controls the myth of al-Queida. Works like a charm.
Nobody suspects anything. It fucking works and can never be exposed.

The only way to beat these bastards is to expose them- not combat them in the streets. This shit has
been going on for hundreds of years- and with Israel- a hundred years.

Israel wouldn't be here today if it weren't for the power of these foreign powerbrokers. Perhaps you
need to accept that as I have- so that you can progress in your thinking. They are in control- and that
is why Israel is here- and we have no choice. An Israel backed by these powerbrokers is better than a
world with no Israel at all.

We exist as a nation state only because we link ourselves to these powerbrokers- always have- and
always will. Israel came about because of these powerbrokers. So why should you be deluded into
thinking we can be independent? The world we live in and the powerbrokers that control our
existence and fate won't allow that." —Anonymous

Mossad & Al-Queda

Stealth Jews or more aptly... Neo- Jewish Sabbatean/Frankists

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